The best and worst show on every streaming service

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Everybody go thank @Eddy Burback for his very nice cameo

00:00 - Intro
00:34 - Hulu
04:32 - HBO Max
08:23 - Disney Plus
10:43 - Prime Video
10:46 - Netflix
17:12 - hot dog

hail the sun - doing the same thing and expecting different results


hot dog:

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  • Who will be pinned it’s a mystery

    Harry WalshHarry Walsh2 hónapja
    • ????

      BenbaiBenbai15 napja
    • @Ochako Uraraka You want change your comment after you got pinned, the comment will get unpinned

      Corner LogCorner LogHónapja
    • I'm so excited for you. 😁

      Hannah JohnsonHannah JohnsonHónapja
    • Cringe

      No Lives MatterNo Lives MatterHónapja
    • Summon

  • 8:20 they're not even dragons, they're wyvern, but okay.

    Rory GiambalvoRory Giambalvo24 perccel

    zuzu uzuzuzu uzu3 órája
  • Am I like the only one who loved Space Force? lmaoo

    Trey GregerTrey Greger4 órája
  • i just recently binged bojack horseman and God The Pain

    crispy nut soupcrispy nut soup7 órája
  • Was just watching this video again the other day and the fuck Amazon just really makes me feel good every time

    HYDROMUSIC (JukeboxOfGhosts)HYDROMUSIC (JukeboxOfGhosts)13 órája
  • 'Fuck Amazon' The truth and only the truth. 😂😂😂

    Xafer ZakiXafer Zaki21 órája
  • Im currently filming this video inside the walk in closet at popeyes. Please dont tell my manager, im currently hiding.

  • How dare you just skip Amazon prime like that so many bangers on there

    John JohnsonJohn JohnsonNapja
  • Drew please please watch season 1 of the mandalorian. I doesn't feel like you're watching Star Wars.

    Kay F CocoKay F CocoNapja
  • When you watch a crime show on HUlabel and they leave out the title so you have no idea exactly which show you're watching, only to find out in the end that it's unsolved mysteries and after that long roller coaster ride, after battling it out in your own brain on who's the killer, after allowing that excitement to rise knowing the end of the episode is near and therefore soon you will find out if you are right or wrong.... Just kidding!

    Miss HennessyMiss HennessyNapja
  • If you like PEN15 you should check out Strangers With Candy. You can watch it through Comedy Central or on HUlabel 😊

  • But the boys

    Jon FloresJon FloresNapja
  • Have to agree with most of your choices! I would add Hulu: Seinfeld, Community, and Fresh off the Boat; and Netflix: Never Have I Ever!

    CC LeighCC LeighNapja
  • Bro Stranger things

  • How u not gonna say sopranos for hbo?

    Spencer BurkardSpencer BurkardNapja
  • You should do a Nacho Libre reviee

    Elliot CElliot CNapja
  • Invincible is good

  • I can't believe you put Got over The Sopranos

    Gooeseman đGooeseman đ2 napja
  • I'd say January Jones ducking anything is Must-See TV.

    Jeff KershJeff Kersh2 napja
  • "And now I still feel like an outcast" yeah no shit Kylie it's cuz you're ridiculously rich for literally no reason and no one fuckin likes you

    JustWeirdOutJustWeirdOut2 napja
  • DUDE Hail The Sun is so good that was a nice surprise!

    Trippie HippieTrippie Hippie2 napja
  • I only watched Space Force because Steve was in it.

    Lesli SLesli S3 napja
  • that first one, pen15, yeah the fairly odd parents movie did this exact thing

    Twilight SparkleTwilight Sparkle3 napja
  • The posting the selfie one had me dead

    pandaplayer11pandaplayer113 napja
  • “Fuck amazon” and then the Invisibles comes out

    Ninja KnightNinja Knight3 napja
  • I’m sorry but THE ORIGINAL UNSOLVED MYSTERIES IS GOOD NETFLIX FUCKED IT UP! It was so good because you could call in tips and help them solve the mystery. And they would give you updates!! Amazing! They also had a host who would tell you the story rather than just a documentary style. It! Was! So! Good! And! I! Miss! It! I hate to see this unsolved mysteries slander :(

    Cole WhiteCole White3 napja
  • Since this came out before invincible got all the hype, invincible is probably the best show on amazon prime right now

    apple tartapple tart4 napja
  • I started watching Bojack Horseman, I'm only on season 3, my friend watched the whole series and said the final episode was really good

    Emmett EcckerEmmett Eccker4 napja
  • My mom and I litteraly cried from laughing at the first ending of marriage or mortgage.

    GgGg4 napja
  • Ive never seen a marvel movie, but i watched WandaVision and it was amazing. Until the last episode.

    Sandy BagnaniSandy Bagnani4 napja
  • "every streaming service" prime video: and i took that personnaly

    ColorFNColorFN4 napja
  • Woah what is that outro song

    l3m0njoel3m0njoe4 napja
  • Got a marvel ad on this video

    l3m0njoel3m0njoe4 napja
  • Everytime we see marriage or mortgage on the Netflix screen my dad screams, and I've never been happier to see someone share an opinion with him

    CthulinCthulin4 napja
  • I enjoyed your prime video review. Fuck amazon

    Im WhapIm Whap4 napja
  • game of thrones ran into the anime adaptation of manga problem except you can't just swimsuit episode it or can you?

    NekazNekaz4 napja
  • as soon as Drew said “eff amazon” i got an amazon prime ad through the ad i was laughing nonstop xD

    twenty one heroes of olympustwenty one heroes of olympus4 napja
  • And now "FUCK AMAZON" A man of quality I see.

    Roshan *Roshan *5 napja
  • Part two for the streaming sites not mentionef

    greenghost2008_Progressivegreenghost2008_Progressive5 napja
  • and i can't believe you didn't say arrested development, it was an amazing show, Jessica Walter's acting and comedic timing was great.

    FraysteFrayste5 napja
  • i loved bojack, it was so great

    FraysteFrayste5 napja
  • Change the title to "The best and the worst shows on every streaming site that I've watched"., your ratings and opinions are based, wasted my time on this misguiding video. Well, when you're unbiased and caught up with all the shows, make another video, till then I'm putting you in "Not Interested" list of channels.

    Baqthiyar MadniBaqthiyar Madni5 napja
  • I tried out BoJack Horseman because of your recommendation... And I LOVE IT

    finalfantasygirl369finalfantasygirl3695 napja
  • me for the most part: yeah! drew has such good takes about the shows!!! drew about netflix: the best show is bojack horse- me: nope.

    moolmool5 napja
  • Bummer you didn’t get to mention Fleabag

    ThePwigThePwig5 napja
  • Drew: fuck Amazon Me, who works for Amazon: 😳

    Bethany GBethany G5 napja
  • Aight the prime video segment was based and i respect drew gooden

    Tory SlapperTory Slapper5 napja
  • 2:20

    big cloverbig clover5 napja
  • Succession!!!!

    chase hoferchase hofer6 napja
  • Real sad u missed Amazon mannn

    Kaden AlbertKaden Albert6 napja
  • I always get caught off guard by hearing hail the sun or some similar band in these videos because it's the only place I ever hear them outside of my own playlist/live shows

    Mike JonesMike Jones6 napja
  • The big fib is based on a pretty great podcast that used to be called “pants on fire” where the robot host is actually funny. Disney basically just bought up the show and botched it.

    Daniel FengDaniel Feng6 napja
  • It's been 2 years and I am still upset about how GOT ended

    Oh ArthurOh Arthur6 napja
  • Why did you skip Amazon 😫 There are some really good shows on it (like Wayne and The Wilds)

    not on my watchnot on my watch6 napja
  • House or Mortgage? More like mortgaging our future for a stupid over priced party that'd cost 1/4 of the price if you booked it as a normal party

    Orion RodriguezOrion Rodriguez6 napja
  • I really liked the themes of Bojack Horseman, but as the show went on they had more and more animal-human relationships and it was just too weird for me.

    SheetiSheeti6 napja
  • Hell yeah fuck Amazon

    KhartoumistKhartoumist6 napja
  • Hulu had me at Hey Arnold and Chowder. But that's on the animated cartoons list.

  • Who loves Star Wars, Defends the prequels, and still unironically watches Highschool Musical over The Mandalorian? Also WTF DREW, PRIME HAS LITERALLY THE BEST 2 SUPER HERO SHOWS SINCE 90'S SPIDERMAN (That you don't need to watch 15 years of movies to understand)

    TitanAnonTitanAnon6 napja
  • Daredevil is better than bojack

    Mrenderboyo ProductionsMrenderboyo Productions7 napja
  • I somehow knew you’d also love last man on earth - wish they’d keep making new episodes I need to know what Carol & Phil’s kids are like.

    Rashelle BRashelle B7 napja
  • So game of thrones pulled a full metal alchemist move. Same beginning, shitty ending DO WATCH FULL METAL ALCHEMIST, I love Brotherhood!

    Isabella BellezaIsabella Belleza7 napja
  • Using the ad break right before Netflix was fucking gold

    yipyo morganyipyo morgan7 napja
  • The boys

    Anthony StarkAnthony Stark7 napja
  • I felt personally attacked because I watched every Marvel movie for Wanda Vision 😢

    Ben HartwellBen Hartwell7 napja
  • Last man on earth is my favorite show

    Nem3215Nem32157 napja
  • Gotta admit the half a billion users sharing nine accounts made me laugh hard.

    Luke PietzLuke Pietz7 napja
  • How is 20% of this an advertisement. The fuck happened to you. Do you not make enough already?!

    CommonApathyCommonApathy7 napja
  • For peacock: the best show is either Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks & Recreation, or The Office. Honestly, NBC has had so many great comedies.

    Jemma MorseJemma Morse7 napja
  • To be honest I didn’t know not everyone watches marvel and Star Wars

    RizzlyRizzly7 napja
    • Yeah, same.

      Spider1o1 GamingSpider1o1 Gaming7 napja
  • here to be a testimony that "the mandalorian" was really great. even if you aren't a fan of star wars, just watch it. i really liked that they gave you enough star wars lore context without being to obvious or condescending. aside from that, it's visually incredible. every episode looks like a painting. it's not ground breaking (aside from some vfx tech work) but it was really really good.

    theatre trashtheatre trash7 napja
  • Man, Game of Thrones really died an ugly death. It was one of the most popular, influential television shows for a decade. People re-watching episodes, talking about what happened in the last one, love for characters, brilliant arcs.. and then season 8 rolled around. There were die-hard fans that didn't even finish the season. The show was, and IS, dead. There's no-one that is talking about how good the show is, or was, just because of how awful it ended. No-one will recommend watching GoT to their friends anymore, or at the very least recommend to NOT watch the last (two) season(s).

    Ongr MtGAOngr MtGA7 napja

    Anna ElizabethAnna Elizabeth8 napja
  • The last kingdom best show on netflex

    Young ManYoung Man8 napja
  • No way you really said fuck Amazon and fully skipped it. ALSO I FUCKING LOVE BOJACK HORSEMAN SO MUCH

    UnhumanizedUnhumanized8 napja
  • Bojack Horseman blew my mind. It’s such an incredible and unique show.

    CaedenCaeden8 napja
  • The ritzy cereal approximately plan because bank atypically pass an a ill-fated alto. miscreant, quickest ukraine

    mureo riruamureo rirua8 napja
  • Rick and morty should of been on here somewhere

    Myfinalhours 238Myfinalhours 2388 napja
  • That guy did an *absolutely* perfect synopsis of GoT. Wow.

    William SussmanWilliam Sussman8 napja
  • I started watching Bojack Horseman from this video and I’m half way through season 4

    Lisa PadgenLisa Padgen8 napja
  • I want him to talk about Invincible :(

    ZoodZood8 napja
    • Invincible wasn't out when this video released.

      Spider1o1 GamingSpider1o1 Gaming7 napja
  • watch “The Call” on Netflix. Korean movie dubbed in english. Probably the best movie i’ve seen on there in a while. So many twists.

    Trump WillNotSurrenderTrump WillNotSurrender8 napja
  • I understand why he did the joke with Amazon prime but I'm very disappointed because they have some good shit.

    NightSlasher51NightSlasher518 napja
  • The best show on Netflix is breaking bad

    JinJin was takenJinJin was taken9 napja
  • It’s weird to hear someone say “it subverted my expectations” as a genuine compliment after all the fan-hate videos on GoT S8.

    E RedE Red9 napja
  • I’m glad Drew is giving Will Forte the appreciation he deserves. Fun fact: Will is one of the few SNL cast members who never broke character

  • I love pen 15 lol

    CHE 171CHE 1719 napja
  • The Kyle Sporty reference at 2:15.. love it

    Aaron C.Aaron C.9 napja
  • last man on earth hits different tho

    Ben RBen R9 napja
  • I have literally just finished watching BoJack thinking how it might be the best Netflix show...

    No NameNo Name10 napja
  • HBO worst show hands down is the Flight Attendant... The worst acting I have ever seen in my life

    Tyler SchnebelTyler Schnebel10 napja
  • Wayne on prime is best show man

    JasonJason10 napja
  • Infinity Train is also a really great HBO Max original

    MasonMPMasonMP10 napja
  • I got a hulu ad right after he said Netflix. I think they did that on purpose 🤔

    Bekkah SolomonBekkah Solomon10 napja
  • I watched Bojack horseman because Drew told me to, and its turned into something i think about almost daily. Its the most genuine show ive ever seen~

    Juju !!!Juju !!!10 napja
  • Honestly I think Marvel is overrated, not to mention that I just don't feel like watching a shit ton of different movies and reading a bunch of comics just to understand what the hell is going on - A Kingdom Hearts Fan

    Nick RyanNick Ryan10 napja
  • Where Peacock

    Alex WilsonAlex Wilson10 napja
  • WandaVision is awesome!

    Alex WilsonAlex Wilson10 napja
  • The prequels ARE objectively good

    Alex WilsonAlex Wilson10 napja