Who Can GAIN the MOST WEIGHT in 24 HOURS - 100,000 Calories Challenge

I challenged my cameraman to a challenge to see who can gain the most weight.. LOSER HAD TO...
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  • this hurt LOL

    FaZe RugFaZe Rug2 hónapja
    • Lol 😆

      Tyler TaylorTyler Taylor2 napja
    • Lol😀😀😀😀😀😃💕🥶🥶🥶

      Tyler TaylorTyler Taylor2 napja
    • bot

      HennerzPlayzHennerzPlayz20 napja
    • I am 9 and weigh more then both of yall

      Hayden NallHayden Nall26 napja
    • @Sidemen shorts U dont have any vids

      HiHi27 napja
  • I way more than rug and Noah and I’m 13 I weigh 180

    The FiendThe FiendÓrája
  • Who can get diabetes

    Stephanie RosaStephanie Rosa2 órája
  • When ruggy ate 16 and 2 big macs and 2 mid fries, I could barely eat 8 chicken nuggys.😅

    Lexi LinLexi Lin3 órája
  • Are we gonna ignore the fact that Noah too ran with him XD

    Ayushi SinghAyushi Singh4 órája
  • im fasting but watching this thats how much i like rug lol

    Abdul jamaAbdul jama5 órája
  • You are making me hungry

    Gail AntonioGail Antonio9 órája
  • People say that I am ugly

    Wray RyanWray Ryan21 órája
  • We

    Khalil WilliamsKhalil Williams22 órája
  • This challenge would be a easy win for me. i like food...

    Mini Boss TVMini Boss TV23 órája
  • I am 10 and I weigh 117.3

    gts fangts fan23 órája
  • It's sad cus a 24 year old is light than me and I'm 12

    ice coldice coldNapja
  • Guys go search up Derek Gerard gain weight and the vid will be here so I think rug might have copied him

    Jacob GarciaJacob GarciaNapja
  • I’m 295 pounds at 3

    Magma MockMagma MockNapja
  • Guys if u were fat as that monster burito or skinny as a twig that would not matter u guys will make my day if u were a 🐕🤣

    Maisey HaywardMaisey HaywardNapja
  • Im 11 years old and im 110 pounds

    Taher TutawalaTaher TutawalaNapja
  • every friday i eat 20 nuggets

    Valder MårdhValder MårdhNapja
  • im 10 yr old and weigh more then rug thats one reason i hate myself :(

    Michelle MilanMichelle MilanNapja
  • 14:02 he looks like jason david frank

    awesome game time!awesome game time!Napja
  • You should have made a tik tok with the kid at the Wendy’s drive through

    Scott EggersScott EggersNapja
  • 11:11 best part so funny don’t be a push ok

    Jack BaghdassarianJack BaghdassarianNapja
  • Bro phrase rug wase more than me

    Barnett FarmsBarnett FarmsNapja
    • I mean less

      Barnett FarmsBarnett FarmsNapja
  • Me eating a fruit salad while watching this

    Mary GergisMary GergisNapja
  • I'm skiny but i can eat alot of food

    Slapy AndrewSlapy Andrew2 napja
  • im 10'11 and im 7002 years old dude i weigh 2 pounds get on my lvl lol

    Xoxoz LucifurrXoxoz Lucifurr2 napja
  • My brother fat shames me all the time btw. faze up ⬆️

    PxndaPxnda2 napja
  • I always get called fat. But I don’t really think I’m that big

    Corey ShoemakerCorey Shoemaker2 napja
  • 1:40 faze is right

    Mason LMason L2 napja

    AdeckiAdecki2 napja
  • Noah almost got away with the weights

    Aaron N Kyle playzAaron N Kyle playz2 napja
  • rug is so bad

    IMR InfernoIMR Inferno2 napja
  • Rug and Noah gained barely over 0.5lbs while here I am who is gaining 3-4 pounds from eating all of this food, my metabolism is horrible, so I need to be carefulon what I eat, cause I have a huge tendency on weight gain

    Vrishank pandeyVrishank pandey2 napja
  • Only if gaining weight was as easy as losing it lmao

    Cody ArellanesCody Arellanes2 napja
  • sh÷t Whats the f÷k

    Francisco AparicioFrancisco Aparicio2 napja
  • it hink his is a spicy challenge fr tho

    Brooks BoysBrooks Boys2 napja
  • My anger for Noah not getting fries at Chick-Fil-A has increased

    Dream's SonDream's Son2 napja
  • SICK!!!!!!!!!

    lxiihxperlxiihxper3 napja
  • I EAT THAT EVRY DAY AND I NOY FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thayne ThomasThayne Thomas3 napja
  • You guys are making me hungry

    Zohaib PlayzZohaib Playz3 napja
  • why tf he say eat like that

    Sammy SpannSammy Spann3 napja
  • so positive, gj

    Im a RakeIm a Rake3 napja
  • I wish I could also eat stuff like these one time in my life. 😣

  • Good content for kids wery gooooooooooood

    Ignas PaguzinskasIgnas Paguzinskas3 napja
  • If the thumbnail was real I don’t know what will faze rug and faze rug buddy

    Rashbash12 ShortsRashbash12 Shorts3 napja
    • Do

      Rashbash12 ShortsRashbash12 Shorts3 napja
  • Bruhhhhhh i eat 20 times none stop and steal i am hungry!!!!!

    Night PlayerNight Player3 napja
  • You guys should do a losing wieght challenge

    Mister MartyrMister Martyr3 napja
  • They both related to their heads lol

    Declan RehaDeclan Reha3 napja
  • It make me hungry

    Mayur WakleMayur Wakle3 napja
  • I love how faze rug says eath instead of eat, I loved that English.

    shanthi ranishanthi rani3 napja
  • Bro im 12 and i weigh 119 lol

    Splash1xSplash1x3 napja
  • This video definitely made me feel good about myself.

    Leland BrightnoseLeland Brightnose3 napja
  • Ether way I still feel cubby

    MSFCorMSFCor3 napja
  • Please do who can become obese in 24 hours challenge

    daviddavid3 napja
  • Dam

    Henry HernandezHenry Hernandez4 napja
  • i do a mile in pe

    mohamed eltelawymohamed eltelawy4 napja
  • greetings from 2025

    e0zrae0zra4 napja
  • Rug runs like a white girl with heavy ass shoes 😂

    G_M HeAdsHoTtttG_M HeAdsHoTttt4 napja
  • I;

    haritha vempalliharitha vempalli4 napja
  • why isnt noah in FaZe

    James Head-WilsonJames Head-Wilson4 napja
  • I way more and I’m ten

    ImposterImposter4 napja
  • Bro my stomach hurts watching this

    Jackson DeringerJackson Deringer4 napja
  • I would of won

    Grayson FletcherGrayson Fletcher4 napja
  • My cousins call me a skinny twig because I’m skinny and I want to get more fit but I can’t but I ignore them

    Jaylen LoraJaylen Lora5 napja
  • Me rn 🤮🤢

    azet.inspiresazet.inspires5 napja
  • If they really wanted to gain weight they’d just chug water before they weigh in

    Sabryn PhillipsSabryn Phillips5 napja
  • Damn am i the only one that runs like 6-7 miles and rug runs 1 and almosts dies XD

    KeretaKereta5 napja
  • Brian is a legend for saying matt is a legend

    Rayan FarhatRayan Farhat5 napja
  • Cool T-shirt Noah!

    Emily BrindleyEmily Brindley5 napja
  • Rug I way more than you and I’m eleven you skinny no afence

    Nixon TolottiNixon Tolotti5 napja
  • You're telling me people get over a video about eating and gaining weight, but when mrbeast and dream make a burger people get upset at them for "promoting weight gain".... "noice"

    ZurrenderZurrender5 napja
  • Not gonna talk about the smoke in tempers car

    Jett BullardJett Bullard5 napja
  • Go to moe’s get a borito

    Jett BullardJett Bullard5 napja
  • If I did this I would definitely get Taco Bell lol

    Cosmic gamingCosmic gaming5 napja
  • Let's get faze to 20 mil in 2021 🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Hector LunaHector Luna6 napja
  • Why did you say 666

    AlexAlex6 napja
  • I have got 9 pounds heavier in a year

    Braedyn JamesBraedyn James6 napja
  • Faze rug: oh god Also faze rug in his head: I know what I have to do but idk if I have the strength to do it And love your vids

    Michael BriggsMichael Briggs6 napja
  • lol heard a voice crack noah

    Cmax AnonCmax Anon6 napja
  • Thanks

    MadBeanzMadBeanz6 napja
  • I can eat both of your food in 24 hours and I am only 9 years

    Anwar HussainAnwar Hussain6 napja
  • Your fat

    Ivan GarciaIvan Garcia6 napja
  • I’m in 3rd grade and I weigh 66-67 pounds

    Sam DarnoldSam Darnold6 napja
    • I’m in 7th and weigh more then double your weight I weigh 130 and I’m 12

      Eli EscalanteEli Escalante4 napja
  • I haven’t had mc Donald’s in 2-3 years

    Sam DarnoldSam Darnold6 napja
  • I weigh more than faze rug and I’m 10

    Dcg WinterDcg Winter6 napja
  • Why does people compare stuff to their head?

    RaffifiRaffifi6 napja
  • Bro no problem with your skin you look incredible

    Hayyan shirosHayyan shiros6 napja
  • When you took off your clothes the first thing that came to my mind is...Chris(from Mrbeast) HE’S A FREAKING DAMM MARRIED DUDE AND HE’S NAKED AT LEAST ONCE IN ALMOST EVERY SINGLE F*CKING VIDEO

    AestheticJulieCornAestheticJulieCorn6 napja
  • I'm ,12 and I feel I can eat more than rug

    Samir PerezSamir Perez6 napja
  • Noah cheated

    Colleen PhelpsColleen Phelps6 napja
  • my sisters don't like chick-ful-a!!!! sorry noah!!

    Bennett JonesBennett Jones6 napja
  • Noah like to eat LOL

    Dylan HernandezDylan Hernandez6 napja
  • I’m only half way through the video and I know rug will win 🤣 Edited and I was so wrong 🥰😩

    Jalissa MolinaJalissa Molina6 napja
  • I actually weigh 105 or 106 pounds

    Darian PattersonDarian Patterson7 napja
    • Do you think I weigh a lot?

      Eli EscalanteEli Escalante15 órája
    • Lol I’m younger then you and weigh 25 pounds more, but my cousin is 11 and weighs 134 pounds

      Eli EscalanteEli Escalante3 napja
    • I am 13 years old

      Darian PattersonDarian Patterson4 napja
    • How old? I’m 12 and weigh 130

      Eli EscalanteEli Escalante4 napja
  • yo rug your insane

    Nathan MurphyNathan Murphy7 napja
  • I am supposed to weigh 120 pounds for a 12 year old boy but I weigh 185

    Trey WestTrey West7 napja
    • We’re the same age and you weigh 55 pounds more then me also when’s ur birthday?

      Eli EscalanteEli Escalante3 napja
    • @Eli Escalante hey that is mean

      Trey WestTrey West3 napja
    • Wow your a bit chunky, I am also 12 but I weigh 129

      Eli EscalanteEli Escalante3 napja
  • Wow Noah won but still made Noah run😐quit HUlabel cheater

    2092097 napja
  • Make m

    margaret mutengwamargaret mutengwa7 napja
  • 15:00

    Pigeon squadPigeon squad7 napja
  • Wow

    Johnny KhalilJohnny Khalil7 napja
  • faze rug gives inspirational speech: 6:35 viewers: 5:38

    Ruby Alvarado HernandezRuby Alvarado Hernandez8 napja