I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement

i borderline went crazy about 30 hours in...
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  • Oof Watch this billions and billions of times

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  • Star

  • 3:32 anybody notice the views Who watching that for 10 hours

  • Chris: Is covered in slime Also Chris: HUGGIES! TIME FOR HUGGIES!

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  • 12:43 is icarly wooo

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  • 1:59 this is the roblox oof lol

    MilkFedoraMilkFedora5 órája
  • Mrbeast you're amazing

    Kathleen PollardKathleen Pollard5 órája
  • 20:10

    Santiago y Leo 2021Santiago y Leo 20216 órája
  • 2:25 Can Someone Tell Me What Is That Song?

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  • Congratulations you got a shoutout Jimmy!

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  • H

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  • cool

    Richard JamesRichard James7 órája
  • I did 60 days in solitary confinement, all you gotta do is learn how to play battleship with yourself!

    Corey LucasCorey Lucas7 órája
  • Love from India ❤️

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  • We gonna talk about that throw at 10:08

  • I cant even game for 5 hours without getting bored

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  • You have a hot gf jimmy

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  • Sir im your fans here in the philippines i hope you help me 😔

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  • Solitary convinment doesn't have tiles it has wall paint

    ~Music Flow~~Music Flow~12 órája
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  • Cus

    Tobik FoltenTobik Folten12 órája
  • Ha

    GAMERS LAND555 Gaming manGAMERS LAND555 Gaming man13 órája
  • Jim jam u could just grab da chair an hit da tv

    Talha Y4Talha Y413 órája
  • "Solitary" confinement.

    AbhishekAbhishek13 órája
  • why is tareq in the slime he was helping jimmy

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  • you really stayed there for 51 hours

    Azaan AbdullahAzaan Abdullah15 órája
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  • Haha I'm happy for Jimmy to block up everything so Chris and Carl and whoever else is there can't see him

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  • Welcome to my home Jimmy

    Gracelynn OrdungGracelynn Ordung16 órája
  • He used myusernamesthis song

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  • Mr beast will have the coolest stories to tell when he’s a grandfather...

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  • Did you know that a Russian youtuber is copied almost every single one of MrBeasts vids

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  • Done

    Grace LynottGrace Lynott18 órája
  • Me enjoying the iPhone alarms I don't have an iPhone let me have some joy 😂

    Beanie Boo SnowFlakeBeanie Boo SnowFlake18 órája
  • jim jam]

    Alice DoughertyAlice Dougherty19 órája
  • Do more of these I love it

    Cameron FrostCameron Frost19 órája
  • Should have dumped rotting meat and garbage in through the roof right at the beginning, they absolutely would have won

    Canadian AirsoftCanadian Airsoft20 órája
  • This is a great challenge

    Sean ElliottSean Elliott20 órája
  • Haha! His Funny Because his friends make him out solitary confinement

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  • I hop you win

    Christy WangChristy Wang21 órája
  • Mrbeast I am your biggest fan

    Christy WangChristy Wang21 órája
    • No you aren’t

      Stacy McCabeStacy McCabe20 órája
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  • Love mr beast

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  • MrBeast is a legend, imagine listening to an iPhone alarm for over a hour.

    Bully Maguire in the IUBully Maguire in the IUNapja
  • sell

    Andrew BustozAndrew BustozNapja
  • Jimmy was smooth when he threw the microphone

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  • The whole Drake Bell moment didn’t age too well 😬

    But Why Though?But Why Though?Napja
  • 50 hours is a lot

  • This guy moaned atleast this loud OOAOAOAOOO

    Garrett CardenGarrett CardenNapja
  • WOW! They really wanted you out!

    Nirupama AkulaNirupama AkulaNapja
  • 100thousand and one comment

    Just CJJust CJNapja
  • Ur mom FarrUr mom FarrNapja
  • Shout out to jimmy

    Mayra SantiagoMayra SantiagoNapja
  • cab we just appreciate how much effort he puts into vids to give us content?

    Darrell ChapmanDarrell ChapmanNapja
  • Jimmy why do this?

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    Jaiden TanuJaiden TanuNapja
  • I have a crush on karl

    sanober yassersanober yasserNapja
  • I feel so bad

    Delainey WagnerDelainey WagnerNapja
  • Mr beast 6000

    Mr Beast ✓Mr Beast ✓Napja
  • Jimmy has a wild life

    N GabeN GabeNapja
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  • LOLL

    Alexander BakuAlexander BakuNapja
  • Bro when he made it so that they couldn’t see him, he went macgiver style.

    • Lies

      Vanessa PerezVanessa Perez19 órája
  • Lol❤

  • !!!!!,!sorry 😞

    Mark GhidelMark GhidelNapja