• メッチャ、楽しそう!!!俺もヤルわあ〜!!!

    ナベちゃんジイジイナベちゃんジイジイ10 órája
  • え、負けたのに酒飲めんの?って思ってしまった

    りめちゃんりめちゃん12 órája
  • ※一気飲みは危ないのでやめましょう

    ひいろ1000超えたらあれがあーなりますひいろ1000超えたらあれがあーなります14 órája
  • 勝った方が飲むんちゃうんかいwやってる間にぬるなりそ

    てんてんてんてん16 órája
  • 楽しそう🤣

    forever keitaforever keita19 órája
  • 꿀재앰꿀재앰

    꿀잼꿀잼꿀잼꿀잼20 órája
  • 0:00

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  • I bet on white and lost

    Ghost The Unholy SpiritGhost The Unholy Spirit23 órája
  • Cc

    O'Kez BotherelO'Kez BotherelNapja
  • なんか最後まで見てしまう

  • Cok yakisiklisiniz

    Sultan ErkarSultan ErkarNapja
  • Battle was intense, would prefer wine tho😂😂😂

    Sunshine FlowerSunshine FlowerNapja
  • loco

    Johan HernandezJohan HernandezNapja
  • 0:00

  • めっちゃ面白い笑

    岡田祐弥岡田祐弥2 napja
  • 一気飲みは体によくないぞぉ〜

    your Discipleyour Disciple2 napja
  • 0:00

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  • Hey this is aqua bottel made in Roumanie 🇷🇴 lol im origin roumanian

    Nicodu77 GamingNicodu77 Gaming2 napja
  • Loser is winner?

    SiivoojamummiSiivoojamummi2 napja
  • タンクトップを来てらっしゃるお兄さんの左腕のタトゥーなんていれてるんやろ?家事力?

    トロントロン3 napja
  • Russians: make perfect flip-drink moves to you

    Александр КилиевичАлександр Килиевич3 napja
  • お互いビールが嫌いということだけわかった

    蛍コートくん蛍コートくん3 napja
  • Arkadaki adam kim lan

    Gönül GeyikGönül Geyik3 napja
  • I would just keep throwing the bottle wrong to win

    the impatient gamerthe impatient gamer3 napja
  • え、学校でこんな感じのことしたら絶対楽しいじゃん、、やろ

    ひなひな3 napja
  • Haram

    Demet GürsoyDemet Gürsoy3 napja
  • 0:00

    동심파괴 아이동심파괴 아이3 napja
  • 日本語のタトゥー入ってるの見るとなんか嬉しくなるな

    mghym khknsmghym khkns3 napja
  • Beer or piss ???

    infinitepikachu2infinitepikachu23 napja
  • You guys are fun my kind of people

    Jad AlansoJad Alanso3 napja
  • Bro the guy in the back be like: can I play too?

    ESJESJ3 napja
  • ペットボトルフリップって そんなに成功するものなの?w

    yu riyu ri3 napja
  • Ok why does he have such small shorts on like

    jaelyn speckjaelyn speck3 napja
  • This is sad

    Noah CarsonNoah Carson4 napja
  • 飲む時に腕から変な日本語のタトゥー見えた

    ととまるととまる4 napja
  • All of that just to drink a beer at the end really💀like wtf that’s just in glass

    Christopher AlemanChristopher Aleman4 napja
  • 顔の赤さとテンションの高さから何回目だろ

    時権巣運呼時権巣運呼4 napja
  • 右利きの人は画面から見て右側の黒い服の人を応援する 左利きの人は画面から見て左側の白い服の人を応援する 知らんど

    あさいあさがおあさいあさがお4 napja
  • Is so funny

  • The people on the back

  • This reminds me of tower control in Splatoon 2

    CocoCoco5 napja
  • That hair cut😅 look like the brother from that evel guy hair cut😂😂😂

    LIV FLIV F5 napja
  • Aqua carpatica water, I thought it was only in Romania, huh.

    Andrei SudituAndrei Suditu5 napja
  • :random guy just looking lol

    ☕️•Coffe•☕️☕️•Coffe•☕️5 napja
  • I'd lose multiple times on purpose so I can forget that I saw this video.

    Given ShortsGiven Shorts5 napja
  • Wouldnt you want to win if you just had to drink a pint Edit: i meant lose

    ColeCole5 napja
  • What is he drinking

    Aubrey JohnsonAubrey Johnson5 napja
  • bro i wish i lose

    Dry MartinDry Martin5 napja
  • I would have failed on purpes if i was one of them

    Volvo NeoVolvo Neo5 napja
  • 😂😂😂

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  • めちゃくちゃ美味しそうなビール

    焼きそばBAGOOON焼きそばBAGOOON5 napja
  • Finish the lyrics Jump in the

    a wierdoa wierdo5 napja
  • Ich würd immer verlieren xD

    Breadtality FearTheBeardBreadtality FearTheBeard5 napja
  • oh no looks like I lost GIVE ME THE FUCKING ALCOHOL

    Flungy MungyFlungy Mungy5 napja
  • Estan asiendo elqueuegr Enlasegunda sera elganador

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  • 0:11

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  • 0:4

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  • Hmm this reminds me of a game me and my friends play. Except come to think about it we don’t flip bottles, and we don’t use the squares. Oh wait, I think we just drink until we pass out. *Such fun*

    Finley CORBYFinley CORBY6 napja
  • Nice little cut while "downing" the pint. couple of mugs😂

    Dean FramptonDean Frampton6 napja
  • Just drink it please

    joginder singhjoginder singh6 napja
  • 楽しそう❗️

    atYK TYSatYK TYS6 napja
  • What even is that drink?

  • Laura

    Margot MartinezMargot Martinez7 napja
  • Wow im a waste of air

    Nathan BurlockNathan Burlock7 napja
  • Oh

    Nathan BurlockNathan Burlock7 napja
  • THEY doing IT WRONG

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  • Bro why this look fun tho? 😭

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  • スゴイ

    たばままきたばままき7 napja
  • What kind of water is that

    Cali SantanaCali Santana7 napja
  • It beer what ide lose for a free beer

    Jr saulsJr sauls7 napja
  • なぜ点とって方と逆に進めるのかと思ったら罰ゲームだったのか

    K IK I7 napja
  • 負けた方がイイ!

    コマちゃんコマちゃん7 napja
  • Aqua Carpatica , water from Roumania 👆👀☝️

    Victor VictorVictor Victor7 napja
  • How’s it that a punishment I would have lost on purpose!!!

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  • Waou 😊

    Fella KarradFella Karrad8 napja
  • That bottle… kakkoii!

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  • I can chug two🤤

    彬彬彬彬8 napja
  • 家幸力

    カフェ俺カフェ俺8 napja
  • Everyone talking about the pint of beer but what about the guy in the back

    DeeSintDeeSint8 napja
  • "You have to down an ENTIRE PINT!" Lol

    dolita windodolita windo9 napja
  • That game is insane!!!!

    consuelo arbelaezconsuelo arbelaez9 napja
  • I could tell from the beginning that he was gonna win

    Simsim MESimsim ME9 napja
  • You know you can get drunk

    Herminia TorresHerminia Torres9 napja
  • Are we not talking about the guy in the back? Bc he was like STARING STARING.

    Tamar BochoradzeTamar Bochoradze9 napja
    • But yes he earned the beer and as if he had won!

      dolita windodolita windo9 napja
  • Bruh i would Lise on purpose to het that beer

    Mats16hMats16h9 napja
  • Minum apa itu apakah minum kencingan oranh

    Riski WahyudiRiski Wahyudi9 napja
  • Me: this is so hard! throws bottle off the table for the 5th time

    seiom jvonyseiom jvony9 napja
  • ご褒美やん🥳

    覚悟はいいか?俺はできてる覚悟はいいか?俺はできてる9 napja
  • Why does that goal lose a reward

    Pešut GamerPešut Gamer9 napja
  • I would lose on purpose

    cloaked _unitcloaked _unit9 napja

    Caleb GamesCaleb Games9 napja
    • @seiom jvony damn ok

      Caleb GamesCaleb Games9 napja
  • Why are they trying to avoid the pint?? 🤣🤣 love these guys tho

    natasha meliffinatasha meliffi10 napja
  • Is that a 'BO' 'O 'WOER?

    KelvinKelvin10 napja
  • What happens if they knock over the beer

    ButterqueenButterqueen10 napja
  • Guy on the left: Proper flips: 5 out of 20 tries Success rate: 25% Guy on the right: Proper flips: 10 out of 18 tries Success rate: 55.56% The guy on the left will lose on average after about 17 tries or 46 seconds at this same rate. The guy on the left also drops a couple of times his bottle, which causes him to lose some time. We can conclude then, judging by how bad the guy on the left is, that he really wants that pint 😂

    Vallejo ToniVallejo Toni10 napja
  • Should have poured it over him

    Mini MelloMini Mello10 napja
  • The glass with the drunk got drunk due to these movements 😂😂

    miko foinmiko foin10 napja
  • But yes he earned the beer and as if he had won!

    AndreaAndrea10 napja