Trying to romance an NPC - Romance

Sometimes it's so hard to get the dialogue right!



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  • Obviously the correct answers involve Baradun.

    Crim ZenCrim Zen16 órája
  • Why are you being unfaithful? "I will never forget you" indeed.

    Liberty MillerLiberty MillerNapja
  • Wow. Her acting was fucking awesome. The facial expressions and tone changes were spot on! Hope to see more of her in future videos!

    Emilio CrespoEmilio Crespo2 napja
  • "Nice day for fishing". She tried to get off the hook but he reeled her in. Or was it the other way around? I was hoping for a "Huh yuh" as they went around the bend. And devs who write these game interactions obviously enjoy a good laugh at the player's expense. I can see them giggling to themselves, "Hee, hee. I love messing with the player's heads. Hee, hee."

    yapper58yapper582 napja
  • Gamers, just never choose the dialogue options with ... at the end...

    Wolfo WizardWolfo Wizard3 napja
  • who is she?

    justaskingjustasking4 napja
  • Hey! And what about the cutscene?! U won't act it?! 😠

    Deag MornarDeag Mornar5 napja
  • NPC brought me here!

    wowJhilwowJhil6 napja
  • Lol that's some fallout promps there

    ryan hoskindsryan hoskinds6 napja
  • 0:16 Mornin', nice day for fishin' ain't it?

    samgamgee07samgamgee076 napja
  • i kept saying ''quick load'' every time he was messing up

    ScorpionX4ScorpionX47 napja
  • "That was really well done" even for you, being this stupid! Wow that was not what I wanted to say

    Michal HarmáčekMichal Harmáček9 napja

    vasalemvasalem9 napja
  • More that girl please!

    Alexey KostukAlexey Kostuk11 napja
  • "to the moon, diamond hands!" I'm assuming he's been invested in Doge coin.

    MaxwoMaxwo11 napja
  • Hahhahaha that's exactly how I feel choosing conversations hahahah

    Celso JrCelso Jr11 napja
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Vladimirs AvdejevsVladimirs Avdejevs12 napja
  • [glass him]

    SdsdfduSdsdfdu12 napja
  • Damn the girl can act extremely well

    Shelly CameronShelly Cameron13 napja
  • I got your channel advertised by youtube. After watching you guys I realised what i was missing. I have asked my freinds to sub this channel as well you guys deserve more than 100m subs. This is such a hard work and epic direction/music. Congrats. I feel like i am watching a movie. You guys should make a movie about NPC. full 1hr 30m movie That would be great and sell it to Netflix.

    Rashmi SinghRashmi Singh14 napja
  • *sigh* aaaah. When I saw an earlier episode I asked for this, here it is. Dialogue choices that are too ambiguous and end up being bad. Spent a couple of reloads on those. Always quicksaved before talking to an npc in the witcher.

    Nanyu BusnisNanyu Busnis14 napja
  • Love your videos guys

    Ajju ARAAjju ARA14 napja
  • Rowan , jesus I clicked the subscribe button already alright. Fucking hell. Wait that dialogue option wasn't what I wanted to say. This game sucks

    NewbcakeNewbcake15 napja
  • "It", from the quote 'apparently there is a way to seduce this npc and take it to bed', is one of the most graceful and humble creatures to ever exist on this planet. May the holy spirit bless her soul

    Sigognac1988Sigognac198815 napja

    wantedWTFwantedWTF16 napja
  • Communicating with women 101.

    TheAngryAArdvarkTheAngryAArdvark17 napja
  • I can't tmm evhun trye typeim hrunk drunk

    Wangel RumbaWangel Rumba17 napja
  • Im so drunk that im yhe character 😂😂

    Wangel RumbaWangel Rumba17 napja
  • So this is a Bioware game

    AllanAllan17 napja
  • Only when you give up will you succeed. That is the message behind this video

    Marko KrcmarovMarko Krcmarov17 napja
  • Fallout PTSD

    Dr. Flex FerocityDr. Flex Ferocity17 napja
  • This is gold.

    _Qverse __Qverse _18 napja
  • It's not the same without britt

    SlurpiiSlurpii18 napja
  • Just reload save looooool

    Сука Блять (Martínek)Сука Блять (Martínek)19 napja
  • Fallout 4

    Jonsin 1459Jonsin 145919 napja
  • Who was the girl?

    adib reshadadib reshad19 napja
  • I died laughing as soon as I realized what was going on. The number of times I've been fooled by vague dialog options, way too many.

    Bobby DrownBobby Drown20 napja
  • SWTOR in a nutshell

    Far A.R.Far A.R.20 napja
  • I was hoping he would go speak to Baradun

    Josh DickeyJosh Dickey21 napja
  • Yup i got a crush now

    TheBullMooseTheBullMoose21 napja
  • and we need to know.......who is this stunner ?

    Nigel MapesNigel Mapes21 napja
  • too the moooooooon

    hooded_tomYThooded_tomYT22 napja
  • Oh god fallout 4 all over again

    Jerome PelletierJerome Pelletier22 napja
  • _If only anyone could tell him that "Baradun" is a synonym for casual sex._

    Graue EminenzGraue Eminenz22 napja
  • Dedicated to RPGs with poor writing and Mass Effect style dialogue system ^^

    Imperative GamesImperative Games23 napja
  • genius

    IM024IM02423 napja
  • dont tempt me frodo

    Humbly_BumblyHumbly_Bumbly23 napja
  • Is she in any other of your vids? She’s so gorgeous.

    Cameron PoshCameron Posh23 napja
  • in 2021 i started thinking if it would be possible to make a point-and-click and role-playing game, that teaches you a very simple constructed language, and it also only uses that constructed language, and no other language. of course, it would be possible, to play the game, without understanding the language at all, by working just fine as a game, that would use no language at all (like the game Dropsie), as the conlang would be VERY simple, and only need 64 to 128 words maximum, and as reliant on context as the language toki-pona.

    ollj ohollj oh24 napja
  • She is incredibly beautiful.... Who is she?

    Lars “LDDM” DolsLars “LDDM” Dols24 napja
  • LOL

    Per-Eric “Carlsson76” CarlssonPer-Eric “Carlsson76” Carlsson24 napja
  • "To the Moon, Diamond Hands" is that a crypto reference?

    Tommy PTommy P24 napja
    • GME

      Ida ThorbjørnIda Thorbjørn23 napja
  • Task failed successfully

    Mitchell FauroteMitchell Faurote24 napja
  • she she she she... what about him? he is a great actor too! :D, all the crew of VLDL do an amazing job. And yes she was perfect XD.

    Iron PoluxIron Polux25 napja
  • fallout 4 dialogue in a nutshell

    TotallyARussianTotallyARussian25 napja
  • I'll never forget the dialogue with triss in the 1st witcher after that prologue where the option said "You did your best" and the end of the cutscene was "lets see if the bed can hold us 2". xD

    ShikariZeroShikariZero25 napja
  • My Witcher 3 expierence with Ciri

    Oskar KasperekOskar Kasperek26 napja
    • O yes, step dad.

      colin8696908colin869690824 napja
  • I had an unscripted loud laugh after his third response wasn't what he expected. What is it Rowan? "This is $@, this is actual @$@"!

    C SjC Sj26 napja
  • Totally the way choice dialog options work, so often they are misleading. Usually you can quit out of the choices and fix it though

    Christopher TaylorChristopher Taylor26 napja
  • The sad thing is it really is this complicated to talk to most women nowadays lol.

    Josh wilsonJosh wilson26 napja
  • Someone's getting laid lol

    Jasper MontesJasper Montes26 napja
  • And now you have given Atlus developers their blueprint for the next persona game.

    Morrigan RenfieldMorrigan Renfield26 napja
  • i dont know about her acting, but her voice is ridiculously good, sounds like something you would hear from a video game!

    Markcus AlbertoMarkcus Alberto27 napja
  • lmao said yes 8 times

    Erick ZenitsuErick Zenitsu27 napja
  • Am i the only one that respects rowan for having 💎👐

    Manuel Rodriguez-Novas Catala.Manuel Rodriguez-Novas Catala.27 napja
  • Mesi Mesi GOOOOOOL

    damian stojanowskidamian stojanowski27 napja
  • Not much different with real life women 😅🤣🤣

    Tanguy PellerinTanguy Pellerin27 napja
  • Every single conversation with Fallout 4's awful system!

    Noah ShrewsberyNoah Shrewsbery28 napja
  • I literally hit the bell because this video asked me to... just discovered this channel and i love the content.

    Adam WoodAdam Wood28 napja
  • Would have been hilarious if after she says "Let us lie together" the options are "Yes" "Yes" or "Yes" And whatever he picked, he just says flat out "No" and the video ends

    Liam WaltonLiam Walton28 napja
  • *Plot twist: her family was a bunch of cannibals and she was bringing him back to eat him alive!*

    Rough WoofRough Woof29 napja
    • lets be one becomes true literally

      h2oh2o28 napja
  • *It would have ended better if it turned out that her family was a bunch of cannibals and she was bringing him back to eat him alive!*

    Rough WoofRough Woof29 napja
  • Ah, so you played Fallout 4, where the choice is never what you say.

    The Cult of the JimThe Cult of the Jim29 napja
  • Yea, game makers have some weird sense of humor

    Konstantin ScheglikovKonstantin Scheglikov29 napja
  • Diamond hands .lol .oh i see youve been buying the dips

    empireGempireG29 napja

  • this is why you shouldnt max your strenght and left charisma 0

    Stigs stupid cousinStigs stupid cousinHónapja
  • A similar thing happen to me in Dragon Age Inquisition

    Alan GantzerAlan GantzerHónapja
  • Literally like every Neverwinter Nights conversation.

  • unless this is the first dragon age and you are just trying to be nice Anders in dragon age and he thinks you are flirting so when you tell him you aren't interested he gets all pissy.

  • I need to know what the "look I'm sorry, let's start over" said.

    Daniel TiltonDaniel TiltonHónapja
  • Incredible eyes this girl

    Abraham SaavedraAbraham SaavedraHónapja
  • She is really pretty. What a lucky guy.

    Pio BPio BHónapja
  • Holy moly that actress is fantastic! Also love the "to the moon - diamond hands" reference in the end :)

  • Whats the name of the girl in the video? Asking for a friend.

  • To the moon

    Fredrik SvärdFredrik SvärdHónapja
  • Must be a Bethesda game...

  • quick load and start over?

    By KoBy KoHónapja
  • Name of the girl for the simps pls

  • This did strike a massive chord with my memories of the Elder Scrolls

  • That NPC is almost as fine an actor as she is beautiful. I guess she deserves an Oscar.

  • Hahaha Witcher

  • is no one going comment about the "TO THE MOON DIAMOND HANDS!?" Yesterday Bitcoin went 30k. DIAMOND HANDS LIKE THIS

    Tin Shing LeeTin Shing LeeHónapja
  • SWTOR in a nutshell

    Aeris ShenlinAeris ShenlinHónapja
  • Im loyal to Ellie but what's her ??? Lmao

    IG SDIG SDHónapja
  • So negging *does* work. 😧

    The Duke of KidderminsterThe Duke of KidderminsterHónapja
  • Rowan Joestar: Yes yes Yes yes!

    Cotoco Golpe BaixoCotoco Golpe BaixoHónapja
  • Are you in the GME thing guys?

  • Fatalism at work lol

    Tammy “tammyaline” McPheeTammy “tammyaline” McPheeHónapja
  • Funny thing is in Fable 2 and 3 you can get people to fall in love with you and marry them and take them to bed (and have children) or you can just pay a prostitute (and get a disease lol). Love Fable 2 then Fable 3