The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber - STAY (Official Video)

Official video for “Stay” by The Kid LAROI \u0026 Justin Bieber.

Listen \u0026 Download “Stay” out now:

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Directed by Colin Tilley
Executive Produced by Jamee Ranta, Colin Tilley
Produced by Jack Winter
Cinematographer Elias Talbot
Editor Vinnie Hobbs @ VHpost
Color Bryan Smaller
Vfx Digital axis
Production Co Boy in the Castle, LLC

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  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥next legend

    Nathaniel HussainNathaniel Hussain10 perccel
  • Addicted is an understatement…❤️‍🔥🔥

    Sara SochaSara Socha25 perccel
  • 🔥🔥

    Eli ChiappettaEli Chiappetta28 perccel
  • 10/10 inspiration for all young Australian teens! Keep it up man! 👍

    JustinJustin31 perce
  • Juice wrld would be proud 🔥🔥

    JakeNoodleJakeNoodle32 perccel
  • This is a bomb song🖤

    Ja GJa G32 perccel
  • I love this

    akaashi keijiakaashi keiji35 perccel
  • Soooooo fire

    Ethan HeathEthan Heath35 perccel

    Maya PatenaudeMaya Patenaude36 perccel
  • ❤️

    HellemsHellems43 perccel
  • He legit showed how it feels to listen to music when you’re in your feelings😩😩

    Trevor WaiteTrevor Waite50 perccel
  • Who’s the girl holding the phone?

    Nicholas VargasNicholas Vargas52 perccel
  • seeseee

    WittesinterklaasWittesinterklaas57 perccel
  • I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Milagros RamosMilagros Ramos58 perccel
  • I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Milagros RamosMilagros Ramos58 perccel
  • i really love this

    nishv 666nishv 666Órája
  • Check out Wink from Athena on HUlabel

    John WilliamsJohn WilliamsÓrája
  • Is that kid laroi’s girlfriend in the video?

    Bonita TejiriBonita TejiriÓrája
  • i dont even fw music like this.. but this shit was fire asf.. respect

  • Ktoś Poland mordeczki 🤙

  • only bad thing is that its too short

  • Not the biggest fan of JB but this is a banger.

  • who else came from the tiktok sound parody "Gay-Stay"?

  • Fck this hater who dislike this master piece ❤❤ great duo need more bro

    Malem IromMalem IromÓrája
  • Nowplaying

  • Illenium fallen embers

    Chong YangChong YangÓrája
  • Okay shawty

    Emily AlexanderEmily AlexanderÓrája
  • ...... Tera

    hun ginnshiehun ginnshieÓrája
  • Hlw

    jarif iltimasjarif iltimasÓrája
  • art

    Kelly RVKelly RVÓrája
  • They should make a collab album

    Brian BrudiBrian BrudiÓrája
  • I like you!

  • why does this sound like a rocket league song?

    Tristan NijsTristan NijsÓrája
  • The 15k dislikes are from Australia

  • I love the Kid Laroi's grin when the two of them are dancing in the bank. He is just loving his life and having so much fun making music. its so great to see.

    Lori KwasneyLori Kwasney2 órája
  • love it

    Tony MulherinTony Mulherin2 órája
  • Wish it never ended

    Hamzə FiveBrozHamzə FiveBroz2 órája
  • This is my new jam. Kid Laroi is KILLING it, I love everything hes put out and J Biebs, so so yummy. Plus that voice...hes perfection. Living for this right now

    Lori KwasneyLori Kwasney2 órája
  • Best collab

    FishyyFPSFishyyFPS2 órája
  • I am shocked their voices are almost identical. When I first heard the song without seeing the music video I thought it was all Justin bieber, but turn out the kid lario🙊

    Zainab AbushanabZainab Abushanab2 órája

    GAME_by_LiesGAME_by_Lies2 órája
  • 💥

    Marvis ZeusMarvis Zeus2 órája
  • who is this girl who plays LAROI's girlfriend

  • 10/10!! ❤️❤️❤️

    IniestismxFCBIniestismxFCB2 órája
  • Amazing

    Hunter FortnitesHunter Fortnites2 órája
  • se que juice wrld esta orgulloso de ti :,)

    Young SteefYoung Steef2 órája
  • Why justin looks like my dad in hail?

    le gusto a tu mami777le gusto a tu mami7772 órája
  • Dam one million likes in two weeks

    Hensi BriceHensi Brice2 órája
  • the gay version is better u have to admit

    EzomdieEzomdie2 órája
  • She a good 🎵🎶

    Allie ThomAllie Thom2 órája
  • P

    KK2 órája
  • RiP Juice Wrld

    theCommandertheCommander2 órája
  • they look like each other

    mrs. winehousemrs. winehouse2 órája
  • This song is only popular because TikTok and social media told you it was...

    Steven JonasSteven Jonas3 órája
    • He put the songs on tiktok and social media and also It’s just not popular because tiktok and social media it’s also because he’s famous

      unknownifyunknownify2 órája
  • Wow

    Sen NacerSen Nacer3 órája
  • Love this song ♡

    Luana SouzaLuana Souza3 órája
  • Juice Would be proud of you❤

    Simon HilbertSimon Hilbert3 órája
  • This go hard

    MikeyMikey3 órája
  • Very good song and production. Normally I don't like the music from today, cause I'm an 80's lover!!!!

    cantforgetyoucantforgetyou3 órája
  • yeah, I'm sure 99% of people don't have a good mood when listening to this music

    Lemon_ WayLemon_ Way3 órája
    • The we the sus remix of this song is better they literally make it clap cheeks

      Fred JonesFred Jones3 órája
  • Oh okay

    isaisa3 órája
  • Best one yet

    Titan YTTitan YT3 órája
  • So great song and justin look like dream 💔

    Nour al aboodNour al abood3 órája
  • Does Justin just make Songs eith People that have a hype rn?

    Jannes RückerJannes Rücker3 órája
  • why is this song so good, its addictive

    Aurox - Official ChannelAurox - Official Channel3 órája
  • ik i'm not the only one who came here bc of sunghoon from enhypen

    itz.beatrixitz.beatrix3 órája
  • superb

  • Love the beat . Would be really nice hearing some low base in the background

    Tyler BelzerTyler Belzer3 órája
  • Love

  • This beat like blinding lights

    MorphyMorphy3 órája
  • fire duo 🔥

    NCG SyroixNCG Syroix3 órája
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Xertified JavonXertified Javon3 órája
  • Justin bieber always sweetheart amazing music

    Agnes ElliottAgnes Elliott4 órája
  • LAROI been grinding💯

    Matthew RobinsonMatthew Robinson4 órája
  • Why they sound the same

    Camron HortonCamron Horton4 órája
  • Bruh I remember when my boy looked like Karl from shameless now he grown

    dassa guydassa guy4 órája
  • Justin Bieber te amo, por ti le hecho ganas a la vida🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • This go hard

    Mykeal AbramsMykeal Abrams4 órája
  • This real life shit right here ... and it's perfect for relationships. Especially when you find your soulmate

    Kimberly Beth ReadKimberly Beth Read4 órája
  • Dang

    Jules UiterwijkJules Uiterwijk4 órája
  • I thought he got cancelled or something

    RimanDa ASMRRimanDa ASMR4 órája
  • A procura de um comentário brasileiro :) Bem aqui ❤️

    Maria EmanuelleMaria Emanuelle4 órája
  • 😍😍😍😍😍

    Nathalia linsNathalia lins4 órája
  • This Two voices make a MASTERPICE together

    Tyra TigerTyra Tiger4 órája
  • 🌻

    Ikshya PandeyIkshya Pandey4 órája
  • Why’d they have to take juice off though 😞 now this song is gonna blow up w out him on it 😔 this song was one of my favs and I love Justin but it sucks they took him of tbh

    stephanie de la torrestephanie de la torre4 órája
    • The we the sus remix of this song is better they literally make it clap cheeks

      Fred JonesFred Jones3 órája
  • Klipteki kız Laroi nin sevgilisi demi

    GizemGizem4 órája
  • Justin hayranları arada Yummy de dinlese

    GizemGizem4 órája
  • Love this !

    Anita GAnita G4 órája
  • This sounds like a Fifa song lol

    SykovSykov4 órája
  • Cool

    La playslist de ma filleLa playslist de ma fille4 órája