Stop For Me, I'll Buy You Anything Challenge

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If a random stranger stopped for me, I bought them anything :)

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  • stop what you're doing and subscribe plz :) love you guys!

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    • Mr beast

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    • for sure!

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    • My name in basket ball arena is Fazeup

      Itay ShlomofItay Shlomof28 napja
    • When I random play your video I love it from that moment and watching your all day making to people

      Anshu KumarAnshu KumarHónapja
    • Faze rug your so nice guy....(", )

      Josiphine VilladuzJosiphine VilladuzHónapja
  • The square thing was too much, :>(

    Luz Maria RahlaLuz Maria RahlaÓrája
  • Man.. they don’t appreciate him enough!! 👺👺

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  • 20 mill subscribers ps5 car🥺🥺🥺

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  • Ps5 like share and subscribe

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  • Good vid.

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  • I love ur vids

  • This video is full with affiliate links he want to earn the maximum profit from us. WTF!

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  • ya

    El Tino Deez nutsEl Tino Deez nuts4 napja
  • Man...if i were to do this challenge...i would probably buy something that i could use for a popsicle maker machine wife makes great popsicles....Man...i wish someone in the Philippines would do this for us....this pandemic is the worst....i lost everything. Just a thought if he do this again guys...try to go for a long term use'll be worth it...only if you work for it. You are a good guy FaZe Rug. God Bless You...

    santee patugasantee patuga4 napja
  • I'd love to have a person like faze in our country !! Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️❤️

    Priya TamangPriya Tamang5 napja
  • ur my munna

    Aryaman SaraogiAryaman Saraogi5 napja
  • I just love his videos

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  • Love the vids! Keep up the great work! 😁

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  • Did Noah really get a married womans phone number 😂

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  • Why all store managers that are female are called barbara

    Pastor Moises AlbertoPastor Moises Alberto10 napja
  • 14:24 yes that was corny or whatever you said

    Gato PaintGato Paint10 napja
  • Why did he he be so mean Because that one guy was not subscribed plus he was not even signed in

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  • 20m soon

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  • Love you faze rug

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  • Callux is in the sidemen? I thought he was just a close friend...

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  • I have subscribed

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  • I’m so jealous lol 💜❤️💜 I would love to do that for my kids lol come to NC!!! Your so sweet best HUlabel

    Ashley TriplettAshley Triplett11 napja
  • At that last one with the square i would just place the whole basket in the square cuz i he din’t say anything about taking the stuff out of the basket

    Daniel Hahn ConradsenDaniel Hahn Conradsen12 napja
  • Ohh bro I used to dream that u will parcel me a iphone 12pro ...😭😭 M a big fan of your..with lots of love from india state Meghalaya.

    Oracle MallaiOracle Mallai12 napja
  • Considering I am on a fixed income a brand new car would sure be great, been without a vehicle for 7 years now, anyways Faze rug is an awesome young man, keep up the great work you do❤️

    Kirk FeatherstoneKirk Featherstone13 napja
  • Carly my sister's name

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  • Danggg nice vide

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  • Carly is a great person and nice person

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  • Nice vid

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  • Yooow man yor the best.....

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  • Fasting I Like the video

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  • I. orede. have. that. Game

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  • Your so cool

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  • This are mrbeast challenges

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  • I been subed from 2019 can I get one of the giveaway please

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  • I loved headball 2 and love this game too

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  • Peace out

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  • 14:20 done bro

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  • Wow man, thats fucking WACK that the first chick stopped for you and then since they wouldn't let you record inside, she gets sfa!? Booooooooooo

    Jordan KoppJordan Kopp20 napja
    • Ok I guess you made up for it... good job.

      Jordan KoppJordan Kopp20 napja
  • Noah is Savage & Faze Rug

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  • Home girl smelling goooooddd😂

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  • Just love what you do man!! Keep it up♥️♥️😇😇 God bless

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  • You should do it at a pet store. You cant forget our furry friends!!!

    lola lazolola lazo23 napja
  • really,??? can you buy for me HEAVEN???

    Rose LeahRose Leah24 napja
  • Gimme that ps4 and iphone! 😅 ✌️😎👌 Lets help faze!

    Shermi NatorShermi Nator24 napja
  • Lmfao you’re too nice rug you couldn’t even make her put it back😂😂😂 love you man

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  • hiii

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  • hope i win an iphone

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  • ❤️

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  • Can you try to make Collab with MrBeast

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  • Do u give away to the fans who are from 🇧🇹

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  • I subscribed you recently after i saw your in lexi hensler's collab video and now i am a big fan of all your videos especially ghost once. I love how you don't add creepy background sounds in there so people like me can enjoy scary stuff without getting scared😅.. Thanks for making so many videos. It would have been so good if i knew you before🤧... My bad😅

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  • Lots of love from India! You're great!

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  • “Like a Aston Martin?” ‘Moreee like this storeee’

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  • True fan of Faze Rug already subscribed, like, turn on post notification and share to my friends let's try to get him 20 mill before June end!

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  • I just added you in basketball arena

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  • Noah asking everyone for their number lmao

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  • What about the people who have been following you for so many years from far off countries

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  • 20M let's go!

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  • Can I have I phone ☺️☺️🤧

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  • What do you do for living???

  • Peace

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  • Random people don't trust Well I do believe I'll win iPhone after you hit a 20 Mill 😁

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  • Love from India 🇮🇳

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  • I love his videos 🥺

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  • Noah gets everyone number lol...Barbara was way older than him🤣

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  • Im subed and im a rug rat im proud

  • Im subed

  • Your so kindness dude..🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

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  • If this ever happens to you. Step #1: dont go for something you want, go for the most expensive thing. Step #2: return that bitch

  • Hi

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  • Why yall doin em like that man lmao just let em shop without giving em only a minute but its a challenge tho 😅

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  • Shit 1220.75 aint is just chump change to them compared to regular people goddam

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  • Rewatching 😊

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  • 7:15 did nobody realise bad word

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  • Him: "wasted like our 30 minutes of time" Me: *wasting 24 hr everyday*

  • When my turn ? I am in Bali , Indonesia

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  • Ok

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  • i dont think callux is in the sidemen

  • *Does these guys ever realize it's so boring and time wasting nonsense they do*? Go to hospital and pay someone's bill, or go orphanage and make their life better!

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  • Great game and great video giving back is something we can all benefit from it shows that your really nice

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