We Ate the Worlds SPICIEST Candy - Carolina Reaper Challenge

I challenged HUlabelr @Ben Azelart to see who can eat the spiciest candy in the world without drinking milk. It got INTENSE!
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  • subscribe if u enjoyed the vid :) my mouth still hurts

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    • @Swavy idk

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    • Faith in God's son grant's us grace, and God's grace is what saves us.

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    • Omg 😱 I am sooooooooo sorry for ben

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    • Your mouth

  • He’s Merch is called stay wild because he wild

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  • Faze rug

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  • Oooooooh beeeeeen

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  • sorry i comented so late I'm soo sorry

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  • OMG i juat started watching you yesterday and I've probably watched half of your vids i love you guys soo much

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  • You are my favorite yotuber faze rug

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  • 13:53 Ben is so cute

    KhkhaidemR GamingKhkhaidemR Gaming9 órája
  • Me being white and being able to eat this stuff

    RigbyFNRigbyFN15 órája
  • not gonna lie faze rug edits are a masterpiece

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  • Your reactions are so funny

    Chris DestefanoChris Destefano20 órája
  • O my god I thought Lexi was going to be there and Brent

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  • 3:38 😳😳😳

    AlanNotAlenAlanNotAlen21 órája
  • i probably would love to eat this.

    scarscar22 órája
  • I have eaten level 1 and 2 and it ain't spicy at all

    Zulema MZulema MNapja
  • my dad loves this stuff

    Stinky ButtStinky ButtNapja
  • Sar arms around me but I'm

    Sara HussainSara HussainNapja
  • Ps5 or car I wanna win 🥺

    Joseph BernalJoseph BernalNapja
  • So, the jelly beans, I was doing testing at school and the girl sitting next to me asked me if I wanted jelly beans, and i said sure so she gave me a handful and I popped them all in my mouth I started crying and had to leave the room twice. (No one was supposed to leave the rooms during testing) it was awful-

    Hope RinehartHope RinehartNapja
  • Mexico

    yellow sus yellow is susyellow sus yellow is sus2 napja
  • That where is live

    yellow sus yellow is susyellow sus yellow is sus2 napja

    Abdullah Bakhsh Abdullah (Abdullah)Abdullah Bakhsh Abdullah (Abdullah)2 napja
  • Nothing is spiciest for me spiciest for me

    choco sann qwqchoco sann qwq2 napja
  • Ben drinker milk while rug was talking . If you don’t believe me go to the end of challenge 5

    Merei MereiMerei Merei2 napja
  • That is a crazy challegenge for them, but I eat realy spicy food everyday. I from india. In india we aet spicy stuff.

    Balaram PatelBalaram Patel2 napja
  • mexioco is ruthless

    Richard Gutierrez ArangoRichard Gutierrez Arango2 napja
  • Feote

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  • U guys look so orange

    Zayan GamezZayan Gamez2 napja
  • Were is the nitro gummy and mega spicy gummy bear

    Cringy Kid86Cringy Kid862 napja
  • Chili mango is not spicy its sweet nore proof dug fakes his vids

    vex Turtlevex Turtle2 napja
    • Btw the zumba powder is also not spicy

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  • i watch him Ben Lexi his gf

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  • Done

    Marjolaine IsaacMarjolaine Isaac2 napja
  • Ben I feel yoy

    Liam MathesLiam Mathes3 napja
  • Yoooo.... them habanero gummies i remember when i was younger i saw them in the store and bought them i was like 8 and didnt know that it was going to be spicy... so later that night i ate my candy and watched a movie with my dad and it was soo spicy i needed to go to the hospital... and we got paid from the store from the accident and they removed the candy

    J0xer07J0xer073 napja
  • I tasted a spicy chicken and I didn’t feel anything faze rug

    Ray_riz24Ray_riz243 napja
  • DUDE WHAT THE HELL that trick with the skateboard was dope bro

  • Faze I live in Mexico I eat the drink hot sauce for a drink and eat the all the spicy stuff there for a snack (except the bean) Edit: They are at my local store hahahhahahhahhaha over exaggerator

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  • Hi Rug

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  • Btw he makes u look short

    Pete RhodesPete Rhodes3 napja
    • rug is 5'7 or something like that

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  • Who else feels like rug is so physical weak 😭😭😭😩

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  • I am a huge fan of ben azelart

    Diyaa YuvarajDiyaa Yuvaraj3 napja
  • How About an Nitro Bear?

    Thu Anh Thi NguyenThu Anh Thi Nguyen3 napja
  • They said they couldn't drink milk qaht about water? 😉😁👌

    Ashlee PerezAshlee Perez3 napja
  • Only meixicans get it

    Mario GaytanMario Gaytan3 napja
  • Why is nobody commenting for 2 months

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  • Faze rug you should do a spicy challenge with Spiceking👌🏼

    504 Hn504 Hn3 napja
  • faze rug: yooo its looks like chilli flakes:POV it is chili flakes

    Sweener DogSweener Dog3 napja
  • @spice king

    Sweener DogSweener Dog3 napja
  • @spiceking

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  • bro the 1st and the 2nd one was not that spice

    IPOXZY.06IPOXZY.063 napja
  • I like spice upto level 2. But the whole video I was drooling 🤣🤤🤤🌶️🌶️

    Sreerupa PalchoudhurySreerupa Palchoudhury4 napja
  • pepper makes my head hurt .........

    Nafisah , Therisa AliNafisah , Therisa Ali4 napja
  • faze rug what up

    bev savagebev savage4 napja
  • Q2

    Otoniel MoranOtoniel Moran4 napja
  • faze you got the easy ones but still love both of you guys

    Joe SmoeJoe Smoe4 napja
  • Come on ben i feel so bad rn

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  • Wow i feel so bad rn

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  • Both of my favorite youtubers lets goooo

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  • Every mexican knows no spicy candys are spicy they are sweet to me atleast

    Starz_ NuggetGirlStarz_ NuggetGirl4 napja
  • 14:19 ma dude is sinkara he should go to wwe😂😂😂😂

    Charbel EliasCharbel Elias4 napja
  • I’m both a big fan of them so I’m curius who wins

    Patrick JoshPatrick Josh4 napja
  • Bla

    Avantika B AjiAvantika B Aji4 napja
  • The first one is not even spicy candy bro I’m Mexican and I put Hella spicy stuff

    Javier AguilarJavier Aguilar4 napja
  • Lol love this video

    Easton HutchersonEaston Hutcherson4 napja
  • Yo it’s Ben azlert I saw his HUlabel I sub

    Lumi the GamerLumi the Gamer4 napja
  • You wimps none of that stuff is even spicy except for the jelly beans

    Julian MartinezJulian Martinez4 napja
  • They said the could not drink water and he drank hose water

    Cant seeCant see4 napja
  • I love you

    Bryson WhydeBryson Whyde4 napja
  • Omg have you done one chip challenge

    Lillian AslesonLillian Asleson5 napja
  • Hey my nick name is jelly bean 😂😂😂 So ima like the video

    Meg PietrocolaMeg Pietrocola5 napja
  • Me: drinks milk while watching* offers milk to Ben so Brian wins*

    Mary Jaden SaavedraMary Jaden Saavedra5 napja
  • u r the best

    Freestylin GamerzFreestylin Gamerz5 napja
  • Im from México so this means a lot for me ur the best Faze rug

    Jeshuri Ninja 349Jeshuri Ninja 3495 napja
  • “ it can’t be that bad” * two seconds later* “ ITS SO HOT

    Ryan LeffewRyan Leffew5 napja
  • Yes

    Kani JamisonKani Jamison5 napja
  • @Ben Azelart

    Jonah LimJonah Lim5 napja
    • I swear the more i scroll down in the comment section the more weirdos I find like you

      Bushra BabarBushra Babar5 napja
  • 5.15 lol

    FortniteFortnite5 napja
  • Brother not spicy that that's so sweet

    Vicky OrnelasVicky Ornelas6 napja
  • 14:18 - 14:36 lmao I can't

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  • Wow ben!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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  • On the second one I literally felt the spice in my mouth! Bruuuuuuuuh

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  • 🔥

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    • 😳 my Naruto comment now has 11k likes. My most liked comet is 16k :D

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    • *G O O D M O R N I N G* again cuz I forgot to say good morning yesterday :D ༼ ͡ ◕ ͜ ʖ ◕͡ ༽

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    • *G O O D M O R N I N G*

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    • @Jasween Cheema well imma go watch Naruto :D cya weirdo

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    • @Jasween Cheema I’m up to the part where the third hokage’s grandson is crying about how Tsunade is the 5th hokage.

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  • 6:40 my mom eats that for breakfast

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  • Faze rug is not truth mexecon level 1 spise

    Adulfa OjedaAdulfa Ojeda6 napja
  • Done

    Milton ClayMilton Clay6 napja
  • I'm en guanajuato

    Laura LopezLaura Lopez6 napja
  • “FaZe rug boxing” 😂😂

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  • I’m in Mexico right now and saw these candies

    Lildvkrie __Lildvkrie __7 napja
  • The ads every 2 minutes are super annoying.

    William TuckerWilliam Tucker7 napja
  • Ben is literally is the craziest youtuber I've ever seen!!!!

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  • 6:13

    Theo og Tristan tvillingeneTheo og Tristan tvillingene7 napja
  • 4:43

    Theo og Tristan tvillingeneTheo og Tristan tvillingene7 napja
  • 3:01

    Theo og Tristan tvillingeneTheo og Tristan tvillingene7 napja
  • 2:58

    Theo og Tristan tvillingeneTheo og Tristan tvillingene7 napja
  • Bro that ball must’ve been so nice Ha ha ha lol

    Leeojaxin GamingLeeojaxin Gaming7 napja
  • I ate all from 1-5 in my childhood

    l_Young_ll_Young_l7 napja
  • I am mexican and eat that all the time like nothing shit not even spicy

    Sebastian MorenoSebastian Moreno7 napja
  • Was gone subscribe but I already am, Ben cute asf!❤️

  • gotta like just for the respect

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  • Rug: repeating the sentence “no drinks” Ben : drinks from the hoes

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