Covid Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver explains why some people don’t want to get the Covid-19 vaccine and how they might be reassured. (Even you, Mike in Baltimore.)
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  • Wow! That Kennedy comment was uncalled for. Why?

    Love On The SpectrumLove On The Spectrum10 perccel
  • the guy who promised 6 words, said 7 and counted 5, hes just supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    R ZeidR Zeid14 perccel
  • Kind of weird that John doesn’t actually answer any of the completely valid questions that sticker presents. Oh, I know why. It’s because John is a propagandist.

    Chino780Chino78015 perccel
  • Omg... if there was a real pandemic, people wouldn’t need convincing now would they. Florida, Texas... all getting out of hand with all those lost measures... Or isn’t it?! Anybody who knows India, or brazil if you like, know that personal health and hygiene are on a way different level than us here on the “western” part of the world. And that’s just one difference. Look at Japan or Sweden or so for a real good comparison. (Or Uganda.. you’d be amazed )

    Rob Den HaanRob Den Haan35 perccel
  • This show sucks

    the bandit of spacethe bandit of space37 perccel
  • I support you, but as a fan, your age has been worrying, John Cena, still looks amazing, and yet in three years of a great look 25 years older. CANADA LOVES YOU

    J Toby M Van HalsemaJ Toby M Van Halsema44 perccel
  • When Oliver says the vaccine is only 95% effective he is either playing ignorant or misleading the public. NOT A SINGLE member of the Moderna or the Pfizer vaccine control groups were even hospitalized much less died. The 95% effective figures comes from the number of people who became infected with COVID.

    ViperViper45 perccel
  • Why is Madison Square Garden round?

    Adrian RühlAdrian Rühl45 perccel
  • Lucky guinea pigs

    susan fritzelsusan fritzel45 perccel
  • I love your insight. Please do a piece on the Israeli Apartheid regime for us to be educated about the true disruptions to peace in that land.

    Waseem IsmailWaseem Ismail46 perccel
  • The argument that John puts forward about why the deaths in Norway is hyperbolic, and should not be viewed as a threat, can easily be used in the same way about the corona virus in general :)

    Mats ReppeMats Reppe50 perccel
  • There is absolutely no reason for a healthy 8 year old boy or 27 year old pregnant woman to get an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine. Furthermore, Congress should make it law that no business or school can coerce any employee, customer or student to take an experimental drug.

    ViperViper51 perce

    Ramazan KaynarcaRamazan Kaynarca56 perccel
  • All you need to know- ever since SARS they have had a vaccine. SARS turned out to not be an outbreak, thus they shelved the vaccine. Enter Corona, the they utilized the SARS vaccine and updated it with a new cocktail. Let’s not forget that SARS too was a Corona virus.

  • Do not wear mask it makes your immune system weak. Vaccine are bad they make spike protein body you may react in a bad way even death

  • And wait, so you're giving Donald Trump credit for Operation Warp Speed? You're a Donald Trump supporter? Wooow

  • Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) OH OH this could have saved thousands of death they did not have to die!

  • Dude you're weird as hell. WTF is with the whole Egg segment ... You need to be institutionalized for real.

  • My body my choice NO vaccine for me.

    Kinks KustomsKinks KustomsÓrája
    • Exactly. I'm a medium risk 62 year old and I made the risk assessment that the vaccine was the best choice for me. I advised my adult kids and my low risk younger wife to not get the vaccine. Congress should make it law that no business or school can coerce any employee, customer or student to take an experimental drug.

      ViperViper53 perccel
  • It's okay Vaccicada, I still love you.

    Jared JanhsenJared JanhsenÓrája
  • I don’t think Jon knows Captain America’s origin story……

    Lance BrooksLance BrooksÓrája
  • #انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح #القدس_عاصمة_فلسطين_الابدية #FreePalestine #savesheikhjarrah #لا_لتهويد_القدس #حي_الشيخ_جراح #فلسطين_حرة

    Ali JilaniAli JilaniÓrája
  • I love how you always lay out your arguments and reach out to people.. this is one of the most amazing Videos on the topic.

    Hisoka AAHisoka AAÓrája
  • John has officially lost it- the writers didn't have to convince him to say that egg rant

  • Ya you can't understand blacks ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽worries.... ....from🇺🇸....would 🇮🇱 people let German nazis vaccinate them after the holocause let alone slavery From 1619 to 2020-one with no reparations insight From 1619 to 2020-one with no reparations insight

    Tessa BrooksTessa BrooksÓrája
  • JO... You used to present BOTH SIDES of an issue. Now you just a paid mouthpiece for the beast. Enjoy your loaf of bread. All those complicit with the NWO agenda will be punished for their crimes against all the men, women and children of the world.

    nwo defiernwo defierÓrája

    Rocío BelénRocío BelénÓrája
  • if 60% of adults are vaccinated, including 90% of the more vulnerable groups, then the risk of someone caching the virus goes down significantly. since the chance of getting seriously sick is not very high, if your not overweight and not over 70, then the total risk profile should be acceptable. I'm not saying you shouldn't get a vaccine. Al my extended family is vaccinated. I'm saying that the hysteria in coverage like this video, is way out of proportion. most of the high risk demographics are already vaccinated, or will be soon. and the rest are simply not at an incredibly high risk, as John would like us to think.

    Yossi YaariYossi YaariÓrája
  • Left lies Disgusting

    Martin VMartin VÓrája
  • No way I want that rushed emergency passed no legal liability for injuries vaccine.

  • 1:20 send those vaccines to India if people here don't want it! What a waste of privilege we have. This is the sad thing going on in our world: the rich country has access to vaccines but almost half of the people don't want it, the poorer countries that need immediate help desperately need it but don't have the resource or the money.

    Swagger xSwagger xÓrája
  • pushing the fucking agenda...

    Crypto RootzCrypto RootzÓrája
  • bullshit.

    Crypto RootzCrypto RootzÓrája
  • next level brainwash , plz ppl stay away from jab until pthey cant hide the depopulation anymore

    Why Even CareWhy Even Care2 órája
  • 10:17 or maybe, "honey, wouldn't it be nice to get a divorce?"

    Waiyl KarimWaiyl Karim2 órája

    SpartacusSpartacus2 órája
  • "I don't love that. And not just because it's the worst thing to come out of a Kennedy's mouth since the back of a Kennedy's head...." LMAO

    dolimi jotoodolimi jotoo2 órája

    SpartacusSpartacus2 órája
  • Maybe it's because it's the day before Mother's Day, but that Boss ass Bitch line had me hollering.

    utterlyvioletutterlyviolet2 órája
  • That Kennedy joke was gnarly lololol!!

    CCRiderCCRider2 órája
    • 7500 antivaxxers disliked this video.

      dolimi jotoodolimi jotoo2 órája
  • Dr Michael yeadon pfizer former vp and chief scientist did an interview where he warned against taking any of the vaccines

    grizwald humgrizwald hum2 órája
  • You really DON’T NEED to get vaccinated. It’s your personal decision and for most healthy adults it’s probably safer not to get it.

    Karnivore KurtKarnivore Kurt2 órája
  • Maybe people don’t want to be injected with an experimental drug that could cause serious health complications longer term 🤦🏻‍♂️ Oliver used to be more intelligent, he’s slowly become a puppet and hardcore liberal. This coming from a libertarian who simply believes in optimal health, handled corona just fine and has seen several close friends be completely fine w this.

    Karnivore KurtKarnivore Kurt2 órája
  • This was, as usual, excellent.

    Dorit ReissDorit Reiss2 órája
  • I usually love this show. But the vaccine isn’t even cdc approved yet. Just saying there’s some valid arguments against it.

    Random 41Random 413 órája
  • Yes! Egg Time.

    Amir JahedniaAmir Jahednia3 órája
  • Thanks Dr Aloyee on HUlabel for your natural herbal herbs product for beaten herpes virus

    Sheryll GoedertSheryll Goedert3 órája
  • Could someone tell me what's in it? The ingredient list?

    Ethanicus CopranicusEthanicus Copranicus3 órája
  • hmm India just happened to surge in covid cases, a year after it started. It's because they won't take the vaccine, so they have to scare them. Don't believe this bullshit.

    Ethanicus CopranicusEthanicus Copranicus3 órája
  • And what do you think about this?

    impressoutdoorimpressoutdoor3 órája
  • Problem is, you can't convince most of these people with numbers. They'll just moved the goalposts. I was talking to someone who seemed to think that the total number of covid deaths was around 100k, and when I told him it was over 3 million, he just switched to the argument of "oh, a lot of people die every year anyway". Same person refuses to get the vaccine, even though he was directly offered one without having to go through paperwork, because he wants to "wait and see how everyone else handles it". Dude, you think that "fear" is the biggest factor in covid deaths and that if people aren't afraid and think happy thoughts, they won't contract it. Don't act like you give a shit about the science, you just want to stay in woo woo land where everything is easy for you, specifically.

    Alida GuptaAlida Gupta3 órája
  • Seems like a big story about Gates... gatekeeping the vaccine throughout much of the world (which will by nature greatly encourage mutation and spread) deserves at least mentioning.

    Trevor DitmarTrevor Ditmar3 órája
  • I would love to see John Oliver speak about the big police and military abuse that's going on in Colombie in the past days... #soscolombia #thegovermentiskillingus #helpcolombia

    Lina AguilarLina Aguilar3 órája
  • What dafuq did she just say

    Luis GilLuis Gil3 órája
  • 7500 antivaxxers disliked this video.

    JasonJason3 órája
  • Johns opinion of Tucker Carlson is the most realistic word backhand since Jon Stewart

    Lizzie CrespoLizzie Crespo3 órája
  • Amen

    Alexandra BondarevaAlexandra Bondareva3 órája
  • God bless Drokoborlala on you tube,who is the herbal doctor for curing me of herpes virus if you are interested contact him he is the best

    Frank ParkerFrank Parker3 órája
  • As a European this makes me so provoked, I just want to have a vaccine so I can live my life as normal again. The youngest group that are alowd to take the vaccens in my area are 55-60 year olds, so there is some waiting to be done...

    Some 22-year oldSome 22-year old3 órája
    • I'm 42. My husband is 44. We are also from Europe. Got the Pfizer.. Both of us. The second shot is in June.

      Beatrice PortinariBeatrice Portinari3 órája
  • I mean if you don't want the vaccine you could just send them to the EU...

    Some 22-year oldSome 22-year old3 órája
    • please

      Some 22-year oldSome 22-year old3 órája
  • The CDC website says people have died from the Covid vaccine and he said there’s over 20,000 people suffering from side effects that are irreversible quit lying to everybody nothings perfect If you want to convince people to take the vaccine that’s fine but be honest

    Kenneth ReaganKenneth Reagan3 órája
  • How much you wanna bet that Tucker got his shots?

    joel busaldjoel busald3 órája
  • I used to be an egg. But then I started HRT.

    sasuke5088sasuke50884 órája
  • The egg bit broke me

    James GisondiJames Gisondi4 órája
  • Please please please put the subs in other languages

    Luca TurtuliciLuca Turtulici4 órája
  • Promised 6 words, said 7, and counted 5 *MATH*

    GxldenNxvaGxldenNxva4 órája
  • Imagine Tarzan playing with letter blocks, each block made a sound, he put a few together and it sounded out (GOD) he was so excited he had to build another and it sounded out (WORD) he was puzzled by the second one so he gave it to (GOD) and that’s when the WORD became GOD! he went around putting a GOD given WORD off on everything else and the people began to worship it. Next thing you know the Word God had orchestrated a scenery and drawing pictures to communicate became a thing of the past! God the father was the Word, he was good for Mother Earth! And now...Here we are today! The father (ABCDEF) had a son (abcdef) and they both had the power of the (Holy Ghost) spiritual word that manifested the numbers. alpha and omega, alphabet and number. The son was rejected, but later the people came to accept him for with the sons letters came speed writing. Consciousness; conducted-science-adventurous-awareness (T t word) cross is the sword stands for the words in your head you live and die by. Guard your mind with a crown of thorns. 10 simple commandments 1-thou shalt not have any other Gods before me (nothing comes before your ABC’s and 123’s) 2-thou shalt not make unto the any graven images (don’t worship idols statues and carvings they will not provide, your ABC’s and 123’s do, don’t let that confuse you) 3- thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy Gods name in vain (only a fool hates to learn) 4- remember the sabbath day, to keep it Holy (you will need time to put this all together in your head) 5- honor thy father and thy mother (Happy parents lead a happy house hold) 6- Thou shalt not murder (No one learns a lesson from the grave) 7- thou shalt not commit adultery (a child with divided parents is divided within) 8- thou shalt not steal (when you get what you wanted you’ll find it’s not what you really want at all) 9-Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor (it’s a lesson you can avoid) 10- thou shalt not covet (What one sees isn’t always what it seems) “The God of all Mankind comes from the spirit within them which they transformed into the Word giving it a separate body to lead them in the world in which they exist”

    daniel ashleydaniel ashley4 órája
  • John Oliver is gross.

    Lady ChuckLady Chuck4 órája
  • Ugh... I'm so tired of this propaganda. Why is natural immunity from cross-reactive Tcells & recovered individuals totally ignored in the herd immunity convo? We've already reached the threshold. Chumps. Inject our crappy experimental product OR ELSE! Who makes this product? Repeat Federal criminal corporations with a long history of reckless endangerment of the public. NBD.

    Lady ChuckLady Chuck4 órája
  • What exact is pundits’ game for being anti vaccine? How do they benefit from their people getting sick and society still being shutdown?

    DuizhangLuDuizhangLu4 órája
  • The virus is our enemy. Not getting the vaccine is providing a place for the virus to infect, multiply, and learn to get around our defenses. Not getting the vaccine is providing aid to our enemy. It's hard to think of a more unpatriotic act.

    Chris MullinChris Mullin5 órája
  • :egg:

    Anthony NAnthony N5 órája
  • I just can't get over "aggressively stupid" being an acceptable, let alone an influential behaviour for a newscaster, but there's Tucker Carlson, being performatively terrible at the job "Fox NEWS" would suggest. It's really more like Fox Whats I'm sure paranoia and stupidity has crumbled nations before, but it's an amazing thing to see symptoms of in 2021.

    Captain DoomsdayCaptain Doomsday5 órája
  • No.

    Jesse CurtissJesse Curtiss5 órája
  • Imagine being Mike from Baltimore listening to this at work in Monday.

    MM5 órája
  • Way to ignore Kamala Harris who was fear mongering about the vaccines as well.

    GregusGregus5 órája
  • the man in this video is bad for his position on the net and shpuld not be using bad language. be nice to people and they should return better outlook.don't cuss people to get a point across

    Bill WilliamsBill Williams5 órája
  • Nbc news now thats a credible unbiased source of science facts. ..... or not

    BB5 órája
  • Ps, john oliver, you must be the captain of the douche canoe.

    BB5 órája
  • This probably will never see the eyes of a single sane American. 1st the human corona virus, aka the common cold. Covid 19 has mutated how many times? 2nd why does any sane individual want a vaccine that the cdc admits in print, under the instructions for the so called gold standard for testing ..... drum roll ..the RT PCR test, under emergency instructions for use, page 41 under performance charactaristics, clearly state.... the cdc has NOT amassed enough of this virus to make an accurate testfor this virus, so answer this, how does one have a vaccine for a virus that we do not have an accurate test to determine. Further the nobel peace prize winning inventor of the rt pcr test, has stated that the rt pcr is not designed to isolate and identify viruses. Further on this point, for generations we have not had a vaccine for the common cold, but now we do? No we do not! Covid 19 maybe, a strain of the corona virus, which does not covere mutated corona virus, which is no longer covid 19. Now the shame muzzles. Will do NOTHING. What do we know as science fact? We do know the corona virus in general in 6 to 12 micron in size. A h.e.p.a filter will clear particulates down to 3 micron, and an ulpa filter will remove down to 1 micron. A cloth or paper mask, a n 95 mask....on an unshaved non fit tested face ..... that like attepting to stop a golf ball with a volley ball net. Want science. Then shut your fucking mouth, and start stating facts. Not hype. Jack asses. Further on the size of the corona virus. A molecule that is 6-12 micron ....l will stay airborn for up to 4 days in a stagnant air environment such as a big box store. Now lets talk more numbers.... the cdc released mortality for 2020..... hmmmm cancer #1, heart conditions #2, covid 19 #3....... weird, nobody died in 2020 of the cold or the flu. Trump in office, everybody died of ccovid, biden in office, anyone that died of covid had an underlying condition. You assholes used the media, to see just how fucking ignorant the general public is, beta test complete. Nobody doe actual factual research. Try these... www. .... /

    BB5 órája
    • Most colds are caused by the rhinovirus. It's also very misleading to call a coronavirus a cold virus since they can vary greatly in severity. Do you really want to say the MERS is caused by a cold virus?

      No NameNo Name2 órája
  • I love ya John but these are weak arguments

    don solodon solo5 órája
  • john bought prick

  • John how am I supposed to send this to my parents knowing they'll never understand the bit about living in an egg?

    Nerdfighter958Nerdfighter9585 órája
  • Forcing a vaccination on people would make me not want to get it lol

    jaime parrajaime parra5 órája
  • 9:42 oooooo this didn't age well at all

    Sharad MathurSharad Mathur5 órája
  • “The worst thing to come out of a Kennedy’s mouth since the back of a Kennedy’s head” Dang, John.

    Jimmy BoyleJimmy Boyle5 órája
  • Everyone in my family has had the vaccine except my republican brother

    sophie msophie m5 órája
  • Poor vaccine Cicada.

    bettername2comebettername2come5 órája
  • The Vaccine, animal testing. stage 1. Was deliberately Left out. - Then Bill got the Drug Companies to go Straight to Stage 2. Human testings.!! He knew tens of thousands of People would get seriously ill or die..!! He tested It in October 2019! This Vaccine is a synthetic mixed fetal tissue, & DNA Poison. He is a Ugenics Depopulation Freak. People speaking out, are dead or shutdown in 15 minutes. The Drug Companies, will Make Billions in Profit - They want you Injected now.! DON'T DIE OF IGNORANCE. I had Pneumonia - I never took the Vaccine, my bodies emmune System saved me. Don't destroy it..!! Wake Up to the Media liers. It is being used for enslavement IDs

    Music OldMusic Old5 órája
  • Hmmmm

    Gigsome GigsomeGigsome Gigsome5 órája
  • Wait, wasn't Alex Jones tested positive for insanity and yet he is still on air?

    Sagitarrius A*Sagitarrius A*6 órája
  • Sound bytes and jokes. I'm convinced

    wildmildew1wildmildew16 órája
  • Working the COVID ICU as an RN since March of 2020, the beginning of this Pandemic, I can say COVID SUCKS! BUT, not a chance in hell I would get the vaccine! You all are so comfortable taking a vaccine for a virus that has been used to control your everyday lives. I watched many people die right before my eyes every week, and it was miserable, but this doesn't motivate me to get motivates me to continue to eat healthy, engage in proper hygiene, exercise, and use caution in crowded settings...aka things I have been doing since way before COVID! The reality off this pandemic is the majority of people are unhealthy, don't take care of their bodies, and don't intervene until its too late! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Take your health seriously! 95% of my patients were beyond unhealthy, and had multiple comorbidities...the majority of them smoke, the majority of them haven't been to a gym in years, the majority of them couldn't tell you the last time they had a physical or blood work done etc...yes, there have been the anomalies where I had a 31 year old die who was healthy as can be, but, this was not the norm! This COVID Vaccine is another tool for control and another game to keep you fear driven people living how you are. I'm not an antivaxer overall, but the Flu Vaccine and COVID Vaccine, they are garbage! And to end this off, where were my flu patients this year?!?! Working 8 hospitals in 3 years, including Yale, and John Hopkins, I can say the flu is beyond rapid during flu seasons, but guess what, I did not take care of 1 flu patient in the ICU this year! As a travel RN who is in multiple groups of RNs in total of over 100,000 nurses, we did a poll and found that only 100 of these RNs out of the 23,000 who participated took care of a flu patient this past flu season! WTF! No, I won't sit here and share conspiracy theories and all that crap, no I'm not a far right "Trumper", I'm actually more left and liberal than I am right, no I'm not saying COVID is "fake", I'm saying take ownership of your health and stop waiting until its too late to make changes...maybe put that cigarette down and pick up a dumbbell, maybe get off the internet and get on a treadmill...if this hurts your feelings, good, maybe it'll help motivate you to make some changes and I won't meet you on your death bed!

    Nate JericoNate Jerico6 órája
  • You're trying too hard, highly-paid, moronic, Big Pharma shill.

    Steven A. SwanSteven A. Swan6 órája
  • These so called vaccines don't make you immune - it says so right on the CDC website. Number of test subjects are dropping off because the numbers of negative effects if this experimental drug are rolling in causing warranted skepticism. The CDC, FDA, and other governing bodies will have to answer for their gross negligence.

    Aaron Cadam SamuelsAaron Cadam Samuels6 órája
  • In my country they're estimating people my age, if not part of certain priority groups, will get to getting the vaccine around August or September. Another interesting thing is I just learned, as I'm pregnant at the moment, the vaccines are recommended for pregnant women in for example the US and the UK, but they're actually not recommended for pregnant women in my country.

    SaturatedSaturated6 órája
  • Agree No one should ask these types of questions. Does it work? How Well? Is it safe? God help us for asking such STUPID, IRRESPONSIBLE, IRRELEVANT Questions. This way for Trains, that way to the Locker-rooms. Trust Us we’re here to help..

  • How about this? The ppl who want the vaccine can have it and the ppl who don’t want it - leave them the fck alone. That’s how it should be. STFU & GTFO!

    Chris MartinChris Martin6 órája
  • Just wait and wait for the result of the vaccinated people , cause effect is the answer , there is no one who can tell your bloody vaccine can do later on ... they are morons everywhere. Your vaccine ad is your bullshit brain washing up

    Jean Yves BenoistJean Yves Benoist6 órája