THE CONJURING 3 Official Trailer (2021)

THE CONJURING 3 Official Trailer (2021)
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  • "The devil made me do it" Oh crap, this is serious now! 😱😱

    ONE MediaONE Media16 napja
    • @American Patriot ur right and this is true

      Kaytlin XDKaytlin XD17 perccel
    • @BroisPro because you’re a fool but your day is coming. I pray you will never witness true evil

      American PatriotAmerican Patriot31 perce
    • All I can say is I knew Ed and Lorraine personally. There is evil that walks beside us daily! Those who choose to laugh and deny it. Are being misled by Satan himself! Until you have seen evil and witnessed it first hand. You do not realize just how power things are that we don’t understand

      American PatriotAmerican Patriot32 perccel
    • Yep like OMG, oh WOW. I'm so curious to what happens

      Kaytlin XDKaytlin XDÓrája
    • @BroisPro The first one is one of the best horror movies in my opinion and has me still having nightmares lmao but we all like different things

      TodorokibobaTodorokiboba9 órája
  • Be not mistaken for their brethren death The Blackened Angel is heavens sent Sent to every mortal man To put them on the Judges stand It wants to feed upon your Psych With crimson cat eyes it shall strike An innate fear once thought gone So vivid and dark one would abscond On a path towards its foul fangs The beginning is empty stomach pangs Blackened Angel will remove your soul To tear and twist for you to behold The unutterable thoughts will flood your mind Upon your Banshee screaming it shall dine Endless thoughts of human suffering More pain than life you are discovering The tempting call that is deaths void Shall be here quite soon and wont dissappoint The Blackened Angel brings no peace Just screaming souls that beg for release.

    chuck solomonchuck solomon51 perce
  • sh Hartnett: Who is this Lunatic? Post Malone: You're a Sunflower...

    Fagner jairFagner jairÓrája
  • Any single lilith's out there?

    Enoch OfGodEnoch OfGod2 órája
  • am wating for this movie., from INDIA 🥰

    Đàrạmãllá гạvỉ sătншĩкĐàrạmãllá гạvỉ sătншĩк2 órája
  • ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ. ❤️🔥

    Needful DesireNeedful Desire3 órája
  • I could watch the conjuring series all day

    Teshawnna SmithTeshawnna Smith3 órája

    ambika kumariambika kumari3 órája

    Joseph Gil BandoyJoseph Gil Bandoy4 órája
  • I am waiting.....🙏

  • When is it out in uk?

    Don BrownDon Brown4 órája
  • lol joke

    jimmy MCjimmy MC4 órája
  • -paranormal detective-

    males mulesmales mules5 órája

    Avengers CinemaAvengers Cinema5 órája
  • Ugly

    Unknown GirlUnknown Girl5 órája
  • Oh my god! I think so this movies is gonna be super horror film.

    james vlogsjames vlogs5 órája
  • Year 2070 " The Corona" based on true story.

    Subham ChhetriSubham Chhetri6 órája
  • 0:28 can someone tell what was that?

    KaiKai6 órája
  • Man I hope this gives me the scares the jump scares the creepiness like it did for the last 2 conjuring movies

    CasterTroyeCasterTroye6 órája
  • Must they all be super scary though

    Natasha _thulisileNatasha _thulisile6 órája
  • Maybe you can compare one movie to the conjuring series, but no horror series is as consistently good as the conjuring. James Wan, you sir deserve a medal

    Drew PeacockDrew Peacock7 órája
  • 2:13 is that billie ray cyrus

    e Leee Lee7 órája
  • *sacred twerking*

    kevin mashrukevin mashru7 órája
  • Ga sabar

    Buronan JandaBuronan Janda8 órája
  • Emma Russell Horor Ver...😂

    Rnh RNHRnh RNH8 órája
  • Ok my theory is may 28th is the premiere of conjuring And Lucifer netflix is may 27th MAYBE THEIRS A CHOROLATION ABOUT LUCIFER ANDD THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT

    darkness invader23darkness invader238 órája
  • Where was Tom ellis ? :(

    Shanir GookoolShanir Gookool10 órája
  • i'm so happy to wacht it

    tomica stalcertomica stalcer10 órája
  • Bring on June, I hope it makes me nearly jump out my skin like the last 2, I love horrors but there's very few that are genuinely scary and the Conjuring 1 & 2 tick that box.

    madstylesnzmadstylesnz10 órája
  • O shoot😱😱

    Noor BakhtawarNoor Bakhtawar11 órája
  • When is the movie releasing?

    sandhya kaushiksandhya kaushik11 órája

    MeaowwMeaoww11 órája
  • Im just waiting for it😊

    Parul BhattParul Bhatt12 órája
  • When is it going to release?

    Akhil GbsAkhil Gbs12 órája
  • Demonic twerking

    Wolf QueenWolf Queen13 órája
  • 0:16 is there are idubzztv?

    omang itemomang item13 órája

    Sammy HutapeaSammy Hutapea13 órája
  • idthink its a real one cause the counjoring depends on true stories and the real ed died i guess three years ago

    PASSANT ElshewehyPASSANT Elshewehy14 órája
  • She looks alot like Elizabeth Olsen

    Rajveer WariahRajveer Wariah14 órája
  • Release date?

    safleena saleenasafleena saleena14 órája
  • Look at the video there many demons possessing the alive peoples Lorraine and ed will be strong to fight the devil witch

    Jhon Chris GelanoJhon Chris Gelano15 órája
  • People who dislike this are atheists

    Jeremiah MillerJeremiah Miller16 órája
  • 🤪🤗

    Raul ChirinoRaul Chirino16 órája
  • maybe best one is yet to come in

    Rimon TousifRimon Tousif16 órája
  • This looks terrifying!!! Water beds were definitely created for scary movies.

    Foxman MusicFoxman Music16 órája
  • the amount of times i scream😭😭 pls i’m such a scaredy-cat yet i love thisssss

    Jema LeeJema Lee16 órája
  • Love these movies! Seriously these movies are silly, no such things as demons or gods. The Warrens were proven as frauds, but heck its still fun!

    Robert SmithRobert Smith17 órája
  • Holy shit!

    Pragya SinghPragya Singh17 órája
  • Malluz 😌🙏🏻

    Lucifer PUBG MOBILELucifer PUBG MOBILE18 órája
  • Can’t wait for this to come out but I can wait for the nightmares💀

    Rosa_ Maria23Rosa_ Maria2319 órája
  • I love how intense and scary this shit is and honestly this is true horror great job again James Wan

    Queen JQueen J19 órája
  • muy emocionado ya quiero mirarla

  • Not enough to afraid us.

    jassi babyjassi baby19 órája
    • day pliz

      ami izeami ize19 órája

    I Was A Girl In Eldia Doing AlrightI Was A Girl In Eldia Doing Alright20 órája
  • No way I need to tell my

    Emily SandersonEmily Sanderson20 órája
  • Lucifer, is that you?

    Zahab SiddZahab Sidd20 órája
  • Lol making a movie about a guy being innocent. The guy it was guilty tho.

    Grant KarrenGrant Karren22 órája
  • Very good movies

    Abbas KhanAbbas Khan23 órája
  • this looks sick

    1000. Ping1000. PingNapja
  • *Stop Twerking*

    Kamaraju VishnuKamaraju VishnuNapja
  • any one knows the release date???

    New WorldNew WorldNapja
  • I'm so looking forward to it

  • The devil is making me twirk.

    Shaban KhanShaban KhanNapja
  • I am waiting

    Mdirfan 4338Mdirfan 4338Napja
  • When will it be released in Turkey?

    Mustafa YTTMustafa YTTNapja
  • Meant 5 years haha

    Edin EminiEdin EminiNapja
  • Ohhh baby after 4 years im so hyped i love Horror movies the conjuring is in my top list ❤️

    Edin EminiEdin EminiNapja
  • மனம் படபடக்கிறது😲😲😨

    Cook with ComaliCook with ComaliNapja
  • I can't believe this is EXACTLY what happened to Ed and Lorraine. Definitely not Hollywood-ified WOOOWWWIEEE

    • @Bryan Rodriguez nothing gets pass you, Bryan!

      ChaseShakesChaseShakes25 perccel
    • Please tell me this is sarcasm

      Bryan RodriguezBryan Rodriguez29 perccel
  • Ommmggggg im extedddddd when its gonna be out???????????????

    Ghadeer AliGhadeer AliNapja
  • i’m not excited about this at all...

    Moosie MötleyMoosie MötleyNapja
  • demonized twerking

    bouytt guytbouytt guytNapja
  • Anyone wanna go with me 🥺💓

    Mysterious 64Mysterious 64Napja
  • Don’t tell me Loren is gonna die. If it is, then this gonna be the last Conjuring movie that I will watch !

    Hwang HyunjinHwang HyunjinNapja
    • Oh my God I'm so sorry I'm stupid I have this stupid mental health problem ;-; no Loren the actor isn't dead what is wrong with me

      Tanishtha BarmanTanishtha Barman12 órája
    • Not the real actor

      Tanishtha BarmanTanishtha Barman12 órája
    • @Tanishtha Barman huh? what i don’t understand 😭 the real actor has died in 2019?

      Hwang HyunjinHwang Hyunjin12 órája
    • So nope she ain't gonna die in this one

      Tanishtha BarmanTanishtha Barman12 órája
    • um this is a real story and Lorraine's character died in 2019.

      Tanishtha BarmanTanishtha Barman12 órája
  • Bruh I love the conjuring series and the purge series 😍

    Mauve WorldMauve WorldNapja
    • amei.

      bouytt guytbouytt guytNapja
  • I cannot wait💃💃💃💃

    Lerato MokoneLerato MokoneNapja
  • Hii

    Help me reach 2k with 0 videosHelp me reach 2k with 0 videosNapja
  • Elon musk as an exorcist. Lets go!

    JC WapsJC WapsNapja
  • Do this couple ever age?!?

    Okoye JudithOkoye JudithNapja
  • I watch horror movies so if anything happens to me, I know what to do

    marian christinamarian christinaNapja
  • John Noble gives me vibes for the Sleepy Hollow tv series!! Sad that it had to end with Mills and Crane

    Michael MoyoMichael MoyoNapja

    khai khaidiRkhai khaidiRNapja
  • hey,i got a fun fact about the director of the conjuring movie,he from malaysia,he is james wan,he directed insidious from 1 until 3,and the conjuring 1 until 3,Annabelle 1 until the end

    Azwar HaikalAzwar HaikalNapja
  • Not at all horrific... Looks normal to me

  • Is this a PS4 exclusive ?

    Jax The DisintegratorJax The DisintegratorNapja
  • Hope it get released after this covid thing end in India, Cant wait to watch it in Theatres...The trailer is amazing , Once again the Devil is Back..

    Monica TripathyMonica TripathyNapja
  • We will see the best horror movie soon☠️🍿👀

    Fateme SafaieFateme SafaieNapja
  • Please be good please be good

    The SpectreThe SpectreNapja
  • amei.

    LzzinX HighlightsLzzinX HighlightsNapja
  • yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Isabel MajugoIsabel MajugoNapja
  • It was Agatha all alonnnnnng

    H4OK 669H4OK 669Napja
  • What a trailer.....!!

    xafrin Nisfaxafrin NisfaNapja
  • U think?!? 😀

    Jasmine EnzuinJasmine EnzuinNapja
  • Oh yeah

    Jasmine EnzuinJasmine EnzuinNapja
  • sinister will remain the scariest horror film of all time

    bled blazbled blazNapja
  • Super trailer...

    Spark CorporationSpark CorporationNapja
  • i know its gonna traumatize me for days but am still gonna watch

    Niall GreyNiall GreyNapja

  • Who really gets scared by these movies? Jump scares are not scary, and any normal human will jump if sudden noises are heard at loud levels. How many times can a family be "cursed" and "possessed"? Yaaaaaaaaawn.

    The Imbecilc GeniusThe Imbecilc GeniusNapja
  • Omg yaaaaasssssss

    Dian indriyantiDian indriyantiNapja