Best of Brake Check Gone Wrong (Insurance Scam) & Instant Karma 2019 |Road Rage, Crashes Compilation

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⚫ A compilation made with the best videos (brake checks and instant karma clips) uploaded on this channel in 2019. Hope you enjoy it:)

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1. Live-Laugh-Love-Travel - --- Brake Check!!!
2. Metalslug137 - --- Could this be Insurance Fraud? Road Rage Dash Cam
3. Daves567 - --- Impatient driver brake checks a police car, instantly regrets it
4. Bad Drivers of Chicago - --- Bad Drivers of Chicago #41
5. Panhead Dude - --- Pay attn if Following Too Close - Watch for Brake Check
6. ColoradoDashCam - --- Instant Karma: Driver run off Road by Front Loader
7. Lightpaws Hird - --- Brake checking FAIL - Don't break check a truck
8. - AwesomenessIskey --- J walking Pedestrian Instant Karma
9. SanskritFritz - --- Dudál és lefullad a motorja - Beeps and stalls his engine
10. Aaron Matthew - --- Baja Hwy 1
11. Sanjay Beri - --- Instant Karma Near Oakville Hospital
12. Eugene Tchornogalo - --- I played "check brake" Я сыграл в проверку тормозов
13. TheHoodGuru - --- Instant Karma, Dude busted driving on the shoulder of 105 freeway in Hawthorne/Inglewood
14. Bad Drivers of Baton Rouge - --- My truck's feelings were hurt.
15. saabgt3 - --- Person almost causes huge accident, stops in the middle of the highway!
16. k Kd - --- Road Rage "Brake Checking" Collision Aug 18th 2019 Markham
17. Jason hewy - --- Instant driver karma
18. BUSTER-MOBILE-ABQ - --- Instant Karma "Double-Yellow Jerk"
19. Hamsterpower entertainment - ---- Road Rage Brake Check!
20. Shabuti R18 - --- Brake Check \u0026 Wrecked
21. Simion Agavriloaei - --- Poc - iesire pasaj Unirii spre tineretului
22. Bad Drivers of Arizona - --- INSTANT KARMA: Car Blows Head Gasket on Freeway Cutting Off Traffic
23. David Dang - --- Road rage - Brake check gone bad
24. pete antonio - --- Attempted robbery? on I80 west New jersey anybody recognized this jeep?
25. Disabled Gaming - --- CCTV / DURHAM,UK Guy Throws Brick At My Car - Brick bounces back and hits him in face Instant Karma
26. A MAN HAS No NAME - --- Ottawa 417 Morning Spinout Crash
27. Makoto Schoppert - --- Road Rage Instant Karma
28. duncan osborne - --- 2 fools instant karma
29. Emma G - --- DASHCAM - Morning Road Rage
30. Carl B - --- LA I-20 Brake check causes motorcycle crash




  • Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @dashcamlessons Note that this is a compilation made with the videos i uploaded on this channel in 2019. So if you've been with me since the beginning of the year, you probably know all of these. The watermark still says "Viral Car Videos" because i didn't re-edit them, so the video took only 4-5 hours to make, compared to the usually 10+ hours of work. Happy New Year and drive safe!

    Dashcam LessonsDashcam LessonsÉvvel
    • @puppetsock i kinda had that figured out a bit, but still just didnt understand the logic. Since most of cars rear end looked just fine. I mean u get to rear end someone for something which was ok in the first place. Now u scam people and take money from them and repair something which was nt broken in the first place . needless to say risking life for a couple of grands or less. I mean if the car was already banged up in first place then it would nake since to do something like this .

      ktolwalktolwal31 perce
    • @ktolwal The goal is to get the other person to admit guilt, and then pay cash for repairs, avoiding insurance. They pocket the money, then take the car and do it again.

      puppetsockpuppetsock2 órája
    • can anyone tell me what is the objective of this break scam, why do people do that, ?

      ktolwalktolwal16 órája
    • This wasn’t gone wrong!! The purpose of brake checking a tailgater is to get them to rear end you so they learn the hard way to stop driving like an idiot!!

      Gary NewcombGary Newcomb13 napja
    • Good one

      Car Crash CompilationsCar Crash Compilations19 napja
  • guy with bouncing brick off the glass, definitely a liberal

    Josey WalesJosey Wales5 órája
  • Love it. Thank you

    Derek HDerek H6 órája
  • 5:43 YAAAAS

    HunterShowsHunterShows6 órája
  • If you drive like a grandma, don’t get pissed off and start tailgating someone if they pass you.

    Dyelon JoyceDyelon Joyce7 órája
  • 2:00 lmao I know exactly where that is. People are absolute retards.

    WCGwkfWCGwkf8 órája
  • Theres no such thing as a brake check, its a deliberate attempt to cause an accident.

    smilertoosmilertoo11 órája
  • 0:19 drivers a dumbass already tailgating so hard jesuuus

    IreikesIreikes13 órája
  • Idiots, people think trucks are sports cars the way they drive and brake around them. Deserved that for being obtuse.

    Lala CatLala Cat15 órája
  • i think ima stop watching these bc they all have zero sound. and im just watch people be dumb

    buddycoolbuddycool15 órája
  • @0:52 Cop should not even be over in that lane...traffic should keep to the right except to pass

    Dan O'BrienDan O'Brien18 órája
  • I love how the channel is called dashcam lessons.

    9xscope Playz9xscope Playz19 órája
  • 5:52 someone tell me how the hell the tesla is faulty. the tesla is ok, the driver with dashcam is an idiot.

    moneymaker0886moneymaker088619 órája
  • "how dare you pass me on the highway you random person I dont know who just happened to be going faster then me!" *shakes hand angrly then speeds up to break check* "why are you break checking an undercover officer who is heading to a scene?" *flips on lights*

    Nicholas OrdishNicholas Ordish20 órája
  • Moral of the story is, buy a dash cam.

    Jason MolihanJason Molihan22 órája
  • Rear-ended by a semi

  • 3:30 wtf lol

  • Looks like an average day of driving while in FL

    What's It To YaWhat's It To YaNapja
  • 0:40 The lane discipline showed by the officer was very poor. I can hardly blame the brake checker for his actions.

    Ben TaylorBen TaylorNapja
  • 10:06 That idiot is lucky his didn't smash right into the start of the metal barrier.

    Jett JacksonJett JacksonNapja
  • Don't tailgate people; but don't brake check them either.

    Jett JacksonJett JacksonNapja
  • The black woman in the second clip doing a little dance as shes coming towards the guy with the camera, I wouldn't of even pointed the camera out i would of let it go all the way to court just to show that footage.

    G ThomasG ThomasNapja
  • i would like to remind people in the UK that break checking is illegal and dangerous.

    lee smithlee smithNapja

  • 3rd clip - Vehicle was approaching the merge (I couldnt tell if they had their turn signal on). The dashcam driver must have seen them because like most drivers they began to speed and somehow claim it is "our lane". This is ridiculous. Do you see where this poor attitude ends up? Couldn't you have handled this differently? The answer is yes. I am guessing this dashcam driverhas a lot of driving experience because only a driver with experience would be overconfident enough to pull this kind of garbage driving. Hang up your keys or change your behavior.

    Jeffery MaherJeffery MaherNapja
  • 2nd clip - Tailgating. The dashcam driver got a little pushback. Why? I am guessing the driver in front wasn't too hrilled about being tailgated. Would you be? They shouldn't have slammed on their brakes but then again they were reacting to being tailgated wouldn't you think? Insurance scam? That is an old excuse that drivers who tailgate like to use when the driver they are tailgating gets fed up with it. Think about ... are you a tailgating? You should probably correct that, or give up your keys and buy a moped.

    Jeffery MaherJeffery MaherNapja
  • 1st clip - No need for the dashcam driver to speed up. Moderate to heavy traffic, merging vehicles ... the dashcam driver clearly attempted to block this car. That's preventable. No excuses.

    Jeffery MaherJeffery MaherNapja
  • 1st clip - The dashcam driver failed to let another driver do a lane change. The driver wanting to change lanes had their turn signal on and waited. The dashcam driver actually sped up on them. That is suppose to be good behavior? You cant play cop out there. Look at what happened when you then begin to tailgate that driver. Is that the result you wanted? You couldn't think of another way to handle this? I would bet this dashcam driver has a lot of driving experience. Drivers with a lot of experience whether they be in their personal vehicle or their work vehicle are just as dangerous, rude and unforgiving as any other driver. You think you are doing everything right? Most of these videos prove you wrong.

    Jeffery MaherJeffery MaherNapja
  • 4 idiots right out of the chute.

    Jeffery MaherJeffery MaherNapja
  • Great clips ⚠️

    Idiots Of Lake CountyIdiots Of Lake CountyNapja
  • I like to see them try that with a undercover cop car and karma's a bitch.

    ladyyuna2000ladyyuna20002 napja
  • This is why you shouldn't follow closely. I know ego gets in the way after someone cuts you off but you do have a choice to back off afterwards.

    John DoeJohn Doe2 napja
  • 2:30 was interesting. The beginning looks like the trucker could’ve easily avoided any issue since there was enough space for the car. But oh boy, whoever’s driving that car is on his own plane of stupidity.

    青蛍火 - Ao Hotarubi青蛍火 - Ao Hotarubi2 napja
  • 11:20 I died. Goddamn hilarious.

    Wolflives 'Wolflives '2 napja
  • If the car in front of you is brake checking, you must ask yourself why.

    Dave WestfallDave Westfall2 napja
  • 2:35 Let's teach some of these people here saying the truck is in right because of "right of way". This is 100% the truck's fault. He purposely slam on the gas just to run the car off the road. It is your responsibility to prevent an accident if possible. Let's not forget the semi also tried to hit and run. He had no intention of stopping after causing an accident. I believe the Camry was trying to him to stop and when the semi hit him cause of "brake checking" and got it on camera, the semi drivers decide to call the cops. This POS needs to be off the road immediately. P.S. If you read the captions, THIS IS NOT A FULLY LOADED SEMI. IT IS 15,000lbs. This "Semi" drivers doesn't even TRY to brake at all with the Camry in front of him.

    S KS K2 napja
  • 0:53 cop hogging left lane in the wrong

    BR RobBR Rob2 napja
  • 2:47 could have easily been avoided if the trucker wasn't so aggressive. Zipper merging was completely possible and you can hear the trucker speed up to cut off the car. Truckers insurance should have been charged.

    PlotsOnePlotsOne2 napja
  • @3:10 how about the ignorant hillbilly truckers who thought they'd teach the driver trying to pass them on the right a lesson by running them off the road. I have no sympathy for either driver.

    David TangmanDavid Tangman2 napja
  • 3;41 walking while stupid

    Peter JohnsonPeter Johnson2 napja
  • That driver and construction worker were some fuckin dumbasses at 2:20

    misses peepmisses peep3 napja
  • That white suburban that got hit was in mexico on rosarito-ensenada

    juan gonzalezjuan gonzalez3 napja
  • 8:22 that's therapeutic, he brake checks, gets his window smashed, bumper smashed and then he has to pay legal fees and insurance fees and for a new bumper

    Alex LingAlex Ling3 napja
  • 6:47 love that walk, it's called the "carrying invisible watermelons" walk

    Alex LingAlex Ling3 napja
  • Why am I watching this at 12:34 in the morning

    Rat with sea monkeys 🐀Rat with sea monkeys 🐀3 napja
  • when people drive so close i can barely see the hood of their car i really want to brake check them but i dont, if i actually need to brake they are gonna fuck up their car and i will have it on dashcam, they will be paying for my new car :)

    Carl SaganCarl Sagan3 napja
  • So many "idiots" can have the privilege to drive, but along with that privilege comes responsibility!!. "DRIVE RESPONSIBLY, AND YOU WON'T GET PULLED OVER AND FINED"!.🤪

    Andy GertzAndy Gertz3 napja
  • at 5:54 its literally the car with the dash cam fault, hes supossed to keep the leftmost lane but decided to go for the second lane

    Chopper78Chopper783 napja
  • 14 - but Tesla driver did nothing wrong..

    potapovuspotapovus3 napja
  • Road ragers: battling to get ahead of each other The car and people in front of it all: We Vibin

    Aidan MooreAidan Moore4 napja
  • Fuk me skip to 11:15 lmfao Best Part!

    Robin ButterfieldRobin Butterfield4 napja
  • 11:30 is Awesome!

    Steve SmithSteve Smith4 napja
  • I love the fact these big rigs have cameras now.... they have a fighting chance people are so crazy to think your going to win in an average size vehicle... stupid move! Honestly i think EVERYONE should have to take a new drivers test at least every 10 years.

    Megan SpindleMegan Spindle4 napja
  • See this is why Im not getting my license till I absolutely need to cuz I will hit ppl or cars if they intentionally get in the way shit intent on making me suddenly stop. I feel Every one should hit thoes ppl

    AtlasAtlas4 napja
  • Hoppped out the car with the phone already recording ..scamming ass

  • 11:26 XD

    PyrowolfCBPyrowolfCB4 napja
  • 9:55 I hate people like this. At least he got instant karma.

    PyrowolfCBPyrowolfCB4 napja

    Kimesha Gordon BrownKimesha Gordon Brown5 napja
  • 3:38 is just hilarious.

    11C1P11C1P5 napja
  • The buddy who brake checked the cop is my new favourite person. It takes a special kind of stupid

    bullypopfulbullypopful5 napja
  • 4:55 ignores the ambulance and goes anyways. The cop he didn’t know was there. 🚨🚨. Instant karma

    Amber MackAmber Mack5 napja
  • 1:59 honestly I think the person who brake checked them that made them swerve and end up spinning out of control should get fined and pay for the damage. I mean. Least they can do is pay the vehicle back for not rear ending them

    Amber MackAmber Mack5 napja
  • I hate those guys who drive right into an accident -- even speeding up to do so -- just because they think the other party is responsible. Let others make mistakes -- and hope that someone watches out when you inevitably do.

    jcsjcs2jcsjcs25 napja
  • The jaywalker getting up close and personal with the pole at 3:29 is priceless. Fake laughs are not 3:50.

    Jeff PJeff P5 napja
  • 2:38 He has the absolute right to merge if he's doing so from a legal lane. Dashcam driver here was the total asshole to start.

    Jake ZukowskiJake Zukowski5 napja
  • 3;40 idiot at least is at henderson hospital to check his faceout lmao

    Kindanyume .KindanyumeKindanyume .Kindanyume5 napja
  • This inspires me to get a dash cam

    The FailanxThe Failanx5 napja
  • Awwsum stuff you put on here,,,,cant believe that there are sooooo many Idiots on your roads,,,,fantastic highways no need for those DUMB people to act the way they do,,lov to see you truckies put some big bull bars up front maybe you might not get to many brake checks once the see your heavy armour up front.

    ben alonzoben alonzo5 napja
  • what i hate the MOST, is some dumb cunt from the U.S.A blocking someone from merging by speeding up, just because their ego is so fucking huge, that they cant let someone infront of them.

    jaison pottsjaison potts6 napja
  • The vengeful asphalt geometrically tour because cherries interestedly wrestle under a spurious dragonfly. volatile, rich plantation

    Mathew DanielsMathew Daniels6 napja
  • 7:50 I like how this guy just got out of the way and was like "Get him!"

    Jack LeJack Le6 napja
    • Lights + Siren he has to give way by law. At least in my country.

      Nik EspenNik Espen2 napja
  • At least a few of these dashcam drivers are agressive idiots.

    David MDavid M6 napja
  • 7:05 what kind of screwed-up intersection is that?

    Tom ATom A6 napja
  • Second clip; driver to the rear was tailgating so of course they hit the car ahead. You have to keep your distance.

    Rigel ChiokisRigel Chiokis6 napja
  • u dont blow the horn because they cut infront of u then u call them scamer

    sami falassami falas6 napja
  • dont blur faces of asshole drivers

    SykonIVSykonIV6 napja
  • 6:03 I feel the text on the screen is a straight up lie. The Telsa never changed lanes while the dashcam car went from the left most lane to the middle one. It looked to me the right lane eventually splits into two lanes, not the left lane.

    Internet Tough GuyInternet Tough Guy7 napja
    • No look here at 5:51, watch the line next to the Tesla. I think they found the Tesla at fault because he crossed the line too early, resulting in the guy running into him. The left lane is what split up into two lanes, the right lane split into it's own lanes.

      BlackoutdmcBlackoutdmc5 napja
  • You people have lost sight of how to drive. It does not matter if the PRICK in front of you is trying to make you hit him. IF YOU HIT HIM FROM BEHIND YOU ARE AT FAULT! Be the better driver BACK OFF and let them go on their way. YOU are to be in control of your vehicle at all times. The first one had plenty of time to AVOID the collision. AGIAN I SEE the truck hit a car after the right lane ended. YOU CHOULD SLOW AND LET THEM IN. THIS IS NOT YOUR PRIVATE ROAD! To all you ASS HOLES who turn right on a red light need to GO BACK AND READ THE BOOK!!!!! FACT IS MOST OF YOU PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tony fellistony fellis7 napja
  • 2:12 mans try to mess up his gti

    MTB DaltonMTB Dalton7 napja
  • I was thinking about riding my motorcycle today..."WAS!"

    Maximum OverdriveMaximum Overdrive7 napja
  • the only time i'm ever gonna report to police is when im in a collision/there's an accident, drunk driving and someone being kidnapped. all other are below me and i will not allow myself to turn into some snitch.

    De Drone46De Drone467 napja
  • this truckers just an asshole

    TheatricultTheatricult7 napja
  • If you’re upset with a semi truck driver, take a deep breath or two and let it go. It never ends well for the car.

    Don LDon L7 napja
  • 09:38 don't ever mess with a Mercedes G

    Viet NguyenViet Nguyen7 napja
  • some guys drive as if they didnt even have any free time entire their life but then actually they have much time for brake checks and calling insurance! Lol broken society!

    Viet NguyenViet Nguyen7 napja
  • 0:50 should have more police cars on roads

    Viet NguyenViet Nguyen7 napja
  • Let people have freedom of speech this country was designed on youtube. You are suppose to uphold the laws also. Corrupted ass company.

    fighterpimpfighterpimp8 napja
  • Someone make somthing funny from this please 3:37

    Metal Sonic 3.0Metal Sonic 3.08 napja
  • I'm not endorsing this whatsoever, but this is exactly why I carry a gun in my car. Driving is a privilege, not a right; and some people forget that and think it's all about them. Their stupid, selfish mentality is dangerous and you never know who you might be getting behind, on the side of, etc. I carry it for my protection to deter these situations if I ever happen to be so unfortunate as to come across dickheads like these people.

    Jarhead HollandJarhead Holland8 napja
  • Why would you try this shit against a semi? They are huge and pretty much are guaranteed to have a dash cam. You aren't going to win.

    BethBeth8 napja
  • Good compilation. I still wonder though if these dumdums have already decreased in numbers. I sure wish that they have.

    Neil HarperNeil Harper8 napja
  • The karma is just sooooo satisfying, especially from the comfort of my home

    Joseph PetrongelliJoseph Petrongelli8 napja
  • Remember! Cutting people off is bad for headgasket!

    surfthewav3surfthewav38 napja
  • I had some bitch do this to me the other day for no apparent reason, like what the fuck are these people doing they should not have a license

    DPDP8 napja
  • half these guys are just self righteous dicks. the gray corolla was in heavy traffic and its pretty reasonable to want to slow down if someone is tailgating you like that. you're meant to allow higher brake distance if someone is tailing you that close.

    Praveen ElangoPraveen Elango8 napja
  • Yes let’s brake check a semi truck and not physically want to kill myself

    Fruit SaladFruit Salad8 napja
  • 11:35 best instant carma I’ve seen in a long time

    BigusProboscisBigusProboscis8 napja
  • 2:20 Hold up, what the hell is going on here? Why is that construction vehicle driving straight across oncoming traffic on a freeway??? It seems irrelevant to me that the one car was a douche because that would have caused any number of crashes

    Senor StudlySenor Studly8 napja
  • Awful lot of farts here...I mean fords

    VinceThe1VinceThe18 napja
  • Here’s a thing about break checking, if they try to do it and you break, *don’t stay so dam close behind them* create as much space between you and them because you can’t expect them to drive away just because you stay in their butt!

    RicohumanRicohuman8 napja