Quicksilver Saves Everyone - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD

Quicksilver Saves Everyone From Exploding X-Mansion Scene - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD

As Xavier's Mansion explodes, Quicksilver saves everyone inside single-handedly.

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  • Nobody ever thanks Quicksilver for his work?

    Simpson AndrewSimpson Andrew17 perccel
  • I wonder if the bulldog is supposed to represent Lockjaw? He was married to an Inhuman for a while.

    93nGU1n93nGU1n48 perccel
  • My absolute favorite part of the movie.

  • o mercurio fez isso em 7 segundos tlgd

    nic0llasz 13nic0llasz 132 órája
  • Even black widow got herself a movie, when is this guy getting his

    Sarvagya GuptaSarvagya Gupta2 órája
    • he ded

      SasirSasir2 órája
  • sos un grande flash

    tomcrouli aczinotomcrouli aczino3 órája
  • Maxim character in free fire

  • why is she singing "hold your head"? ----whiiiplasssh

    Ian BaileyIan Bailey4 órája
  • DAaaaaaAaammmmmm

    LuciferLucifer4 órája
  • it's everyone back in the day your mom was just about to get home.

    kitakou012210kitakou0122104 órája
  • Now me, an MCU fan, know what I was missing. What was even the point of having Quicksilver in Avengers 2 if they were going to kill him by the end of the film? I know, him and Wanda are siblings in the comics, but why not wait until WandaVision to bring him in so that they can have him properly?

    Nick PerroNick Perro5 órája
    • because he's OP

      SasirSasir2 órája
  • Necesito una película solo de QuickSilver :’v

    Luna LRLuna LR5 órája
  • I never get tired of seeing this scene

    GuiX HighlightsGuiX Highlights6 órája
  • Flash needs the speed force and quicksilver is the speed

    KratosKratos6 órája
  • Shayne love the xman

    Frances MckeeverFrances Mckeever7 órája
  • Previous movie, holds Magneto spine to prevent whiplash This movie, deletes logic from previous movie, proceeds to drag and throw everyone outside

    Yih Tat TanYih Tat Tan8 órája
  • Hdlehso de Edy Benavides de lista a la embarazada 😃 yo ydhytifigidiar de lista de lista 14 surf en tu en c no zfjs

    Edy Santiago LopezEdy Santiago Lopez8 órája
  • This Quicksilver could have stopped every bullet that killed the MCU Version, play 12 Rounds of Pacman after it, eat some pizzas and could still save everyone in the school

    CrispyMarvCrispyMarv8 órája
  • Imagine hearing this soundtrack in endgame after hulk's snap

    KVL GamerKVL Gamer8 órája
  • Cobra Kai dude was the guy with his tonnage out

    Joshua ConlanJoshua Conlan9 órája
  • He did not save everyone what I mean is he missed someone.. (The guys brother)

    Zeph_YTZeph_YT9 órája
  • Did anyone noticed first he ate 3 pizza slices and remaining left to dog 😂😂😂😂

    Movies CartMovies Cart9 órája
  • This guy is sick, he must be a major character in the MCU, amirite? No? Huh

    Icarus_Icarus_9 órája
  • Not gonna lie, quicksilver is the main reason I don’t hate this movie, same with dark pheonix

    Kainbel does stuffKainbel does stuff10 órája
  • one of the best super

    Мак ЛаудМак Лауд10 órája
  • This is me when I late to school

    Temurbek RajabovTemurbek Rajabov12 órája
  • hes moving very fast while hes moving very fast

    Мартин СтоименовМартин Стоименов13 órája
  • It hits different when you play in 2x

    Tittawan PrepremTittawan Preprem14 órája
  • Ralph Bohner

    PabloPablo16 órája
  • This guy I want to see more of

    OG Troll TrollOG Troll Troll16 órája
  • Wow even in slo mo he’s fast

    Dory RicksDory Ricks16 órája
  • Maxim🤨

    Kama OyamiKama Oyami18 órája
  • Who else is here after Ralph Bonner 😔👊🏻

    gamer 1.1gamer 1.118 órája
  • Hey Wetter Frosch Pass mal auf !sooo beschütze ich die Wetterlage in Bayern Germany.hoast mi du zypfelklatscher.😉

    FUCK the New World OrderFUCK the New World Order18 órája
  • Los del auto:🥳🥳🥳🥳 Quiksilver:ahhhhhhhh🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 Ayuda!!!!!!

    Cinthia Antezana de CastroCinthia Antezana de Castro19 órája
  • this man radiates black air force energy

    hirohiro19 órája
  • He didn't save everyone o.o

    Dohyden2Dohyden220 órája
  • r34 artists when a new female character is shown

    JesusantJesusant20 órája
  • ooooo sosseguei muito da hora conhece esse filme quer dizer todo mundo conhece esse filme Nossa ciúmes Nossa é muito legal mas eu ainda não assisti mas eu adorei esse filme legal queria assistir onde eu vou assistir

    Angelica MartinsAngelica MartinsNapja
  • 😎😎😎😃🤔🤔😁😀😀😏😏😉

    Angelica MartinsAngelica MartinsNapja
  • who knew max will be doing this after arranging beatdown

    Nishant singhNishant singhNapja
  • hulabel.info/dron/aaWApJthottxmJ8/vide

    Kinza khan AnsariKinza khan AnsariNapja
    • What

      Manuel GonzalezManuel GonzalezNapja
  • If having such power is curse... count me in!

    W.B-Star BelaidiW.B-Star BelaidiNapja
  • Mi escena favorita, está súper cool

    Carlo Emiliano Pichardo TrejoCarlo Emiliano Pichardo TrejoNapja
  • Надо обязательно повторить эту сцену с музыкой в КВМ

    cchevy 00cchevy 00Napja
  • Ulan ne zaman X-Men Sinematik Evreni'nin Logan'dan sonraki en müthiş karakterini MCU'da Bohner espirisi için harcadıklarını hatırlasam kafamı duvarlara vurasım geliyor.

    bayan aşkın'ın shitpost diyarıbayan aşkın'ın shitpost diyarıNapja
  • Bohner.

    Maliha's worldMaliha's worldNapja
  • Va con lag 😎

    Dimarkpremiun YtDimarkpremiun YtNapja
  • I wish he had his own movie!

    Alex ReyesAlex ReyesNapja
  • Marvel created a new video for this song by making a whole making

  • 🤝🤑🤑🤑😈😈😈😈😈🥰🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😎😎

    Emiliano Mods TTTEmiliano Mods TTTNapja
  • The cameraman is the fastest man in tgis movie not quicksilver. See how fast he seeing quicksilver running.

    muhd fazilmuhd fazilNapja
  • Best scene of the movie

  • when you're having an intercourse and try to do something the moment you've put it

    Shri NocriShri NocriNapja
  • Maxim carector is here🤣😂

    Prashanth PoojaryPrashanth PoojaryNapja
  • If he had shown up one minute earlier

    • How about later

      Captain SusCaptain Sus8 órája
  • Афегено круто

    Алексей УстименкоАлексей УстименкоNapja
  • Момент достоин оскара!!!!!

    Ilyas ZinatullinIlyas ZinatullinNapja
  • faster than flash

    am zubaeram zubaerNapja
  • Ayyy laabbb kweekkk selllbbiirrr bikos she es bery past ranning at the seem time she makes bery bery kyot

    regan abaoregan abaoNapja
  • The whole school: *explodes* Quicksilver: *casually moonwalks in*

    O C E A N M A NO C E A N M A NNapja
    • That’s why He is better than flash.

      Eststst AsasasEststst Asasas3 órája
  • Mirip Atta Halilintar

  • IN THIS MOVIE: ........Yaaaay everyone's safe In real life: .......Damn that's a lotta dead kids.... ME IF I WAS IN THIS MOVIE: ...... YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! I WANNA GO AGAIN!!!!

    Think PIONEERingThink PIONEERingNapja
  • hulabel.info/dron/eKykqpSMschtg58/vide

    Юрий КазаковЮрий КазаковNapja
  • I wouldn’t trust him around my girlfriend

    Rockson NRockson NNapja
  • this is why he's my favourite superhero.

  • So when QS is walking slowly the time around him reduce everytime he stop. When he start running the Time around him Increased by little

    Ari ♑️Ari ♑️Napja
  • Nome do filme?

  • I've been thinking anyone can do this...

  • what da dog doin

    Moyasu 999Moyasu 999Napja
  • he's clearly one of the most powerful mutants with just this ability

    Deven BDeven BNapja
  • So who's gonna say not everyone

    rudrah singhrudrah singhNapja
  • Haha that pose coming through the door at 2:14

  • 1:18 Putin joven

    • Xd

      Manuel GonzalezManuel GonzalezNapja
  • Well, he saves ALMOST everyone....

  • 1:55 that blanket defied time, space & physics rules

    MarkDionee :BMarkDionee :BNapja
  • I love this song!

    Aaron ReichertAaron ReichertNapja
  • He is just looking like a character in free fire game 😂 also same skill

  • Se parece mucho o Garena free fire copio a este personaje, que es Maxim.

    • Free fire copia todo

      Manuel GonzalezManuel GonzalezNapja
    • a bueno no sabia pero ahora ya se

      Jherson diazJherson diazNapja
  • Flash solo 😈

    Arux 952Arux 952Napja
  • 10!!!!!!!

    Hermam BendinHermam Bendin2 napja
  • Havok: "So when are you gonna save me, Quicksilver? ...Quicksilver?"

    TheShieldsMDTheShieldsMD2 napja
    • Lmao

      Captain SusCaptain Sus8 órája

    Benjamin MillarBenjamin Millar2 napja
  • Honestly he looks like my brother when we were kids in the 80’s

    dekonfrost7dekonfrost72 napja
  • so is he faster than flash?

    J JJ J2 napja
    • Don't care enjoy the scene

      Captain SusCaptain Sus8 órája
  • I kinda hated this movie but this scene ALONE made it totally worth it. It's hands down my favorite single scene from any superhero movie, ever.

    Kinza LottKinza Lott2 napja
  • I always loved this scene

    Spartacus1Spartacus12 napja
  • the character looks like maxin from free fire

  • This scene carried the entire movie.

    mwehehemwehehe2 napja
  • Is he wearing Nike

    Jaxtron6Jaxtron62 napja
  • Me when your mom...

    EduvpEduvp2 napja
  • This song is the 1980s.

    MisterTutor2010MisterTutor20102 napja
  • One of my favorite scene in XMEN movie

    Ray Lorenz OrtegaRay Lorenz Ortega2 napja
  • well...almost everyone

    MrLastaHMrLastaH2 napja
  • One of the Best scene in the history of movies

    NCS PlaylistNCS Playlist2 napja
  • Song?

    ronald brionesronald briones2 napja
    • Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams

      MrLastaHMrLastaH2 napja
  • OMG

    One Malayali Godzilla (OMG)One Malayali Godzilla (OMG)2 napja