Here Are the 10 Worst Cars I've Ever Reviewed

Today I'm going over the 10 worst cars Doug DeMuro has ever reviewed. These are the 10 cars that are the very worst cars I've reviewed, and I will explain why they're so bad and what makes them the worst cars I've reviewed.
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  • I think there is a mistake in the analysis: May be the Isetta is the worst car by todays standards, but it wasn't in 1955. The Trabant or the Yugo were sold as new cars in the 1980ies. For this period I can agree for chosing them as the worst cars ever.

    HOFMANN JoachimHOFMANN Joachim3 órája
  • You say Yugo BAD?!?!

    lolzenzielolzenzie13 órája
  • The top 2 are German, lol :)

  • I remember Yugo being at an auto show the year they were imported. The hub caps were removed to catch oil and coolant leaking on the show floor.

    Jerry OswaldJerry OswaldNapja
  • My point exactly! Post-war Europe: shattered, bereft of materials, rations (until '57 in UK); life a daily struggle; slow, low-risk driving on twisty roads often bomb-scarred... How DARE a comfy American in today's lap of luxury not even refer to the needs that spawned Isetta and the taste-of-freedom it could offer? Grow up in post-war Europe and you'd show some deserved respect. Not just disagreeing, I am mad at such insulting disregard for reality.

    Arne SahlenArne SahlenNapja
  • Cadillac ELR! You'd think the similar Cimarron disaster would have taught the big Caddy brass: *don't* make and market a sheep in wolf's clothing.

    Arne SahlenArne SahlenNapja
  • Hey, It seems unfair when you laud a car's features "for its time" but low-score it based on today's norms. Could you split certain categories into "at production" and "at present"? E.g. acceleration : for mid-80s 6/10, for today 3/10.

    Arne SahlenArne SahlenNapja
  • the isetta shouldnt be regarded as a car but more like a scooter with a roof. they even call them Kabinenroller in germany which means "cabin scooter"

    hugo balderhugo balderNapja
  • 3 min Masserati Quadroperte 4 SUV Hybrid Tahoe 4.46 Ferret aRMOURED CAR 6 MMC Mirage 7 Nissan Murano Cross Cabrolet 8 Caddy ELR 9.30 Merc Metrix 11 yugo 12.10 Trabant 13 BMW Isetta

    My New LifeMy New LifeNapja
  • *gee and you never even drove any of the 3 wheeled cars, like the PEL 50 can't imagine how badly those would have been reviewed being they are tiny cars and much worse than the ISETTA*

  • Now I want Doug to review a Messerschmitt KR200 just to try to dislodge the Isetta, but it'd probably end up scoring higher just because it's a Messerschmitt.

    Sloane Mac TíreSloane Mac TíreNapja
  • I came here because I thought it said Burt Munroe. How disappointing.

  • 6:35 Doug's been in Thailand? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Akhil GhoshAkhil GhoshNapja
  • My dad had three of these. He was a master mechanic with a soft spot for great and really awful autos(or really disappointing ones).

    Brian FullerBrian Fuller2 napja
  • The only car worse than the BMW bubble car is the POS Range Rover that was pulling it I’m surprised it made it back to the shop without breaking down. Absolute garbage.

    Travel with TonyTravel with Tony2 napja
  • If you had to work with this guy, you’d quit your job. He’s belongs on the Muppets.

  • Doug is so lazy, having his Iseta towed when he could’ve put it in his pocket and walked it over there

    Christopher J. Murray JrChristopher J. Murray Jr2 napja
  • That ELR looks like a Civic with a Cadillac front end.

    Christopher J. Murray JrChristopher J. Murray Jr2 napja
  • You still have not met the polish fiat 126 - that is really a piece of garbage from eastern europe, slavonic masterpiece of communist glorious future , from poland - one of the soviet republics

    jerry freemannjerry freemann2 napja
  • Mitsubishi Mirage Very good reliability and easy to maintain commuter/family car And old interior is good for me IT doesnt have lots of shity annoying displays Its good european car And in Europe you have lots of these like dacia Sandero Dacia Logan fiat tipo skoda fabia or Suzuki Alto. And in Poland cars like that are like 70% of market

    HusarzHusarz2 napja
  • you have to consider the era that the bmw was made , after ww2 and europe didn't have many cars on the road . for that time period , it was a great car and you have to remember that most other cars were also small . besides that car saved bmw , otherwise you would not have bmw today . you have to look sometimes at the whole picture and when you know the whole story , everything start to look much different !

    rodney jonesrodney jones3 napja
  • The Yugo reminds me of the Fiat Uno manufactured and sold in Brasil in the 90s. The engine is so small, the spare tire is located under the hood with the engine.

    Brian StevensonBrian Stevenson3 napja
  • What's the significance of the license plates?

    WantCoffee99WantCoffee993 napja
  • That Metris was ugly AF. I liked the Isetta, it's literally a clown car.

    EZGEZG3 napja
  • Great video

    Colt MccaskieColt Mccaskie3 napja
  • wouldn't call half of these real cars... I thought Doug reviewed them just for their novelty, but apparently Doug seriously think that there are people who want to buy a mini tank for daily driving

    Speed JunkieSpeed Junkie3 napja
  • Definitely need to get Doug in an Austin Allegro

    blackworxblackworx3 napja
  • "Any accident, you're gonna be dead" LOL

    The Chosen OnesThe Chosen Ones4 napja
  • Doug's the kind of guy to have an arm flapping hand gesture contest with Scotty Kilmer.

    Deorman RobeyDeorman Robey4 napja
  • I expected most of these to be European vehicles.

    Not The weeknd • 25 years agoNot The weeknd • 25 years ago4 napja
  • Yugo is and will always be “The Best Car”

    KnightDaylightKnightDaylight4 napja
  • That socket on the wall is annoying me.

    Jesus Antonio SanchezJesus Antonio Sanchez4 napja
  • Still dumping on the ELR. His 2017 review was clueless about how the Volt/ELR electric range was actually the BEST plug-in hybrid range of its time, enough for everyday driving needs, and the gasoline backup was more practical than the slower sparser Supercharger network in 2014. Also with all the talk about double the Volt's price it was faster, cooler, with better range, plus luxury & safety features that you had to pay double the car's price for on the Model S ($71K - $134K)!

    IrishCarneyIrishCarney4 napja
  • Whaaaa? The Volga didn't make it? I'm truly shocked!

    Eugene A.Eugene A.4 napja
  • The Nissan is a car that has had too many snacks

    Anthony JohnsonAnthony Johnson5 napja
  • Please review a Jensen Interceptor

    Anthony JohnsonAnthony Johnson5 napja
  • Dear god, does this man ever stop to draw breath!?😬😬😲😲

    John LunnunJohn Lunnun5 napja
  • Yugo was a good car

    mick mastermick master5 napja
  • The yugo looks cool though and it has super simple Id rather have a car like that then all those ugly modern cars on the list that are terrible to work on. You can easily upgrade the yugo to make it a really fun car. Also the trabant , you can say what you want but these things still drive around. And a lot of are still in use with -35 degree and these cars keep running too. Yeah its not the best technical thing on earth but again , simple mechanics. Thats why I own a classic vw beetle myself and some other older cars. There are people saying a beetle is a terrible car to drive.....but I got the beetle now for 11 years and always brings me where I need to go. In these 11 years I also owned a couple newer cars from the 2000s and all have broken down....but the beetle keeps running 🤣 its the car with almost no technical stuff inside but also the most reliable.

    baklap141baklap1415 napja
  • Did you heard for car called "Wartburg"!Check it that car ,made in Germany east!!!!Sorry for my bad english.

    Darko OstojinDarko Ostojin5 napja
  • I love you Doug, but I own Trabant, actually a many of them and I strictly disagree with u ... its the GREATEST AND CUTEST car ever made ... It carries so much history for my country Slovakia and many of other European countries, especially the eastern side for sure. We cannot thank enough for these little cuties and for their service like 30 years ago. Currently these cars are national heritage and twice a year there are events - Trabant meetings, where we gather our cuties and drive them around some nice parts of our country. Imagine 50 to 100 these vehicles driving together in one long queue ... But most importantly, they are simple as hell, thats their beauty ... And of course ... theyve got soul ... Other cars are just cars ... But Trabant, Trabant is and always will be a fuc**** Eastern european Legend with personality :) cheers

    Euro ModelEuro Model5 napja
  • What are the best ones?

    Grigorii SemensonGrigorii Semenson5 napja
  • Awwww C"mob Doug, the Isetta isn't even really a car. The Trabbie should be number one, I mean it was sold in the 1980's !!

    Edward FletcherEdward Fletcher6 napja
  • Imagine losing in a "being worst" contest. Also everyone that knows Isetta was reviewed, could predict it :D. Good stuff Doug!

    Streaming JelleStreaming Jelle6 napja
  • Imagine how Maserati feels after this... On the same list as the Yugo and a commerical van😭

    ASquadWiper 0_0ASquadWiper 0_06 napja
    • But people still buy them for the prestige of owning a Maserati.

      Brian StevensonBrian Stevenson3 napja
    • It’s just sad they don’t deserve to be in the list

      GeorgeGeorge4 napja
  • Doug wastes too much time talking/believing he has a great personality to give a top ten. Just give in a minute or two and exit stage left.

    Fastback GTFastback GT6 napja
  • I love the maserati, i love your ford gt too beutiful

    LightningLightning6 napja
  • Alabama license plate is 69 🤔🤣

    Lord_HypebeastLord_Hypebeast6 napja
  • Am i the only one that likes how the murano convertible looks🤣🤣

    sebastian manjarrezsebastian manjarrez6 napja
  • I work at a Toyota/Mitsubishi dealership as a mechanic and you hit the nail right on the head with the Mirage. It's the worst quality new car available. Poor quality, poor fuel economy for the engine size, poor reliability, there are so many more cars that are worth your money, especially if you are on a tight budget. You will be paying a mirage off longer than you will be driving it. It was a car intended for third world countries and somehow is sold in America.

    True RarityTrue Rarity6 napja
  • 9:08 interior though is actually really nice. I'd say better than most german brands.

    DUAL 777DUAL 7777 napja
  • Serbia = Yugo [Crvena zastava] Croatia = C_Two [Rimac Automobili]

    BangiBangi7 napja
  • _"Of course two Communismmobiles makes the top three"_ Hears a BMW make number 1. _"How bad could-"_ 13:45 _"Jesus Christ that is an abomination!"_

    Matticus MadnessMatticus Madness7 napja
  • 4th gen RAV4 should be on this list too. Its automatic transmission, handling, seating position and road noise are absolutely terrible.

    S BS B7 napja
  • Whaaaaat? No 10,18, 23, 25, 29,35, 37,39,44,47,48,49,51,57,58,59,61,64,68,78,79,81,83,84,85,86,87,88,89 plate?

    Rowan AtkinsonRowan Atkinson7 napja
  • to all the new useful idiots that think that "democratic socialism" (communism) is somehow gonna work THIS time, show them the Trabant.

    diogenes koolaiddiogenes koolaid7 napja
  • back of you is a ford gt

    Aaron DaltonAaron Dalton7 napja
  • I can understand why some may dislike the Mitsubishi Mirage, but to say it's unreliable is innacurate. And for someone who reviews cars that isn't sure if Mitsubishi is still making them, is laughable. (Yes, they are still making them.) ; )

    DennyYouDennyYou7 napja
  • Owned that Maserati when it came out. It was a terrible car, everything broke. Even stuff that you think can't brake did. Glove box even broke, how do does that happen? Wood trim cracked, paint started to chip, doors handles broke every so often, windows stopped working. That's all before 25K miles (before I sold it to the dealer). Lord knows you would have replace the whole car every 5 years, just horrible in everyway.

    Aaron GolshaniAaron Golshani8 napja
  • Big heads back.

    mrelasticbandmrelasticband8 napja
  • Doug hates the Viano Mercedes yeah the Viano is a good van in other countries

    Race CarRace Car8 napja
  • Mitsubishi is not good-Doug Me Think again because I won a Pajero for more than 10 years

    Race CarRace Car8 napja
  • Yugo Koral was my favorite bad car. I seen them a lot in Yugoslavia.

    RadioBolix1RadioBolix18 napja
  • Can you do video about Chrysler TC by Maserati?

    J BJ B8 napja
  • There are actually quite a few Mercedes-Benz Metris Taxis in New York City

    Jordan VargasJordan Vargas8 napja
  • Why does a Yugo have a rear window defroster?? it's for keeping your hands warm while you push it! How do you double the value of a Yugo?? fill the tank!

    Craig DowneyCraig Downey8 napja
  • You are such a snob with no clue about European Cars. The Yugo wasn't famous in Europe nether. Talking shit to your home audience because they can't prove it. The Trabant had a lot of different variations through the time. An you are right in that point, that it was a bad car, but even a kid with only Google as help can do a much better research.

    Dj EasyDj Easy9 napja
    • Lol, euros getting mad 🤣

      Krish PKrish P5 napja
  • Yugo is national gold

    Pavle SakanPavle Sakan9 napja
  • I don't thing you realy have a point Doug Just an evaluation * The Daimler Ferret Scout car is an military vehicle designed as the name says to be used as an armoured all terain scout vehicle in war zone's. Not as a daily driver. Though i found it fun to drive (I even used to knew a guy in the UK who did use it do drive 60 Miles to work (complaining about fuel prices) * The Trabant indeed was outdated technology from the 50's never updated due to plan economy executed by communism. Not a good place to develope anything at all. * The Iseta also was a relique from the 50's. It's not a daily driver but a collectors item, not a daily driver for a spoiled kid. * The Yugo, yeah it's bad ! verry bad.. We in (then West of) Europe knew so we did not buy it. * I don't understand the point of the Merc... there indeed is nothing special about it. It's a boring car but here in Europe it is used a lot by small bussneses like plumbers, carpenters and painters. It does the job. * The Mazarati, well Italians are not known for their quality control do they ? That leaves * a couple of USA market cars... that we would not buy eighter. To expensive, unpractical, bad quality, with the exception of Tesla model whatever that somehow seems to please a lot people that found the tax deduction route in this motorized iPhone.

    Pascal CoolePascal Coole9 napja
  • Video starts at 2:50

    There is hair on your screenThere is hair on your screen9 napja
  • Where is Volga? Ahah

    Алиса МосинаАлиса Мосина9 napja
  • Yugos are still going in all of the former Yugoslavia republics, so Yugo has outlived many other cars my friend, you just simply do not know that fact.

    Kicabran TictaKicabran Ticta9 napja
  • I rented a Mitsubishi Mirage in New Zealand in 2018. The only good thing I can say about it is that it didn’t break down in the three days I drove it. I do feel like I’m still trying to make it up a hill near Piha Beach while not listening to the broken radio though.

    John MavraganisJohn Mavraganis9 napja
  • When doing the quirks and features for that Murano Cabriolet, the whole car is a quirk! XD

    Creativity and Aviation ChannelCreativity and Aviation Channel9 napja
  • 5:34 We all guessed it.

    Creativity and Aviation ChannelCreativity and Aviation Channel9 napja
  • That thumbnail 😂😂😂

    My Toys reviewsMy Toys reviews9 napja
  • So like half of the cars are novelty or decades old. This video was awful. What a waste of time.

    steve davesteve dave10 napja
  • The Metris is fantastic. 100% disagree with your review. Great for families with older kids, handles exceptionally well. I owned a Sienna and the Metris works better for my needs.

    Nick ParsonsNick Parsons10 napja
  • Starts 2:48

    zelizzeliz10 napja
  • Yo when Scotty Kilmer is mocking you maybe it's time to just stop, you pretentious, nasally wimp

    aceofsnettaceofsnett10 napja
  • You can double the value of a Yugo actually if you just fill its tank with gas. It had heated rear glass just to warm the hands of the people who were pushing it.

    Chris PaylidisChris Paylidis10 napja
  • People still drive trabant as a daily in Hungary 😂

    R3RSR3RS10 napja
  • if your gonna do a another top 10 lists how about top 10 car unveilings

    plunderbirdplunderbird10 napja
  • 1976 Fiat 128 . The absolute worst . So help me God 🙏

    MarktuyetMarktuyet10 napja
  • If you want a good Trabant driving simulator get the 2002 game Operation Flashpoint

    JRSinCTJRSinCT11 napja
  • This guy in a 2007 Kia Spectra laughs at those lousy Maserati Quatramachallitz... JUNK!

    JRSinCTJRSinCT11 napja
  • You can add my 1983 Ford Escort...

    JRSinCTJRSinCT11 napja

    Amolak MaheshwariAmolak Maheshwari11 napja
  • With respect, but your review(s) suck hard...

    kordosoftkordosoft11 napja
  • I always wanted a yugo stretch limo.

    Reality CheckReality Check11 napja
  • See the toucan زفت very good car

    Pizza WarriorPizza Warrior11 napja
  • No Volga?

    Igors GrakovicsIgors Grakovics11 napja
  • Jump 2:52

    Arkantos UsaArkantos Usa11 napja
  • Re: Trabant - the only thing that actually would be 1000% more of advantage with it is: if you get into a REALLY nasty mass carcrash (like the one you Muricans recently had, and got like totally shocked .. and we Europeans were more shocked abour your reactions, because there has been much worse over here), well, TL;DR: The steel frame of the trabant is SO rigid and solid, you'd survive being driven over by a massive truck. Which is, what actually happened to a friend of mine, back in the early 90s. Aside of a few bruises and scratches he was completely fine ^^

    medowuchamedowucha11 napja
  • I hoping tata nano

    Puneet SharmaPuneet Sharma11 napja
  • Doug, as I was just on Rabbits Used Cars. He was talking about doing Car Shows for Fund Raising for Charity. What say, we do a Fund Raiser for the "Wounded Warrior Fund"? In or around Helen, Ga. Where many sports car people live, as it is close to Atlanta and we have the "Little Tail of the Dragon" in that area. I've been involved in "The Shriner's Children's Hospital Golf Tournament" for years. I love doing Fund Raisers For Great Causes!! You have answered one of my invites in the past. So, I know you look at your replies on your you tube channel. It would be great to have You and Ed Bolian, Rabbit, Hoovie, Tavarish and others to bring their Mountain Road Sport Cars to the event. Or any vehicle they would want. I think it would be an extraordinary and remarkable event! And a GREAT Fund Raiser for Our Wounded Service Members.

    SGT Tom BailesSGT Tom Bailes11 napja
  • Not the Subaru Brat?? I thought surely somewhere on the list!!

    BradKnowsAllBradKnowsAll11 napja
  • I remember all the Yugo jokes on late night... "Two people shot and killed in a Yugo push-by shooting".

    Shannon MayShannon May11 napja
    • Offenders tracked down quickly as a bystander managed to get the number.... the chassis number

      blackworxblackworx3 napja
  • I watched this in my 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage

    Avenir 333Avenir 33311 napja
  • Recommending buying a 2 to 3 year old used car over a brand new Mitsubishi with a 10 year factory warranty..... Because of reliability. Okay, Doug..... You're still an idiot. People buy Hyundais, Kias and Mitsubishis because they don't want to be stranded on the side of the road and opt for the vehicles with 10 year warranties. None of them are going to buy a 3 year old used car instead. After 5 years, you still haven't figured this out yet?

    Car Tunes: Music Videos for Car GuysCar Tunes: Music Videos for Car Guys11 napja