GOLAZO!! Jakob Glesnes With ANOTHER SCREAMER From Distance!!

Jakob Glesnes GOAL vs. Atlanta United FC, 06/20/2021




  • Shiv

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  • MLS is really poor compared with European leagues. You see goals like this every week.

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  • This deserves a Puskas award

    GennaroGennaro18 napja
  • Midfielder glesnes let em hit it

    Gerald DeMossGerald DeMoss18 napja
  • More should just make beautiful thing for th game

    Gerald DeMossGerald DeMoss18 napja
  • Used strike them bombs

    Gerald DeMossGerald DeMoss18 napja
  • Guzan still playing wow

    Walter MubhanditWalter Mubhandit29 napja
  • Acho que acabei de ver um míssil passando... não dá pra ver!!!

    Jacy SantosJacy SantosHónapja
  • Area code was 717 lolz

    Gerald DeMossGerald DeMossHónapja
  • That was a missile!!!, amaizing!!!

    Milton ValenciaMilton ValenciaHónapja
  • Why Guzan was not using his right hand?

    Galvin EntalaiGalvin EntalaiHónapja
  • If I was at this game I swear I would of died watching that goal!

    Lil DumplingLil DumplingHónapja
  • Kinda seemed like Vincent Kompany’s goal a couple of years of ago. Not comparing Jakob to him

    FCB WolfTTV LoganFCB WolfTTV LoganHónapja
  • That man woke up and chose violence.

    Scott LanwayScott LanwayHónapja
  • Awesome.

  • Welcome to Bolton 😀

    Matt BwfcMatt BwfcHónapja
  • Wondering how many views this clip had got if it was Haaland or another world class player. Maybe the best goal I have ever seen, and will see.

    Nichlas OpdahlNichlas OpdahlHónapja
  • At least my hawks beat the 6ers🤷🏾‍♂️

    Jutty BearJutty BearHónapja
  • the goalpost needed ibuprofen afterwards

  • Who else heard, "YEEEEAAH, F*CKER"?

    Lat DamonLat DamonHónapja
  • Not better than Rubio Rubin but a damn good goal

    Massimo PiccaMassimo PiccaHónapja
  • It does take a bergenser

  • if he always training 9/10 on target he become Europe high value player..took the challenge..

    villaboy jayvillaboy jayHónapja
  • Nothing on Seedorf goal for Real Madrid in 1997

    Michael SmittonMichael SmittonHónapja
    • Mr. Positive :)

      the Apostatethe ApostateHónapja
  • 7th bounce was the charm. 💛💚🌲💚💛

    Rocky does it allRocky does it allHónapja
  • Wow!

    John ArcherJohn ArcherHónapja
  • Forget that just watch the goal its phenomenal.

    Gerald DeMossGerald DeMossHónapja
  • Wouu😍😘🤩,,,😭😢😂 Guzan

    Salvador Mata NavarreteSalvador Mata NavarreteHónapja
  • The hardest hit ball I’ve ever seen… Respect!

    Kevin SKevin SHónapja
  • Puskas nomination for sure

    A Simple NoobA Simple NoobHónapja
  • Absolutely incredible goal. That’s a goal every player dreams of scoring.

    The Dirt DadThe Dirt DadHónapja
  • insane

    Dmytro IvasiukDmytro IvasiukHónapja
  • Nice goal

    Fenix DiosFenix DiosHónapja
  • He hit the crossbar 3 times AND the post once on a goal from 40 yards out. How is that even physically possible? 🤯

    Dev PeakDev PeakHónapja
  • Glesnes is god 💙💛💙💛

  • Oh my goal!!

    Luiser ZurcLuiser ZurcHónapja
  • Хуяк!!

    Alexander KhlapovAlexander KhlapovHónapja
  • Golazo!

    Mario LMario LHónapja
  • It's a world class strike. No goalkeeper is saving that

    Peter ShortlandPeter ShortlandHónapja

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  • 0:24 lol had cut the audio

  • actually an upper 90 holy crap

    David AtkinsonDavid AtkinsonHónapja
  • Atlanta stays giving up 2 goal leads. The defense is 🧀

    Dominick PittmanDominick PittmanHónapja
  • I bet to all the Goal Horn watchers i bet Elite Goal Horns is gonna watch this

    DMV Area RailfanDMV Area RailfanHónapja
  • the second time he is doing it

    Zion tatianZion tatianHónapja
  • O my goodness!!

    Gerald DeMossGerald DeMossHónapja
  • Goal of the season for me

  • Holy!!!

    Ocean Gaming RBLXOcean Gaming RBLXHónapja
  • The Commentator doesn't want to talk about the 30 yards of space he was given?

    YNWA JFT96YNWA JFT96Hónapja
    • The commentator already gave the perfect response to this kind of thinking: "Forget that! Just watch the goal. It's PHENOMENAL"

    • Hater alert

    • @Patrick Rhine not one player went to close him dont talk nonsense.. this is ridiculous defending at any time..

      YNWA JFT96YNWA JFT96Hónapja
    • @YNWA JFT96 Dude, he's a Center Back, not a midfielder. You step too far up to him and you give a world of space behind you for the midfielders and forwards. Defense played it correctly, no one expects a shot like that and you'd be silly to think otherwise.

      Patrick RhinePatrick RhineHónapja
    • @YNWA JFT96 Almost every goal is a result of bad defending. I’m more pointing out that the goal is more on the merit of the shot than the magnitude of the error.

      Liam McLaughlinLiam McLaughlinHónapja
  • I chose not to watch this game😢 i regret the decision

    Pick up gamesPick up gamesHónapja
    • me too holy crap

  • Puskas

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  • Holy cow!!!!! Goal of the year possibly!

    Jared DaunJared DaunHónapja
  • Technically two goals since it went inside on the first bounce returned to the top post and on the third bounce returned inside the goal?🤔😆

    A GA GHónapja
    • Shut up

      Nesh LanNesh LanHónapja
  • Ohhhhhhh what a goal!!!

    Random YoutuberRandom YoutuberHónapja
  • Take guzan out please wtfff

    Juan PlascenciaJuan PlascenciaHónapja
    • @Jordi Antonio look bro guzan sucks atl united needs to take him out hes too old and reacts slow thats all im saying

      Juan PlascenciaJuan PlascenciaHónapja
    • @Juan Plascencia whose y’all? This dude that shot was European u dummy 😂

      Jordi AntonioJordi AntonioHónapja
    • @Jordi Antonio hahahah ok y’all just are not on that level

      Juan PlascenciaJuan PlascenciaHónapja
    • @Juan Plascencia no way in hell anybody in the world stops that

      Jordi AntonioJordi AntonioHónapja
    • @James Dunn lol european goalies will

      Juan PlascenciaJuan PlascenciaHónapja
  • This looks familiar to Nick Deleon's goal for Toronto in the east final in 2019, Atlanta leaves too much space in the midfield and somebody just lets fly

  • He hit that from the parking lot

  • I can’t believe mls teams have to play on such a shitty field. Get a proper pitch Atlanta and maybe one day people will respect the mls. Same with the douche Phag cities of Portland and Seattle.

  • It was struck with so much force that it hit the crossbar THREE times bouncing off the turf twice to the full height of the crossbar!

    Kevin HaasKevin HaasHónapja
    • Yeah it did

      John ZubaJohn Zuba29 napja
    • I think the ball crossed the line twice haha

      Mark StevensMark Stevens29 napja
  • Atlanta fans on suicide watch

    • Ong

      Spoofy 74Spoofy 74Hónapja
  • GOTY nomination for sure

    Brandon AtkinsBrandon AtkinsHónapja
  • So now, may I ask if he'll get the Puskas this year

    Nathan DesmondNathan DesmondHónapja
    • @Sjur Berge right it's a FIFA award not a UEFA award

      Akash GAkash GHónapja
    • @Akash G No its not. Have multiple winners from other continents

      Sjur BergeSjur BergeHónapja
    • Exclusive to Europe :/

      Akash GAkash GHónapja
  • He did it last season vs LAFC, he did it this season vs Atlanta

    Nathan DesmondNathan DesmondHónapja
  • He's only gone and done it again. I was there last year when he scored the free kick in the 3-3 tie.

    Ricky GonzalezRicky GonzalezHónapja
  • When Atlanta scored second goal I looked for my remote to turn off the tv, but by the time I found it the Union scored again. Glad I stayed to see this beauty!

    PC With RTX6080PC With RTX6080Hónapja
    • Lucky, i turned it off after the second Atlanta goal ... only to check the score 10 minutes later like WTF!!

      Matthew RMatthew RHónapja
  • Goal of this year 😂

    Trippyplayz 451Trippyplayz 451Hónapja
  • 😂😂😂

    Bryan VelasquezBryan VelasquezHónapja
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • WHAT. A. STRIKE. We talk about passes and shots being inch perfect. This was millimeter perfect. So much so that this shot hit the crossbar three times, the post once, and never actually touched the net.

    • Absolutely insane

      Liam SaucedoLiam SaucedoHónapja
    • @Roald Grevstad You're funny.

      Unknown PersonUnknown PersonHónapja
    • He is from Bergen, Norway. That's the way they do it in Bergen.

      Roald GrevstadRoald GrevstadHónapja
  • Mind you the ball hit the bar three times.

  • Philadelphia Union likes scoring long shots in the 90th minute of stoppage time 😂😂😂😂

    Flaming Basketball ClubFlaming Basketball ClubHónapja
  • Banger 🔥🔥

    Le meneurLe meneurHónapja
  • The goalkeeper got a seizure wtf

    Popw wrestlingPopw wrestlingHónapja
  • That's absolutely insane! Unstoppable.

    Kai HartmannKai HartmannHónapja
    • @Michael Smitton oh yeah there have been many crazier, but this was still a screamer

      Kai HartmannKai HartmannHónapja
    • Search up Seedorf goal for Real Madrid in 1997. This goal is PG compared to seedorfs

      Michael SmittonMichael SmittonHónapja
  • I Was watiching on the ESPN3 website but then IT BUFFERED!!!

    Chris SuarezChris SuarezHónapja
    • oh no lol

      Vin LadVin LadHónapja
  • goal of the season

    Ibrahim BurkaIbrahim BurkaHónapja
  • That was the best of the decade

    8Star soccer8Star soccerHónapja
    • @Anthony Òceanic 👍👍😊

      8Star soccer8Star soccerHónapja
    • It’s only the first year of the decade chill

      Anthony ÒceanicAnthony ÒceanicHónapja
    • @Getting Silver Play Button With 0 Videos Challenge This one is breath taking

      8Star soccer8Star soccerHónapja
    • No. Rubio’s goal this season was amazing

      Getting Silver Play Button With 0 Videos ChallengeGetting Silver Play Button With 0 Videos ChallengeHónapja
  • Beautiful

    The Unknown TravelerThe Unknown TravelerHónapja
  • awesome

    Alexis PAlexis PHónapja
  • Thats madness damn I wish I could of watched this game.

    • @Massimo Picca i was at the game and could hear it smack the crossbar across the stadium above all the fan noise. Never seen so much shock in a crowd afterwards 🤯

      kevin keefekevin keefeHónapja
    • I’m a philly fan and I was watching it live. Just before the first union goal I was about to turn it off but thank god I didn’t

      Massimo PiccaMassimo PiccaHónapja
    • I was at the stadium 🏟️ it was a great crowd

    • It was on in my house but for some reason I decided to just stay up in my room on HUlabel... boy do I regret that

    • I just did, and lost 10$ because of this goal

      A WA WHónapja
  • 2

    MR ?MR ?Hónapja
  • atlanta will still win GOTY on a josef martinez penalty

    • I’m an atlanta fan and this will no doubt win goal of the season

      Alex HansenAlex HansenHónapja
    • Lmfao

  • That's a Roberto Carlos goal right there.

    I AI AHónapja
    • @Gerald DeMoss shut up normie

    • Nope that's a glesnes goal

      Gerald DeMossGerald DeMossHónapja
    • Except he used the right foot

      Filipe AugustoFilipe AugustoHónapja
    • A Rocket

      Bmore Kazeka8Bmore Kazeka8Hónapja
  • Boa tarde FIRST vai amém bom

    Peterson OliveiraPeterson OliveiraHónapja