Top 10 Differences Between The Handmaid's Tale Book & TV Show

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The differences between The Handmaid’s Tale book and TV show stick out like a red robe. We’re looking at all the changes that were made when Margaret Atwood’s famed novel was adapted into a Hulu drama series. Is this speculative fiction story more upsetting on the page or the screen? MsMojo ranks the biggest difference between The Handmaid’s Tale book and TV show. Which version do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Why would Mexico need to trade for hand maids? I’m sure if they scoured their own country they could find plenty of fertile women. Doesn’t make sense.

    Kathleen Hartnell HarperKathleen Hartnell Harper3 napja
  • Hey, did anyone notice that January 6th came close to mirroring the insurrection they were planning. There are a lot of what if’s.

    Kathleen Hartnell HarperKathleen Hartnell Harper3 napja
  • I read the first book and the sequel. In the sequel it turns out that Aunt Lydia was undercover all along working for the resistance. She has all the dirty secrets smuggled out in the end causing the collapse of Gilliad

    Kathleen Hartnell HarperKathleen Hartnell Harper3 napja
  • i didn't love the book, but it was still okay, but the show changing so many thing rubs me the wrong way

    Agus PereyraAgus Pereyra5 napja
  • The page.

    Christine SentmanChristine Sentman5 napja
  • Season 4 was just released. And I just got into this show. I am almost done with season one It is a hard show to binge

    Sarah KelaitaSarah Kelaita8 napja
  • The fuck? The mojo lady has a face?

    JwuzheerJwuzheer9 napja
  • Holy shit...I can't not stress myself watching this. H.B.P

    Deiona Marie MuhammadDeiona Marie Muhammad18 napja
  • Indeed it’s a very hard to binge this show , it’s psychologically taxing to watch a world with Gilead , I literally lost my appetite and didn’t step out of my room for a while after watching it , it’s certainly a splendid show to be watched by adults.

    Delphina Michael KapoorDelphina Michael Kapoor25 napja
  • Rebecca looks pretty much exactly like I'd always pictured

  • Many Canadians my age had it read it for high school language arts.

    J VossJ VossHónapja
  • I’m hoping for a prequel in either book form or as a movie or series. Like, how did Gilead get started etc, but more in-depth.

    The Poor Man’s Guide to The GalaxyThe Poor Man’s Guide to The GalaxyHónapja
  • I LOVE the reunion scene with Luke and Moira!

    Patricia GriswoldPatricia GriswoldHónapja
  • First time i see the face behing ms mojo

    Haley BlueHaley Blue2 hónapja
  • Janine was a blonde not a redhead

    Jessica ClinkJessica Clink2 hónapja
  • I liked the idea of the EconoWives in the books and tv show. I wished she wrote a book with their perspectives! right?

    ChristinaChristina2 hónapja
  • I read the book in high school.

    Tracy SjovoldTracy Sjovold2 hónapja

    Clifton BrownClifton Brown2 hónapja
  • I read the book RIGHT before watching the show, and it is easily one of my favourite books now. The changes they made are big for the show, but still feel true to the original narrative, I feel. At least, they feel like it COULD happen there in Gilead and makes sense alongside the story.

    Rin WatsonRin Watson2 hónapja
  • 😃🤣pueden colocarla en español

    Jodriz LumeroJodriz Lumero2 hónapja
  • A friend gave me this novel in 1993, and I read it once a year. I've been alarmed at the steady religious attempt to take over the U.S. government, completely ignoring the separation of church and state. In the novel, the way women are "controlled" is they're fired from their jobs, and their money is transferred to their husband or father reestablishing patriarchal control. This money transfer is done digitally, either though such digital money transfers were only happening in certain cosmopolitan cities and ATMs were just beginning to be used. June's passivity regarding politics was so different than her mother's activism (not unheard of the yin-and-yang of mothers/daughters), but that transferred well from the novel to the screen. The novel doesn't give readers much of the lead up to the overthrow of the government, mostly because June is not politically aware, and the show stays true to that. While the overthrow is happening, June's focus is her anxiety of both her daughter's illness and June's mothering skills being questioned, while Luke is glued to the TV watching the storming of the Capitol. The fact that the city in the novel is Cambridge, Massachusetts shouts that a takeover can happen anywhere, in the most liberal city in the (arguably) most liberal state.

    Katherine DeshaiesKatherine Deshaies3 hónapja
  • Moody?

    Misty HMisty H3 hónapja
  • I was today years old when I learned that it's "Salvaging" and not "Savaging"

    LuniciumLunicium3 hónapja
  • 😍Nina Kiri😍. I hope she will get bigger roles.

    Jörg SchimmerJörg Schimmer3 hónapja
  • Yes I have read both Handmaids and Testaments

    Audrey GaffneyAudrey Gaffney3 hónapja
  • The series is more upsetting than the book ,June is stronger in the series than in the book .

    Sara ZobeiriSara Zobeiri4 hónapja
  • I am sure someone has already mentioned this, but Ofglen hangs herself in the book; she sees the van of the Eyes coming for her, so she commits suicide before they can take her. The new Ofglen reveals this to Offred at the end of their first walk.

    Craig Moody BooksCraig Moody Books5 hónapja
    • but we dont know if the new ofglen was telling the truth

      dankraven420dankraven4208 napja
  • In the show Gilead exterminated all forms of racism to zero. In the book: the Republic of Gilead is racist in it self and has even a exile region for people of color.

    jolo jonesjolo jones5 hónapja
  • This is the only show that's made me cry nearly every episode, it's so easy to get immersed in and when I finished season 3 I was soooo disappointed when I found out s4 wasn't yet out

    TakeetoTakeeto6 hónapja
  • I read the book and I love the series too, I also recommend a book called Handmaid's Tale and Philosophy

    Gary DulanskiGary Dulanski6 hónapja
  • I love the series but it scares me because it's so realistic. It's definitely something humans would be capable of...

    Mind.of.LillyMind.of.Lilly6 hónapja
    • Erin P. Yes, and it’s also worth noting that Atwood herself said that she does not believe the Trump/Pence administration would have ever brought this about. I’m not a Trump fan, and neither is Atwood. I bring it up only because I see so many commenting that we are lucky to have avoided another Trump presidency or we would end up like Gilead. But Atwood actually alluded to an administration that looks more like the one we have at this moment. I hope HT fans are becoming more aware of this possibility, instead of relaxing in a false sense of security. A form of Gilead can very possibly form now, if we don’t stand up for freedom. There’s more to freedom than just reproductive rights.

      Dog Culture- FED UPDog Culture- FED UP24 napja
    • Everything that happens in the book and movie have already happened in real life. Margaret Atwood purposely did that.

      Erin P.Erin P.Hónapja
  • I read the book after watching the first season. The Handmaid's tale gets me moody too, it kind of feels like a light depression. When I read that the new book (The Testaments) show how Gilead is going down I decided to read it, just for a bit of hope. I am planning to do that soon to get me back on track. I finished the 3rd season a few days ago and I am already waiting for the 4th. To me, this series is incredibly precious and important and if I were a teacher, I would use it a lot.

    Sara KatharinaSara Katharina7 hónapja
  • Stop pointing your finger at me!

    Dale WalkerDale Walker7 hónapja
  • I absolutely LOVE this book and show. One thing I can’t seem to understand though is why are the handmaids named after the husbands when the handmaid is literally supposed to be a type of “extension” of the wife and the wife’s body...? That’s why they lie between the wife’s legs during the ceremony instead of just fucking, right? So June, for the sake of the storyline, is an extension OF SERENA and Serena’s body. Instead of Offred, doesn’t it make more sense to name her Ofserena? Just a thought.

    Kbear2097Kbear20977 hónapja
    • "Of" is a connecting word that denotes ownership or belonging. Let's say you own a dog. If someone were to refer to it, they would say, "That dog of ______ is constantly barking/is cute/got my dog pregnant/whatever." So calling June "Offred" ("of Fred') means she belongs to Fred. For the term of her assignment there, he literally owns her. If you read the Old Testament story of Rachel and Leah, their handmaids (Bilhah and Zilpah) also ultimately belonged to Jacob.

      Susan StensonSusan Stenson2 hónapja
  • I have not read the book!!! Don't want it to mess up the series for me on Hulu!!! After it totalky ends, may purchase the book.

    SisterPatGoadSisterPatGoad7 hónapja
    • The book only covers what happens in season 1

      TaylorTaylor5 hónapja
  • This show is so intense

    HaniHani7 hónapja
  • I just started watching recently and binged, watching all seasons in a few days. I was obsessed, and really like the idea of June and Nick together. I think June just may be too different after this. I digress 😊, I’ve been reluctant to read the book, thought maybe I’d wait until after the series, but downloaded it when we learned no new season until 2021.

    Julianne MeisenJulianne Meisen7 hónapja
  • IT'S incredible how the industry make up poor excuses to replace older women for younger and prettier ones in main roles.

    ClaraDasNevesClaraDasNeves7 hónapja
  • I feel the same way about seeing the Canadaian flag...

    boopus221boopus2217 hónapja
  • Started watching the show BECAUSE I was so intrigued by the book!

    Amy McClainAmy McClain7 hónapja
  • I read the book, way back when it first came out, and while there were some departures from the book in the show, they were well done and woven in to the show seamlessly so you didn't feel a jolt. I love the fact that Margaret Atwood is part of the television production, so it's still her vision and her voice.

    Angela JohnsonAngela Johnson8 hónapja
  • I read the book back in the early 90's shortly after seeing the original movie (Not bad, but the series is better). The biggest difference I noted is that in the book the commander isn't as evil, just kind of pathetic.

    highflight41highflight419 hónapja
    • Well they have to keep viewers. So certain things do you have to change.

      KristinapediaKristinapedia7 hónapja
  • The book Handmaid's Tale is excellent; its sequel, The Testaments, is also outstanding.

    Claudia GisolfiClaudia Gisolfi9 hónapja
  • I just can say that in the book I didn’t cry, in the tv show I can’t stop crying every two episodes.

    Alexis LaraAlexis Lara9 hónapja
  • I first read the book in 1990 (before I saw the movie) I read it every 5 years since

    Jennifer RamirezJennifer Ramirez9 hónapja
  • Even though the tv show acts like it’s a post racial story, it’s not because the black characters in the show are treated like disposable that end up killed or are side characters whose only purpose is to help the white characters.

    TheLeah2344TheLeah23449 hónapja
  • Please do not ignore the fact that the book was written in mid 80׳s,while the show plot happens nowadays....woman are more activists.PEOPLE are more activists.

    David OhanaDavid Ohana9 hónapja
  • Imagine that a Jewish person ran for president and won--maybe Sanders, maybe someone competent; for our purposes here it doesn't really matter. Imagine that his opponents responsed by adapting "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" or "The Turner Diaries" into a series, with at least four seasons. Imagine that celebrities and politicians sang its praises, declaring that "The Protocols" have always been a prophetic work about a real threat, but never more so than now. Imagine that the show was showered with awards despite being of poor quality, because it's "message" was so important. Imagine that opponents of this president dressed up as characters from the "Protocols" or the "Diaries" for protests and disruptions. Now imagine that Jews are told they have no right to speak against this--in fact, if you're a Jew and this show offends you, that only proves that you're one of the "Bad Ones" and this video is hitting a little too close to home for you. Indeed, you should consider this show as PRO-Jewish; it's helping you out, and teaching you how to be a better Jew. That's "The Handmaid's Tale" in a nutshell.

    Ken AbbottKen Abbott9 hónapja
  • I read the book and have not seen the series yet. But I did like the book - however, it is tough to read now given what is going on in our current lives. Every time she mentions "the time before" I reflect on how we are also beginning to speak that way about how things were a few months ago.

    Ally SunAlly Sun10 hónapja
  • I just read the book last night!!!

    Shawn ClarkShawn Clark10 hónapja
  • 6) fuck I didn't even realize they executed her lover. I thought they just had found out she was a lesbian and just felt for the other woman. weird I didn't notice that.

    stummkindstummkind10 hónapja
  • It will be Gilead if the Dems win, already scary enough there's a pharmaceutical company called Gilead.

    SWAGSWAG10 hónapja
    • @shockvaluecola lol and he should delete his acount. @swag literally missed the whole plot of gilead

      Memphis StefMemphis Stef9 hónapja
    • this is the dumbest comment on this video. please log off immediately.

      shockvaluecolashockvaluecola10 hónapja
  • 7:13 when did that happen? who's that handmaid?

    GoldGold10 hónapja
    • That's the handmaid before Offred/June. She committed suicide because she couldn't handle being one.

      KristinapediaKristinapedia7 hónapja
  • I finally saw the voice of Watchmojo! I think I heard one other woman and a gentleman but you're the voice of the channel where I am concerned

    vidhead85vidhead8510 hónapja
  • The show has done a great job at modernizing and expanding the story telling and world building that was quickly suggested by the book. I liked the book for what it was then and love the show for what it is now.

    C. CorletC. Corlet10 hónapja
  • the book is great. I can't believe how maraget atwood came up with all of the details. but the show gave life to the story. the way they created the characters made it feel so much more real than the book ever did

    MaaikeMaaike10 hónapja
  • They allowed minority handmaids and children to be around because this is set in the world TODAY but they knew beggars can't be choosers. the book isn't as realistic really because they would be accepting and thankful for ANY baby as most did not survive. The show is more realistic, but you would get some racists who want only white handmaids, babies, marthas etc. Back in 1989 the world was so different. I prefer the show but it does make me so angry most of the time.

    Yummy FoodYummy Food11 hónapja
  • Emily in the book kills herself, and you dont know if her name is actually emily

    Leila Martin JaLeila Martin Ja11 hónapja
    • @Something in the Rain yeah she is part of Mayday and when they come to get her she kills herself because if not they will torture her and get everyone else's information out of her

      therabbithattherabbithat3 hónapja
    • Omg really?

      Something in the RainSomething in the Rain3 hónapja
  • I am listening to it on audible now. So far so good. I have already binged the show. It is great.

    Shannon WoodShannon Wood11 hónapja
    • @Kybele Kordax no I have not listened to the latter. I am also finding I like the show better then the book and that is unusual for me.

      Shannon WoodShannon Wood10 hónapja
    • Like yourself, I also have it on Audible and also "The Testaments". Have you listened to the latter? I so, what did you think? I enjoyed it but found Lydia a bit ridiculous in terms of the disingenuousness that we're supposed to believe she engaged in whilst the tv series shows no signs of this at all., quite the opposite so they';ll have to bridge the two books and in season 4 r so to fix this issue.

      Kybele KordaxKybele Kordax10 hónapja
  • read the book

    Evelyn Lee BarneyEvelyn Lee Barney11 hónapja
  • You say that it's a tough show to binge but I finished it in under 72 hours

    Abhinav KhadikarAbhinav Khadikar11 hónapja
  • You could have also mentioned that in the book there are two Marthas in Offred’s house, Rita and Cora, but in the show it is only Rita, who the actress herself actually has said she likes to take on aspects of both Rita and Cora and put them into one for her character, and she does this effortlessly.

    CJ SmithCJ Smith11 hónapja
    • @Something in the Rain she’s a different person entirely compared to the original Cora

      Benjamin ByrnisonBenjamin Byrnison2 hónapja
    • In the show Cora became martha at commander lawrence house?

      Something in the RainSomething in the Rain3 hónapja
  • 🙋🏼‍♀️ Me! I’ve read the book at least four times!

    Stacey LaValley LambertStacey LaValley Lambert11 hónapja
  • I don’t know if being maimed is less horrible than having your eye plucked. 😩 Great video tho

    Toni JohnsonToni Johnson11 hónapja
  • ı am just watching the show and i am in last episodes of the second season and this show is AWESOME. Deflnltely i am going to read the book

    Bahadir SezerBahadir Sezer11 hónapja
  • I get choked up every time I see the canadian flag too, no show will make you love canada more

    Haley DeanHaley Dean11 hónapja
  • This seems to be the most depressing program to invest time in. Why would you invest your time in watching a program that just degrades women? I think society loves seeing people in pain and misery.

    Francine PrevostFrancine Prevost11 hónapja
  • Is the book a commentary on how badly men have been treated in the past? Because ALL cultures have protected women more than men. Like genital mutilation. If you mutilate a girl you get 10-15 years in prison. If you mutilate a boy, the government will PAY YOU $14 via medicare.

    sirskepticsirskeptic11 hónapja
    • @Kybele Kordax I used to live in Indonesia. I've looked into and lived in Islamic societies - they favour women too.

      sirskepticsirskeptic10 hónapja
    • You need to look into Islamic societies before making judgements about this.

      Kybele KordaxKybele Kordax10 hónapja
  • Hi everyone! Me and my boyfriend read the book out loud to each other via Skype during the pandemic. I am from Czechia and he is from Slovakia, but we study at the same university in Czech and have been together in a relationship for over six months. Tomorrow it will be exactly two months since we saw each other in person, but hopefully this Friday we will finally embrace each other again. I am proud of us because our relationship has grown so much despite the distance and separation. However I can’t wait to be in his arms again. Be strong everyone and have faith! (Pardon my grammar 😅)

    Ludmila SpilkováLudmila SpilkováÉvvel
    • Hi Ludmilla. Have you met your boyfriend physically yet, or are you still in lockdown? I'm in Australia, and it's a lovely matter that your boyfriend will read the book - many men I know won't read anything like this book whether the initial novel or even the fist movie, let alone this series.Have you read "The Testaments yet?

      Kybele KordaxKybele Kordax10 hónapja
  • No one really talks about how this show tackles the refugee/immigration "crisis"

    Sahar KhanSahar KhanÉvvel
    • What "crisis"? The novel was published in 1985. The show is based on the novel.

      Susan StensonSusan Stenson2 hónapja
    • ​@Angela Johnson that's not true, the "immigration crisis" doesn't exist now and it didn't exist in the 80s... it's just the US didn't separate kids from their parents and then sexually assault them and put them in cages in the 80s.. that's not an immigration crisis that's a moral crisis There have always been refugees, in 1907 there were 1 million people immigrated to the US, for example, there were always people who were against that, who wanted racial quotas, etc. Nothing is new it's just being reframed all the time

      therabbithattherabbithat3 hónapja
    • @Angela Johnson I think she meant from Canada's perspective, in the story, not the actual one happening right now lol.

      Brad MillerBrad Miller7 hónapja
    • Because it didn't exist in the 1980s when the book was written, so in the TV show, it never happened.

      Angela JohnsonAngela Johnson8 hónapja
  • Janine told Aunt Lydia to fuck off and got her eye plucked out but Offred did alot of worse things and only got the bottoms of her feet whipped ( which i'm sure is excruciating, but i'd rather that than get my eye plucked out). Why does everyone else get such harsher punishments?

    Alyssa RoseAlyssa RoseÉvvel
  • This show really is disturbing!

    Anjounet LeavellAnjounet LeavellÉvvel
  • Hi Lady Mojo, the difference 11 (must be a 12) is the setting, Toronto, but we need an adaptation for the catholic Latinoamerica with its syntomatical differences between rich and poor women, would be an interesting one, the thing is you whites are not so brave against that situations below you.

    Edson NavarrusEdson NavarrusÉvvel
  • For #7 the salvaging I've always had a feeling that aunt Lidia was lying about what he did and that she was making it up because a handmade was actually in love with the guy.

    AshAsh MarieAshAsh MarieÉvvel
    • Even if the relationship (if it had been true) were consensual, in Gilead any man who lays with a handmaid that isn't supposed to is considered a rapist.

      mandlerparr1mandlerparr12 napja
    • @me Lisa It is. Every captive population needs some kind of outlet for their emotions, and the handmaids being allowed to kill a man every now and then was considered a healthy thing by the leaders of Gilead. That particular man was part of Mayday, so Ofglen killed him quickly with a couple of kicks to the head (so he wouldn't suffer as much). The other women wouldn't have noticed, and continued tearing him limb from limb.

      Susan StensonSusan Stenson2 hónapja
    • I thought it was to vent off and take their anger out

      me Lisame Lisa4 hónapja
    • @Lee Lee after the girls finish killing the guy, Offred takes Ofglen aside and is like "WTF?" And Ofglen is like "Ain't Lydia is lying, he was part of the resistance."

      Brad MillerBrad Miller4 hónapja
    • @Brad Miller can u explain the scene i think i missed the hint

      Lee LeeLee Lee4 hónapja
  • We started watching the series through Netflix a few weeks ago. I am now re-reading the book. We also have bought and read the 2nd book which is excellent. Despite the differences between the book and the series,. I do believe that the series does a good job of portraying the characters and explains a lot more of where they came from and some of the other things which are just inferred in the book.

    Shawnne Tessman-Mc KennaShawnne Tessman-Mc KennaÉvvel
    • Netflix? I thought only Hulu had this show.

      Alyssa RoseAlyssa RoseÉvvel
  • But the show doesnt make any can offred now be " strong"/ rebellious .. If you stood up to the women they would literally maime you with steel rods..or pluck your eye out. Or hang's a brutal dictatorship basically. It's like living in north korea.

    Leo HLeo HÉvvel
    • Or in Iran and other Islamic countries where Islamic tenets are used to justify misogyny, mixed in with the Chinese government's '1984' behaviour where everyone's faces are scanned, citizens are surveilled constantly and given points for good or bad behaviour, omen are forced to have abortions etc.

      Kybele KordaxKybele Kordax10 hónapja
  • The irony is offred is older than i expected...shouldnt she be like 20.. Then they made the commander and his wife younger.. i always saw them as atleast 60... In this show ofred looks 35 plus..the commander maybe 40

    Leo HLeo HÉvvel
    • Offred should be about 25, so it would be plausible to have a daughter of Hannah's age (the daughter's name isn't Hannah in the book).

      Susan StensonSusan StensonÉvvel
  • Reading thr book now.. tbh, it's a bit boring

    A KA KÉvvel
  • Never did read the book watched the movie with my sisters. We weren't supposed to but it was the good old days of VHS mom and dad left sooo ☺ pretty heavy for a 12yr a 14yr and a 16yr. The new version is way more disturbing.

    shasha tarotshasha tarotÉvvel
  • I read the book and I absolutely adored it. One of my favourites

    kira thompsonkira thompsonÉvvel
  • I read the book long ago and also the Madd Addam Trilogy. I also saw the original film. When HMT was announced for serialization I thought "why?" it has already been filmed and I wanted to see Oryx & Crake et. al. filmed instead. When I saw the first episode I quickly changed my mind.

  • Read the book, one of my faves

    Alice PereiraAlice PereiraÉvvel
  • I think it's too easy to criticize June because we are on the outside and are powerless to stop anything. June can't be the same because it's a constant change in a sense that the whole show is essentially moving towards an ultimatum where you're with or against them.

    Amanda MIlbrodtAmanda MIlbrodtÉvvel
  • Season 3 come already

    edem dogbeedem dogbeÉvvel
  • Handmaids get away with far more in the series than the book. They were much more restricted in the book.

  • I get moody as well

    Ashlei HarveyAshlei HarveyÉvvel
  • the concealer under your eyes is really obvious FYI

  • I’m reading the book now. Wondering why I didn’t read it when it came out in the 80s. Oh yeah I hated reading then. Der. I’ve caught up on the TV show and just now reading the book. One thing I always enjoy about reading is getting into what the character is thinking but the tv show does a pretty good job of least in the beginning. On Jezabel chapter. Wondering if I will find out how she got makeup and clothing.

    The TheThe TheÉvvel
  • One of my all time favorite books. The show just enhances and elaborates more stuff. I really hope we're not heading this direction. I don't want to see my any female(especially family and friends)in this fucked situation.

    Mauntrae DouglasMauntrae DouglasÉvvel
    • Mauntrae Douglas Can you not see that we draw closer everyday, especially under Trump and his racist evangelical misogynistic horde?

      Lisa VennefronLisa VennefronÉvvel
  • For me the biggest differences between the book and TV series are, June doesn't have Nick's baby in the book, she is pregnant in the end though, and Luke is thought to be dead on the book - not living in Canada. In fact, Canada is not portrayed as such an amazing place helping refugees of Gilead at all in the book. I have always preferred books to films etc until this! The series says so much more that I actually prefer it to the book.

  • It’s fascinating how many developments that came about only in the series, not in the original book, are included in The Testaments.

    Marla ErwinMarla ErwinÉvvel
    • if a team of writers come along and fix your work for you and even take you on as a consultant when they don't have to because you already sold all the rights to the book years previously and don't own any part of it any more... well you'd be pretty grateful they did all that work for you wouldn't you

      therabbithattherabbithat3 hónapja
  • I read the book before watching the show. That's kind of my thing. It's interesting to see the differences between the book and the show. Book June is meek. Show June is strong.

    Katherine JordanKatherine JordanÉvvel
  • *_1990 movie is better than the show, not gonna lie_*

  • I read it 5 years ago. It was of course before the show and I didn’t even know there would be a show. Loved the book.

  • What’s with the headphones around the neck? Moving forward, I enjoyed this clip up until I saw the last few seconds of it, so cringeworthy....

    raw riceraw riceÉvvel
  • Reading the book and watching the show.

    Heather In BuffaloHeather In BuffaloÉvvel
  • I’ve read both books

    Janeal JohnsonJaneal JohnsonÉvvel
  • Read the book about 20 years ago. Just starting Atwood’s sequel. It’s frightening how friggin smart she is and spot on 👀😳🙀😩 🐑🗽

    Laurie GambleLaurie GambleÉvvel
  • I read the book. In fact, I just finished it a few days ago.

    Kathy FordKathy FordÉvvel
  • I'm so sick of this "she had arthritis, so she is old" deduction. Once again for the people in the back-- Arthritis does not equal old. Babies are born with arthritis. I've had arthritis since I was 25. For the sake of people who already have to live with chronic pain, stop perpetuating this myth.

    Nicole WestbomNicole WestbomÉvvel
    • @Something in the Rain Read the book.

      Susan StensonSusan Stenson2 hónapja
    • @Chris Snyder The book was very explicit. Non-Caucasians were persona non grata in Gilead, and it was the same for Jews - absolutely not welcome.

      Susan StensonSusan Stenson2 hónapja
    • It's not a myth as far as the character goes. The description of Serena Joy in the novel is very explicit. She is NOT a young woman. She's past her childbearing years, no doubt about it.

      Susan StensonSusan Stenson2 hónapja
    • I think they’re just using that as an example to show that in the book Serena joy was definitely an older woman. There are other references to her age in the book, although I don’t remember them exactly offhand. But yes, people can have arthritis at very very young ages. 😊

      Robin ParkerRobin Parker2 hónapja
    • I have had arthritis since I was six years old. I must be an ancient.

      JinxJinx2 hónapja