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A journey not in vain. Catch up on Serena's journey before the Season 4 premiere on April 28, 2021. Seasons 1-3 of The Handmaid’s Tale are streaming now only on Hulu.
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  • plot twist: esther is serenas daughter

    Diara Ziva DiazDiara Ziva Diaz2 napja
  • It’s scary because if Fred got Serena pregnant there is a chance Nicole is Fred’s, but if mark got Serena pregnant and Serena returns to Gilled people may put two & two together & figure out she cheated.

    Daniel LorenzoDaniel Lorenzo4 napja
  • Ahhh, I see! The Waterford storyline turns into Kramer vs Kramer, and that precipitates the fall of Gilead. Their house of power implodes because they turn against each other...and over a child. How ironic.

    Kerry LuckettKerry Luckett11 napja
  • The ones who actually feel bad for Serena, I’m just like 🙄

    Darko _Darko _12 napja
  • I can't stand Serena. The only good thing about her being pregnant is that maybe now she'll leave Nicole alone. I swear to all that is holy I see red mist every single time Serena refers to Nicole as "HER baby". 😡😡 As a side note ---> shout out to Yvonne S. for her role as Serena! What an incredible actress! 💜💜

    Crimson CloverCrimson Clover14 napja
  • I wish the baby would be Tuello's tbh but given what we hear in this trailer I don't see it happening

    MlleMandiseMlleMandise14 napja
  • Plot twist: Nick and Serena were secret lovers...he’s the father of her baby!

    Blaze EBlaze E17 napja
  • You know I can see the logic in making her character with child. I hope this makes her character truly see the devastation she’s caused and what it feels like to have a child that is one you’ve made. I wonder what that will do to her conscience when she considers the amount of handmaids who’ve had their babies taken from them under her regime. Now that she’s pregnant with her own child.

    FashioneyestaFashioneyesta19 napja

    AloyAloy19 napja
  • Jag är rädd att en sådan verklighet förbereds för oss av högerregeringar och män

    Elisabeth PelkaElisabeth Pelka20 napja
  • i gladly hope nothing but the worst for Serena :D

    Sandor KocsoSandor Kocso20 napja
  • Let me guess: She will end up as the handmaid somehow in the season end..

    Maria MalykMaria Malyk20 napja
    • Fingers crossed :)

      deadoralive cowboydeadoralive cowboy20 napja
  • I don’t like how they keep trying to make us feel sorry for her. She is a terrible person and she deserves to Suffer more than those of other women did. Gi lead wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for Serena.

    Feminine LogicFeminine Logic20 napja
  • I feel like Serena is a direct descendant of Cersei.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Gabriela CardGabriela Card19 napja
    • Lol

      deadoralive cowboydeadoralive cowboy20 napja
  • I was not expecting this plot twist. Not at all.

    Annie Marie StClairAnnie Marie StClair20 napja
  • I love Serena!.....strong, undeterred and now pregnant 👊🏼 praise be!

    Carel Le Roux BothaCarel Le Roux Botha21 napja
  • I hate her so much. I hope she looses her child or has it taken away from her. My apologies to Yvonne Strahovski.

    Tauriel Daughter of MirkwoodTauriel Daughter of Mirkwood21 napja
  • This show is still systemically misogynist...the man tells Serena she is pregnant.

    Bernadette HealeyBernadette Healey21 napja
  • Best character with so many layers and all thanks to Yvonne that is Spectacular! I hope to see her more in S4

    Stella DTStella DT22 napja
  • Wait why does Fred hate Serena right now?

    Sher ChuSher Chu22 napja
  • I'm losing my mind!!!! I love Yvonne Strahovski--she has created an amazingly horrific character. I can't wait to see what Serena gets up to in Season 4

    Jacqui BellevilleJacqui Belleville23 napja
  • b-but how?

    Lady AluucardLady Aluucard23 napja
  • I thought the wives couldn't get pregnant

    Elaina GossettElaina Gossett23 napja
  • Did I just watch a spoiler?

    Eli HalychEli Halych23 napja
  • Writers will have to explain very carefully why the heck she got what she wanted: a baby. However, I trust them, The Handmaid's Tale is been amazingly well done.

    River RojasRiver Rojas24 napja
  • This is Serena's second pregnancy, by the way. "May the Lord make her truly worthy and bring forth His miracle." Remember Serena was shot in the lower abdomen and doctors told her she could never have children. This can only be a true miracle and a sign that Serena has been divinely blessed.

    Ken NicholsonKen Nicholson24 napja
  • Praise be! 😊

    SRBang0409SRBang040924 napja
  • Is Serena pregnant by her husband or someone else??

    pamela jacksonpamela jackson25 napja
  • Honestly i feel sorry for Serena but she let us down too many times and she can not face with the truths

    duruduru25 napja
  • Currently having a major freakout Spasm attack, *SERENAS PREGNANT?*

    Vadosa ValentinaVadosa Valentina25 napja
  • How come she's pregnant?? I doubt that mr. tuello is the father , so I have no clue

    William SantosWilliam Santos26 napja
    • Parthenogenesis.

      Ken NicholsonKen Nicholson24 napja
  • I think they put a big spoiler in that trailer, that Serena is pregnant :(

    Boris BrathBoris Brath26 napja
  • Fonzie jumped the shark... This is SO MUCH WORSE

    jim jimjim jim26 napja

    ruerue26 napja
  • She created this whole world around her, trapped herself in it, and is, essentially, burning out from the inside as all the bars fall down around her. I love her and I hate her, and I am in constant awe of the show's handling of her. I want to see her destruction in the same way I love to see her joy.

    ruerue26 napja
  • Bro she can’t be pregnant. She doesn’t deserve a baby of her own- they would have to take it away from her anyways

    EnzoEnzo27 napja
  • OMG!!

    maja Gwłmaja Gwł27 napja
  • Plot twist the men aren’t sterile they just don’t want to bag their wives

    Ashleelala SmithAshleelala Smith27 napja
  • She is pregnant ?!?!?!?!?!?!

    KDropKDrop28 napja
  • God i love her, she is truly good

    Happy jrHappy jr28 napja
  • I’m SO WORRIED that since Serena is pregnant that they will say that Nicole/Holly is FRED’S baby! That they’ll fight to have her DNA tested, and they’ll find out that N/H is Fred’s baby! And then June/Nick won’t have the baby as a connection anymore! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    pixiedustgirl13pixiedustgirl1328 napja
    • They confirmed in the last season that Nick is the father, and in some cases the husband of the mother can claim the child even if there's no shared DNA. Don't know what Canadian laws are like but still...

      nikki2jessicanikki2jessica16 napja
    • That would be so sick I'd stop watching

      reinvent lovereinvent love19 napja
    • Yeah that would be a TV flip both children are actually Freds. Taking power from June & erasing Nick which then harms Nick & makes him think on what else he'll do.

      destroyraidendestroyraiden26 napja
  • Can't wait. My favourite character

    dacedace29 napja
  • Yooooooooooooooo

    David CkoocieDavid Ckoocie29 napja
  • W H A T

    El RoherEl Roher29 napja
  • Great plot twist. Is Fred sterile? Who’s the baby’s father? There are set photos of Fred and Serena in Gilead and she’s pregnant. Can’t wait!

    clb2224clb222429 napja
  • Shes is tied to Fred yet!🤣🤣

    Carlos AyalaCarlos AyalaHónapja
  • This is going to get so good!! Serena will have this baby, her life long dream, everything she has ever wanted. But, The Canadian government will take custody of the baby while Serena is being prosecuted, but better yet when Canada finally decides to go to war with Gilead. During this war Serena will come to finally realize finally fully understand why June is willing to risk her life and do ANYTHING necessary to save her daughter. Serena will absolutely feel the pain and despair a mother feels when a government takes their child from them. Oh, i can not wait!! So so good!!

    Stephy duhStephy duhHónapja
    • I think this is a good suggestion but Serena will loose the baby either at or shortly after birth it won't live long. In the books there are only both of June's children, sure this could be a deviation but I doubt they'll let the baby live because it would cause more strife to Serena to loose her dream child and therefore relate to June and maybe turn fully on Gilead she can provide governmental higherarchies as well as Fred can and he can be blamed for talking while she walks. Because in the books both of them are in Gilead once the teenaged Nicole returns and the book starts to get boring so I hope they don't follow the book too much.

      destroyraidendestroyraiden26 napja
  • I hope Fred realizes that can’t be his baby & Serena has to have her baby taken & becomes a handmaid that’s what she deserves not to be happy & a mother but a handmaid

  • I hope Serena goes down in Season 4. She does not deserve any ounce of happiness after everything she's done. Yvonne Strahovski is such an amazing actress though, she does such a good job at portraying Serena.

    • She looks so much like olivia wilde! I cant be the only one who thinks that, right?

      AromaAroma19 napja
    • @winter is here Not they really dont, they deserve the ability to seek forgiveness but no one has to forgive them, its in their own right

      Angelina jacksonAngelina jackson21 napja
    • Everybody deserves forgiveness if they seek it

      winter is herewinter is here21 napja
  • I truly want them to take that baby away from her. That way she can feel the pain she made all of the handmaids go through.

  • Serena Allah seni bildiği gibi yapsın. Bahçen bahar görmesin nalet karı

    Anıl KuzeyAnıl KuzeyHónapja
    • dndndnxnnxnznnxndn

      zeynep zeynepzeynep zeynep21 napja
  • 5$ says the Canadian guy is who gets Serena pregnant. What a twist that Fred throws her to the wolves and she becomes a handmaid

    jake wintzerjake wintzerHónapja
    • I add 5$ to that Bc Fred is sterile . He couldn’t get June pregnant and she had a higher chance then Serena .

      Bassethound Family in HOUSTON TXBassethound Family in HOUSTON TX21 napja
  • I love and hate Serena. Man, such a great show!!

  • I’m confused :( I thought her baby daddy was sterile????????????? I need answers

    Natalie SerranoNatalie SerranoHónapja
  • There's only 3 options 1) she loses the baby and goes after Nichole harder than ever which is dumb because they've done that like 5 times already 2) she has the baby and loses interest in Nichole which makes this thing pointless 3) they take the baby which could be ok but still feels meh I hope she's not actually pregnant and Tuello is somehow lying to her

    Rhyan ShelbyRhyan ShelbyHónapja

      Ken NicholsonKen Nicholson24 napja
    • Or she has the baby, the baby is given away to someone else and she become an Handmaid and face her own creation : D

      Sloane PSloane PHónapja
  • wait?!?!?!? she is pregnant!!

  • New season will be a blast.... ❤️

  • Can you imagine the plot twist is Nicole beign actually Fred's?

    Daniela SilvaDaniela SilvaHónapja
    • Please noooooo.

      Erin P.Erin P.24 napja
  • at least now she will leave nicole finally alone but this new baby is in for the rough stuff with having their mom and dad being the waterfords 👀

  • I believe in justice. I believe the government of Canada finds her unfit to raise a child and find the baby a new family. Then, the circle will be complete.

    Klára LeblochováKlára LeblochováHónapja
  • Oooh, and the plot thickens. Now what if she was extradited back to Giliad and her punishment is to become a Handmaid!!

    • Twelfth Lady praying it happens !!

      crystal Castillocrystal Castillo13 órája
    • @Ellis D omg which trailer is that?!

      Jared SantiagoJared Santiago22 napja
    • That's what I've always said all along, that she's fertile and the ultimate justice would be her becoming a handmaid.

      Twelfth LadyTwelfth Lady22 napja
    • YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      mariakaimariakai26 napja
    • Well considering she becomes pregnant in one of the other trailers and then it shows Fred freeing her. That will most likely happen.

      Ellis DEllis DHónapja
  • I still don't think it's freds he is clearly sterile I think she slept with tuello

    Blazing PhoenixBlazing PhoenixHónapja
    • Parthenogenesis

      Ken NicholsonKen Nicholson24 napja
    • If she did , she took the bribe of coconuts and treason

      Shay’s WorldShay’s WorldHónapja
  • I *hate* her, but I also want her to have a better life and to tell everything she knows to the rest of the world.

    cold toastcold toastHónapja
  • Blessed be the fruit - but not the poisoned tree it comes from.

  • PLOT TWIST: mr. tuello got serena joy preggers

    Phoebus Apollo GarciaPhoebus Apollo GarciaHónapja
    • I hope they drive home the just deserts for her, because she'll have to go through the whole pregnancy, knowing that the state will take her baby and give it to someone else. Or at least I hope that's what they do.

      Hi, I'm Ellen -JKSHi, I'm Ellen -JKS2 napja
    • No! I hate that idea. It’s Fred’s baby no doubt it was hinted in season 3 when they got it on in that farm house just before the arrest.

      Cindi MamsCindi Mams14 napja
    • It has to be an IVF baby. Think back to when Tuello was trying to woo Serena to strike a deal- he made comments along the lines of, that they had already been working on developing a scientific solution to the fertility crisis. The more you think about, the more it seems that this is the only possiblity.

      TheAguyer89TheAguyer8918 napja
    • Did they say that last season!?

      DangerouskoalaDangerouskoala18 napja
    • @Sha_na_naz ! I wish more ppl felt like this!!! She is a terrible person lol idk why ppl like her smh

      Don't Have oneDon't Have one22 napja
  • Naaaaa quejesto! Bueno quizá hasta mejor sea que tenga su propio hijo a ver si ya Serena deja la ladilla y la obsecion xd

    Carla CorreaCarla CorreaHónapja
  • Why do they spoil everything is trailers??? Ugh we didn’t need to know that😭

  • Praise Be, we received a new teaser! Since it is Serena, we DO NOT recieve with joy!

    Nick McIntoshNick McIntoshHónapja
    • @Al Chanel I don't even know who you are 😭🤣

      Nick McIntoshNick McIntoshHónapja
    • you stole my comment :(

      Al ChanelAl ChanelHónapja
  • Freedom is Not A State of Mind! ...tell that to someone actually in chains.

    NathanAlexander GuessNathanAlexander GuessHónapja
    • True dat

      deadoralive cowboydeadoralive cowboy28 napja
  • Theory: The baby isn’t Fred’s, it’s the Canada agent who offered Serena freedom.

    JJ CsCo95JJ CsCo95Hónapja
    • @PotatoPuppy that’s what I’m saying!

      Lee HLee HHónapja
    • Nooo que feo pobre hombre con esa loca

      Carla CorreaCarla CorreaHónapja
    • but Tuello and Serena have never knocked niblets sooooo. its gotta be Freds

    • yep because they hinted soo many times that Fred is sterile

      H KH KHónapja
    • I really hope so but i feel like it migjt be freds. :=

      Eva GerritsenEva GerritsenHónapja
  • Hope they take the baby. She’s unfit

    Xavi EstrellaXavi EstrellaHónapja
  • She has come to realize that Gilead was a bad idea! If for one second did she think that destroying a perfect democracy and replacing it with an authoritarian theocracy to solve a birth rate issue was good? She's definitely getting the picture now!

    Dylan SmithDylan SmithHónapja
    • She has in the past exused the lose of power women have by saying that its a small sacrafice. Also she not only agreed with Fred but she also helped push the narative and the coup which started everything off. I think if it hadnt had been for her Fred would never had gone through with it. After all we have seen how weak he was until women lost their power. She is the powerhouse in the relationship, I think thats why her and June came to logger headss so many times as both of them are strong powerful women in their own rights both of whom were fighting for dominance. Hence Sarena lashing out so often at June reminding her of her place. trying to squash her fight and power yet ending up needing it at the sametime. What I am waiting for is when June and Aunt Lydia meet, then hair and fists will fly. We have already seen that June manages to get under her skin, after all June finished the line from the bible which angered her a lot.

      Daniel SmithDaniel SmithHónapja
    • Another part of that is that before Gilead she was a Christian conservative who convinced people that women had lost their way and it was their fault that the birth rate was down. Her book wasn’t called ‘A Woman’s Place’ for nothing. She thought traditional values were lost.

      Shay’s WorldShay’s WorldHónapja
  • I have such a love/hate relationship with Serena. She can be a truly despicable person but she also has times when she's a better person. She has definitely been mistreated by Fred and nearly everyone in Gilead to be honest but she doesn't deserve to not face justice. Yvonne Strahovski is such a phenomenal actress and she is amazing at portraying such a complex character!

    Geronimo ProductionsGeronimo ProductionsHónapja
    • The women arent in charge here. The men are in charge in Gilead

      Bernadette HealeyBernadette Healey21 napja
    • I love that this show lets us see many different sides to each character. Just like you and I aren’t all bad or all good, neither are these characters.

      Jessica CJessica C23 napja
    • Serena was the women who made up tge society of gilead at it's core she doesn't deserve happiness

      Asma KhanAsma Khan24 napja
    • Did you bother to read the books? Did you really watch the series?? Serena was an architect of this monstrosity of a society. She should be judged the hardest (and yes, the actress is good, but lets not lose sight of the plot).

      True GritTrue Grit24 napja
    • @H K i dont feel bad for serena at all. she created this. now she gets to live with what she created

      ????24 napja
  • Serena is my favorite!!

    Isabel Zellmann-RohrerIsabel Zellmann-RohrerHónapja
  • I don't think Fred is the father, he is infertile

    Maya Eden OlsenMaya Eden OlsenHónapja
    • @Lee H It hasn't happened yet if he is the father

      Rhyan ShelbyRhyan ShelbyHónapja
    • @Shay’s World I didn’t know serena and tulleo got it on! When did that happen?

      Lee HLee HHónapja
    • I think it’s Tulleo too. He’s about the only liable candidate.

      Shay’s WorldShay’s WorldHónapja
    • I agree with you, I think it is the Canada agent who offered her freedom.

      JJ CsCo95JJ CsCo95Hónapja
  • wow

  • the new season is going to be amazing

    Lucas BuenoLucas BuenoHónapja
  • I'm so ready for this season ! I hope Serena ends up with Mark Tuello, their chemistry is fire

    • @Molly LeBlanc Well I understand your point of view, it's true that Serena has done terrible things and deserves to pay for that. However, I think she's a very complex character and that she tends to become a better person (especially since season 3), so a part of me wants to see her help to bring down Gilead and redeem herself

    • Seriously? Serena needs to pay for her actions promoting and supporting Gilead. And I don’t think Mark Tuello would ever stoop to being with her. He has too much loyalty to America and freedom to allow himself that.

      Molly LeBlancMolly LeBlancHónapja
  • I can't believe they rewarded her by giving her the one thing she wanted the most...after EVERYTHING SHE HAS DONE.

    Javier AlmonacidJavier AlmonacidHónapja
    • @Koko Ni wow 🤯 that would be insane

      iloveonionsiloveonions11 napja
    • @Katie that would be super interesting actually

      iloveonionsiloveonions11 napja
    • @Kelly Vanspybrook Putnams? That would be terrible fate for the child. Naomi Putnam already has Angela, and she sees the child just as status symbol. She's been mentioned to complain a lot about the child, and also almost killed her with lack of love and proper care... No child should be raised in family like this... Even in Gilead, there are better ones... For example, the MacKenzies seem to care for Hannah, the Winslow children were also treated nicely...

      KatieKatie22 napja
    • @destroyraiden in the book, Serena was past middle aged, had arthritis, and walked with a cane. Unless the Testaments is being worked into the show, this could go in a completely different direction.

      Kelly VanspybrookKelly Vanspybrook25 napja
    • @Agnieszka Michulka we do not know for a fact that Fred is sterile. Everyone just always assumed.

      Kelly VanspybrookKelly Vanspybrook25 napja
  • Oh wow, this is a game changer. Guess their overnight stay was eventful. How comes she has shown no signs before? Also would it not have been picked up when they had a medical when they first arrived? After all since being in Canada her and Fred have not been in the same room let alone bed.

    Daniel SmithDaniel SmithHónapja
    • @Lee H Im guessing Fred, afterall do we have a time scale for how long they have been in Canada for? There was that lay over they had just before being captured in which they shared a room maybe even a bed. I know there was an idea floated around that Fred took Serna but it was decided against as they had shaired a loving moment prior to the the bedroom shot. Whos to say they didnt share a bed.

      Daniel SmithDaniel SmithHónapja
    • Who’s the father?

      Lee HLee HHónapja
  • I'm addicted to this show Serena Joy is my favorite character. I have so much empathy for her she's a wonderful person.💕👸🏼

    Sophia DavenportSophia DavenportHónapja
    • Serena is such a horrible person she doesn't even deserve to die.

      Indira SarkarIndira Sarkar29 napja
    • @BeneMaNonBenone I love villains 👹

      Sophia DavenportSophia DavenportHónapja
    • @Molly LeBlanc Yes I have

      Sophia DavenportSophia DavenportHónapja
    • She's a good character, but a terrible person.

      Danilo CvjetkovićDanilo CvjetkovićHónapja
    • Rofl

      Melissa H.Melissa H.Hónapja
  • She does not deserve to be pregnant and Fred does not deserve to be the father.

    Marcos SniguraMarcos SniguraHónapja
    • Since when ha AHT been fair?

      Isabel Zellmann-RohrerIsabel Zellmann-RohrerHónapja
    • @kissedbyflames it's true

      Marcos SniguraMarcos SniguraHónapja
    • No. But a pregnancy doesn’t mean a baby.

  • De quem é esse filho???

    One SelenatorOne SelenatorHónapja
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  • Very good !

    Trailers Na VeiaTrailers Na VeiaHónapja
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    Fandom GodFandom GodHónapja
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    Mr creamy BoyMr creamy BoyHónapja