I adopted a cat.

Schlatt adopts a cat.

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AWW! Schlatt talks about how he adopted Jambo, a 6-month old orange tabby. Jambo, or, as jschlatt's twitch chat calls him, Soup, or, Jcat, or, Andrew Yang's Chicken Soup Surprise, is the newest addition to the Jschlatt Family. Jambo has already been getting tons of love on Twitter, where Schlatt's Twitter Alt (still Twitter Unverified) posts frequent photos of the Cute Lovable Kitten for hundreds of thousands of likes. I enjoy seeing all of the angry Quote Retweets on pictures of Jambo, and laugh at your lack of a father figure. I have a cute cat and you don't!

No, this is not a Minecraft Manhunt vs 5 Hunters video (even though I would love to take a break from my 24/7 Dream SMP Minecraft 1.17 stream). TommyInnit doesn't make this video 1000x Funnier. Wilbur doesn't show his cute face and Minx isn't even here to flirt with me. It's just me talking about my awesome Garfield cat who I love more than any of my fans..... just kidding! I genuinely love and care about you guys, and that's the best way that I can describe it. You are like a whole bunch of kittens and I LOVE YOU. Not every creator will feel the same as me, and that's fine, but I'm being genuine every time I say it. My Youtooz plushies drop later this month so you better buy one before they sell out. Maybe even resell them at a 100x markup.




  • i love how the marks on Jambo's head kinda looks like the markings on Captain Rex's helmet from Star Wars

    Terminal_5026Terminal_502643 perccel
  • Meow= MF Love on me

    Scpboi ScpScpboi ScpÓrája
  • 1:03 Jambo probably thinks he's in a horror movie 1:34 "Oi what the fuck are you looking at?" 2:08 Damn schlatt has some mood swings he went from pissed off to "Okay, that's adorable"

  • Recent fan of your stuff. Gotta say man the way you care for that car is miles above 10/10 a bigger fan now just because of soup/jscat/Jambo

    Obsidian FrostObsidian FrostÓrája
  • Get another cat bro he's probably lonely also that monkey sound whilst he's eating is a dick move

    Paul zPaul zÓrája
  • Yay

  • Schlatt: He likes being on top of things too (Can't relate) ehm but if he likes being on top of things basically that means that he thinks he owns Schlatt. Cats are like, dominant (I forget the word) but if your cat likes sitting on top of things, it means they think they own you and everything around them. If your cat is more of a sit on lower things(?) kind of cat it means they know you own them.

    I drop kicked that child in self defenseI drop kicked that child in self defense2 órája
  • he is so fricking adorable

    Spark BoySpark Boy2 órája
  • Schlatt: MY CAT HATES ME Jambo when Schlatt is talking about how easy he has it: t o u c h

    》-Voice Impression Queen-《》-Voice Impression Queen-《2 órája

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya3 órája
  • We all love shity chats

    Soggy bagelsSoggy bagels3 órája
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    Peter TranPeter Tran4 órája
  • Why is this video 6 minutes 9 seconds long?????

    Crypt1cCrypt1c4 órája
  • schlatt: “ im not gonna buy one of those white dogs that have black shit under their eyes that every rich white girl has “ Badboyhalo: *crying intensifies*

    blueblue5 órája
  • Jambo looks exactly like my cat.

    19k Wrld19k Wrld6 órája
  • Cat

    NoxNox6 órája
  • pog

    AerioliteAeriolite7 órája
  • The cutest fucker 2021

    Jayden KasoryJayden Kasory8 órája
  • i thought he said his cats name was jamball

    Elle RiElle Ri9 órája
  • U know the pizza rolls are good when the cat is trying to get some

    Memer JohnnyMemer Johnny11 órája
  • yo schlatt, buy jambo a fucking glock 17

    Kit Idiotic KeevesKit Idiotic Keeves11 órája
  • Jambo trying to get the pizza rolls made my day

    Nightstar-skyrimNightstar-skyrim12 órája
  • bad havin rat watching this :/

    Dora AlmeidaDora Almeida12 órája
  • jcat

    Aneq IrfanAneq Irfan12 órája
  • I love how you were like "the cat feeder calling the cats name or telling the cat it's dinner time is dumb", and then watching your facial expression change as you realised you recorded something dumber.

    Georgia PGGeorgia PG13 órája
  • 2:13 Alternative title: Cat flirts with men, check it out

    XxJust BrooklynxXXxJust BrooklynxX14 órája
  • tigra

  • soup

    Lioness MCLioness MC15 órája
  • Nice 👍🏻

    Kawaii madyKawaii mady15 órája
  • Cherish that cat. Orange cats are literally the best cats yo.

    CMW18CMW1816 órája
  • tell me how tf jambo is physically on the celling

    RBeamRBeam16 órája
  • f

    TJ ImageTJ Image16 órája
  • Whole episode about cat, all I saw.. _CANES Chicken!_ Ha ha. Jk. Cute feline

    MashCraft3rMashCraft3r16 órája
  • Jschlatt: "I wasn't going to get one of those white dogs with like the black shit in their eyes that every rich white girl has," BBH: *nervous sweating*

    idk idcidk idc18 órája
  • Jambo has an Internet alias

    PitmasterJPitmasterJ19 órája
  • dude minxes cat is adorable , WHAT ?

    sw3etiisw3etii20 órája
  • Rule 2: you are the cats slave. rule 3: obey the cat or the gods shall frown upon you.

    Mr toasty boiMr toasty boi20 órája
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    Habitat OtherHabitat Other23 órája
  • I can relate to this to much

  • I think I want a checkmark for the sole reason of getting a reply from Big guy

  • it would have been funny if you had named him jcatt

  • Your cat keeps meowing at you because it wants your attention. It swats the bottle caps because they're toys, and it likes your reaction because it thinks that it's a game. This cat is six months old, right? Maybe the automatic machines to take care of it aren't a good idea. Young cats require a lot of time and attention, so you'll need to spend a lot of time playing with your cat and giving it close care and attention or it'll grow up to be... well, not very well-behaved. Unnecessarily needy and demanding, or really lazy to the point of being unhealthy and even depressed. I specialize in animals, particularly feral and domestic felines and canines, so please trust me on this.

    Matrix AnimatesMatrix AnimatesNapja
  • It’s three in the fuckin mornin Why am I here :,)

    Axel :3Axel :3Napja
  • cool

    Feeling goodFeeling goodNapja
  • why is jambo and my cat so similar 😧

    Did you get a whoppa 👹👹Did you get a whoppa 👹👹Napja
  • Wait if his orange whys he called jambo marmalade bo

  • Jam but his orange

  • Just want to point out the funny fact, 0:25 he says he hates these dogs, 1:22 you see his wallpaper is just what he despises

    Dylan QuezadaDylan QuezadaNapja
  • This makes me sad Jschlatt: “I could be dead and I don’t think he would care” Me: I THINK SO 4:08

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    Konopelski KennyKonopelski KennyNapja
  • Sick nice muttonchops dude!!!

    The Honey BadgerThe Honey BadgerNapja
  • jschlatt is geting his pet voice. Where his voice gets higher when hes talking to a animal 5:30

    One YearOne YearNapja
  • Ima bust a move on you and let my cat press the like button

    God Of MemesGod Of MemesNapja
  • Gayschlatt is back

    Yung dag3rb0y✔Yung dag3rb0y✔Napja
  • i have never laughed harder in my entire life

    joe mamajoe mamaNapja
  • “I wasn’t going to get one of those white dogs with the black shit in their eyes” I feel personally attacked... 😂

    Red Beard Da GreatRed Beard Da GreatNapja
  • why's he wearing a Michigan hoodie?

  • I don’t care that much

    Juicy JoshyJuicy JoshyNapja
  • 0:10

  • soup

  • ✨Give jambo a pizza roll✨

    SimplyA SimpSimplyA SimpNapja
  • Jambo supremacy

    Pickled PotatoesPickled PotatoesNapja
  • that was a cool outro. hopefully schlatt makes videos on his main channel again

  • Schlatts Twitch Chat when Jambo comes: SOUP!! SO CUTE THAT LITTLE SOUP. Schlatt: Why. WHY!

    RazeeFNRazeeFN2 napja
  • soup

    bumibumi2 napja
  • Here's some chocky milk

    donutkint&sus678donutkint&sus6782 napja
  • Any video of Schlatt's without his cat in it are now officially irrelevant

    BigBarSoapBigBarSoap2 napja
  • Free *clap* Content *clap*

    Lossh 2004Lossh 20042 napja
  • Nah, that CGI

    HiPoCriTicalGamerHiPoCriTicalGamer2 napja
  • Why don't you do boy alluring noises for the feeder

    Cavan SullivanoCavan Sullivano2 napja
  • I walked to the far-lands in minecraft and still couldn't find anyone how asked you? 00:04

    charlie heffernancharlie heffernan2 napja
  • People ask me: "Why, oh why is Jschlatt your comfort streamer? He gets canceled so frequently!" This. This is why.

    CreativeCthulu42CreativeCthulu422 napja
    • @Rozu ah, yeah. Good point. More like cancelation *attempts*

      CreativeCthulu42CreativeCthulu428 órája
    • Is it really getting cancelled if he loses nothing at all. He loses no fans or views or subs. He just gets more popular.

      RozuRozu15 órája
  • I can’t believe I didn’t explode

    Miss RobloxMiss Roblox2 napja
  • My cat's name is ally so she's a allycat XD

    Damien WilcombDamien Wilcomb2 napja
  • Minx’s cat literally looks like a fetus

    Storm pStorm p2 napja
    • that has been doing cocaine

      thiccthicc20 órája
  • soup

    PsychopathologicalPsychopathological2 napja
  • Not me watching this 50 Times already

    DreqmxdDreqmxd2 napja
  • me crying bc he is like my female kitten

    Swagata SinhaSwagata Sinha2 napja

    Mama DishwasherMama Dishwasher2 napja
  • "Best decision of my life" *5 seconds later* Cat: *slap*

    Courtney KinCourtney Kin2 napja
  • What Schlatt says Jambo is like: 2:54 Jambo: 2:09, 4:00

    ツ꧁ღ•3ຖ໓3r๓คຖ_ N̷0̷T̷F̷0̷U̷N̷D̷•ღ꧂シツ꧁ღ•3ຖ໓3r๓คຖ_ N̷0̷T̷F̷0̷U̷N̷D̷•ღ꧂シ2 napja
  • when he meows just feed em or pet em

    Joshua GarciaJoshua Garcia2 napja
  • So.. cats being higher than you means they think they are the top in the hierarchy. So. Better than you.

    King SkullyKing Skully2 napja
  • You know what’s sad? I’m just now seeing this video on the day my cat got flattened at home, I’m on vacation rn.

    CallanCallan2 napja
    • flattened?

      Arctic ArmyArctic Army2 napja
  • SOUP

    Isaac YangIsaac Yang2 napja
  • Soup is a cute meal

    Mack72307Mack723072 napja
  • cat soup

    LeoLeo2 napja
  • The reason your chat calls him soup is because Jambo is a type of like Dutch soup!

    Lily SmithLily Smith2 napja
  • Omg why do you sound like the old talking tom and friends ben???

    Kate AbtenKate Abten2 napja
  • As a cat owner...this is the most reliable video I have ever seen

    Astronova PascoAstronova Pasco2 napja
  • I have the same type of cat you have but much fatter and older

    gingerginger3 napja
  • your cat has a weird name? my cats are called Puffsen and potato

    CocoCoco3 napja

    Skid and pumpSkid and pump3 napja
  • he has the dogs with the black sh!t in their eyes as a home wallpaper

    Liam OndrasLiam Ondras3 napja
  • SOUP

    LeafeonisdistressedLeafeonisdistressed3 napja
  • jschlatt you look like former US president Chester Alan Arthur

    Gary LedwellGary Ledwell3 napja
  • Soup 🍜

    Julian ChavezJulian Chavez3 napja
  • i am jambo

    i am jamboi am jambo3 napja
  • jcat

    flyingpiggycornflyingpiggycorn3 napja
  • If its male it also sits on a stick, like the lizard

    Maili VaarpuMaili Vaarpu3 napja