Life is better with Cat - Cat and human are best friends

Life is better with Cat - Cat and human are best friends

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  • Im living a miserable life cause I have a cat allergy

    양유승양유승12 órája
  • Thanks for the adorable videos. I miss my cats. And these are everything we basically do. All the time

    Hershey THershey T18 órája
  • Доедать за котом это не допустимо

    Александр МеркуловАлександр МеркуловNapja
  • Aww so cute........

    Nature loverNature loverNapja
  • I watched like I was hypnotised. I can’t live without a cat.

    Pancho JuniorPancho Junior2 napja
  • Small angels with whiskers.

    bestbest2 napja
  • s2

    miaumiau2 napja
  • Our pets give us 100 percent! Why don’t we give our pets 100?

    Phyllis HannahPhyllis Hannah2 napja
  • Cats and dogs are beautiful human beings!More human than human beings!!

    Phyllis HannahPhyllis Hannah2 napja
  • Adorable.

    VLOG and musings of Daniel B. SaboVLOG and musings of Daniel B. Sabo2 napja

  • 1:34 If your cat does that to you, then it thinks you're its bitch. You're at the bottom of the hierarchy in the house.

    Nostalgia for InfinityNostalgia for Infinity3 napja
  • 😆

    Dai MiaomiaoDai Miaomiao3 napja
  • beautiful cats ! meow all the way from Phnom Penh Cambodia

    Fluffy and WhiskersFluffy and Whiskers3 napja
  • I used to be a dog person. Since I got 2 female kittens, I am in love with them. The reason why I like my kittens a little bit more than my big dog is the smell. Big dogs do smell, especially in the summertime.

    Irene SchillerIrene Schiller3 napja
  • 🐈💕🐾🐾

    Ariel *Ariel *4 napja
  • Owwww 💓 so funny and cutie 💋❤💜

    chimène Foxchimène Fox4 napja
  • That man ate right behind that cat from the same spoon? YUCK

    SW GameSW Game4 napja
  • I love cats 😻❤️💖✨🐱

    Pat75Pat754 napja
  • What a refreshing compilation. You can tell these owners respect their furry friend and that it comes from both sides. 🥰 Cats can really change one's life for the better. Early 2021 I was at the brink of an emotional breakdown. I lived alone and worked from home and I just couldn't take it anymore. So I finally chose for myself and got a cat. It was the best decision I could make. He makes me laugh, keeps me on my toes, comforts me when I'm upset and serves as a excellent snooze button in the morning yet lets me sleep until the alarm goes off. My frequent headaches seem to have disappeared and all in all I just feel so much happier. I've always grown up with cats around me and I didnt realize until now how much I missed it.

    GoikuchanGoikuchan5 napja
  • Everyone is so lucky !

    Argus WangArgus Wang5 napja
  • Cats are grand and so are cat owners!

    metaspherzmetaspherz5 napja

    Menno FennemaMenno Fennema5 napja
  • My cat helps me out a lot she is my emotional support animal. When I cry sometimes, she gets on me and does her little dance on me and I'm fine.

    Debbie GobleDebbie Goble5 napja
  • Priceless… Absolutely priceless!!!!

    gerald armstronggerald armstrong6 napja
  • 😺🐈💛💙❤️🤍🖤💚🧡💜🤎

    rosa salesrosa sales6 napja
  • I don't understand those idiots who disliked this video !

    MahyaMahya6 napja
  • I will never understand why Cats add Dogs love us humans so much. My life would have ended years ago had I never chose to find my need to care for something (I can't have kids) to feel fulfilled in this world. Little did I know how inexpensive it is to have a loving being around that needs you and returns more than you dreamed. Find a Vet that accepts your budget but still gives you exceptional care. My vet treated my dying cat like he was a member of my family. His kindness I will never forget.

    Virginia SchaeferVirginia Schaefer6 napja
  • a kitty who loves you is a blessing in your life !!

  • So cute and funny cats.

    MyCatTVแม่ทองแท้MyCatTVแม่ทองแท้6 napja
  • Cats are our angels-keepers. They save our souls from this cruel world...

    Erich AdlerErich Adler7 napja
  • 0: 24 приманить котейку а потом испугать его это подло а вдруг инфаркт у него потом простые похороны в коробке из под обуви а потом поход в магазин за новым питомцем ???

    SamGemdzhiSamGemdzhi7 napja
  • Me while reading all the nice comments below... Thinking it was all for me 😅😅🤣🤣🤣

    Suzi-chanSuzi-chan7 napja
  • I love cats there’s so adorable.

    Spider-Man UnknownSpider-Man Unknown7 napja
  • Мужик который доел после кота, ТЫ ХОТЬ ЗНАЕШЬ КАК МОЮТСЯ КОТЫ ? :)))

  • Absolutely life is better when you have a cat

  • Still prefer a dog.

    Rick DeckardRick Deckard8 napja
  • my cat is more darling 😍🤗

    Alina AlinaAlina Alina8 napja
  • 😢💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Shadi AShadi A8 napja
  • These videos of these cats are so adorable and cute especially the guy playing his guitar and his cat purring lol so cute 🙂👍

    Eddie QEddie Q8 napja
  • I love cats, I even called them brothers, God bless all animals, especially cats.

    Joseph / Javier Nazreth / StanleviJoseph / Javier Nazreth / Stanlevi8 napja
  • best friend? nah.. we just become their slave 😌

    juan itojuan ito8 napja
  • I love you all

    F@y channelF@y channel8 napja
  • May god bless and keep you always ; good people . Take care .

    Eric KingEric King9 napja
  • Συνεχιζεις ....συνεχιζε....😶🙄😏

  • Βεβαια γιατι τα ζωα δεν εχουν μυαλο για εγωισμους αγαπανε χωρις υστεροβουλιες ποιος εχει το πανω χερι

  • 😊🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕🧿🧿🥰🥰

    pervin sönmezpervin sönmez9 napja
  • Cats love to leave their autograph deeply engraved into your hands so that the scars will remind you of them forever :-)

    GrahamGraham9 napja
  • Che schifo fa quell'uomo che mangia nello stesso cucchiaio messo in bocca dal gatto !! è un azione veramente diseducativa che puo causare anche problemi sanitari per l'uomo !!

    Luigi CarteiLuigi Cartei9 napja
  • 😹🙏

    Nadya KarafezievaNadya Karafezieva9 napja
  • My cat just hates me

    Parinita PriyadarshiniParinita Priyadarshini9 napja
  • Excellent ! Merci du partage car j'en ai deux à la maison et nous passons des moments qui me détende . Ils me font bien rire aussi , ce moque t'ils de nous qui ne comprenons pas ce qu'ils nous disent ? en tout cas , je suis souvent frustré de ne pas comprendre et me trouve bien primitif . Merci beaucoup pour le rire...

    Mustapha BOUGUERRAMustapha BOUGUERRA9 napja
  • 2:33 Woooow ...😍

    AgneseAgnese10 napja
  • Boy with guitar and with miss kitty so sweet♥️♥️

    Sara hSara h10 napja
  • Sa mačkom da se jede ne fuj 🤮

    Vesna NovakVesna Novak10 napja
  • Eating from the same spoon is not good.

    Maureen LeighMaureen Leigh10 napja
  • SO Cute and Beautiful Cats with classical music | Cat Sound | Nature Relaxation Videos

    Nature Relaxation VideosNature Relaxation Videos10 napja
  • 😍they are so adorable 😘

    나나나나10 napja
  • 03.00 she's look like Madhuri Dixit from India.

    Dani AdityaDani Aditya10 napja
  • 💖

    Nur YuncuogluNur Yuncuoglu10 napja
  • Im 60 years old. My man died in 2016. Just me now. So I keep 5 cats. I don't know if I needed them or they needed me. But I wouldn't trade them for nothing. They have a happy life. They all have distinct personalities. I love them all.

    Donna WheelerDonna Wheeler11 napja
  • Коты это личности...:-)

    Doctor IektorDoctor Iektor11 napja
  • My cat is 14 years old this August 🙂

    William MarshallWilliam Marshall11 napja
  • I feel 200% relaxed after work now, thanks for warm touching videos and cats...

    Kan ChoKan Cho11 napja
  • aaaw such prettyness, includes paid promo wait! am i paying for this? prrr prrr prrrr meow meow meow!! 😡🤬

    tribefenatictribefenatic11 napja
  • Que dulzura💕😋

    Eterna EnergiEterna Energi11 napja
  • con mi gatita juego a la escondidas, cuando me acerco nomas me asomo a la pared, y ella se pone a cien y cuando se acerca la correteo y le encanta... despues ella se esconde, y ahi voy con cuidado y escondiendome acercercandome y le encanta el juego

    arte ..11 napja
  • 1:33 wtf!!

    Ivan CarlosIvan Carlos12 napja
  • 821 unlike click is the group of humankind who's will never ever get along with me.

    KAKAKAKA12 napja
  • It was great, both the sound of nature and the music. I love the sound of nature, thank you❤🙏

    relaxing manrelaxing man12 napja
  • They're the most comforting fur balls ever 😘😘😘

    Queen of the lost paradiseQueen of the lost paradise12 napja
  • О великие, прекрасные и любимые кошки !

    Мария ЛаврентьеваМария Лаврентьева12 napja
  • ❤️

    Love energyLove energy12 napja
  • I wish cats were loved as much as dogs

    Liondiamond 123Liondiamond 12312 napja
  • This is why I so love cats lol they're so cute and adorable 😁

    Jessica CristJessica Crist13 napja
  • 👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊💞💞💞💞💞💞

    Ксения КовязинаКсения Ковязина14 napja
  • 1:28 i-

    Lil EliLil Eli14 napja
  • this is actually really good, want to be youtube friends?

    Favorite PetsFavorite Pets14 napja
  • Cats r the best

    Chrisie RichardsChrisie Richards14 napja
  • soo true just like my cat UwU

    🌸#livesoftthings#🌸🌸#livesoftthings#🌸14 napja
  • Life´s always better with cats! That´s just how it is!!

    Anders AnderssonAnders Andersson14 napja
  • The cat at 0.33, purring as he perches on the guitar, reacting to the soothing classical music that the young chap is playing, is just the best thing I've seen and heard in ages!

    Denise JDenise J15 napja
  • So adorable!

    Ann SidbrantAnn Sidbrant15 napja
  • Cats are better than dogs💁‍♀️

    Me BobMe Bob15 napja
  • You two are the cutest things I've seen today. I'll take you both!

    linda handleylinda handley15 napja
  • Never put your eyes next to a cat even if your pet is friendly

    Peter AlinkPeter Alink15 napja
  • Checkout this also

    Educate MotivateEducate Motivate15 napja
  • at 0:47 - that cat is a GIANT!! I'll bet he is a professional snuggler!

    John ArmentaJohn Armenta15 napja
  • It's obvious all these cats have their humans trained.

    Jon ThurlowJon Thurlow16 napja
  • whatever you do ---do NOT actually sing in front of cats. They will hurt you.

    Deborah BergmanDeborah Bergman16 napja
  • I love people who play with their cats

    Bisera GamingBisera Gaming16 napja

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  • 1:37 Cat: "Hey, before you have some I want some too. Ya gotta share man!" 😸

    Jan MotsJan Mots16 napja
  • Кошки- самые- самые милые животные. Обожаю 😘😘😘😘😘

    ЕленаЕлена16 napja
  • Deseo desde el fondo de mi corazón, que todos los minimos (mascotas en general) reciban todo el amor y cuidados que se merecen ❤❤❤.

    Evelyn Ayta UskaEvelyn Ayta Uska16 napja
  • thumbnail

    patangia sangeetpatangia sangeet17 napja
  • cats > humans

    M GM G17 napja
  • that 3:15 just made me cry and laugh at the same time. not cry-laugh. cry and laugh. and it felt amazing

    Joanna KJoanna K18 napja
  • Mostly they are just marking their slaves ;-) Yes - I have a cat.

    SirGorgSirGorg18 napja