The Truman Show: A Cleverly Disguised Tragedy

I felt that this movie from 1998 had been slept on for far too long, it was time that someone shined a light on just how great this film truly is.

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  • Why didn't you talk about him exiting this world via death? (stairway up to heaven)

    DougDoug10 perccel
  • Two of these actors are in Billions!

    DougDoug21 perce
  • I would, in addition to what you're saying here, point at the smile dropping from "Sylvia's" face as the two look at each other in the band scene, and at the expression on "Truman's" face as he realizes that Marlon, also, is in 'it'.

    T. van OosterhoutT. van Oosterhout4 órája
  • The cocoa scene had me cracking up too. But it is also bs because he shoulda noticed that a long time ago.

    Phuck ItPhuck It7 órája
  • *Truman’s life in this movie seems similar to that of a Modern Day North Korean.* The North Korean workers party Pre-plans the life of their citizens according to a acscribed status system called “Songbun”, which pre-plans a citizens Social Status and Occupation options depending on the loyalty to the Workers Party by their parents of grandparents. I also feel like the ending is similar to modern day North Koreans Finding the truth of their government and other countries, which were falsely Explained about from Propaganda. This is similar to the ending of the Truman because it exposed the reality of the world the people were living in. I like to imagine that Truman in the future will help other people escape the fantasy world that his friends and people are in, similar to how some North Korean escapees sometimes go back to rescue their family or friends.

    Average forza playerAverage forza player12 órája
  • This is literally the best interpretation Ive seen yet

    HooksandBeatsHooksandBeats16 órája
  • I think the joke is on all the people who are controlling Truman's life and all the people who are watching and praying for Truman to escape his mundane life. Through Truman, they can vicariously experience an escape from their own mundane lives without having to go through the struggle of their fear in their reality. The real victims are the controllers and the fans. Oh the irony of it all.

    Scottie guruScottie guru17 órája
  • Sound about right

    Relax, TanRelax, Tan21 órája
  • So them killing off his father was for sure because the dad was trying to free Truman. Thats why they were on the boat that day. To try and get him out.

  • Truman has for sure the best lawsuit case of all time. He's been an unpaid actor his entire life. Thats almost 250,000 unpaid work hours. Not to mention the clear emotional trauma and abuse suffered on site for his entire life.

  • Maybe I'm in the minority, but I thought it was tragic from get go. I mean to have your life viewed as a TV show & not know anything about it is kind of heartbreaking, especially considering what people will do to get what they want from you & for you to be none the wiser about it... Don't get me wrong I loved the movie, but watching him struggle all the way to find his happiness against all odds with only a few people that could actually help him in his corner made me feel very sad for him until he finally got his own real freedom. TL;DR: To me it was obviously tragic but his hope & determination was an inspiration towards overcoming being dealt a really bad hand in life. Best wishes to all who read this!

    Rizor PhoenixRizor PhoenixNapja
  • I disagree with you, 13:09. Truman isn't going to just walk out into the world being the average Joe paranoid of being watched or still being on the set. He would be the most famous person alive. There would be people everywhere trying to get him to do TV again or interviews at the least and maybe even write a book. First of all, he's going to Fiji with Lauren and she's gonna tell him all about his life. Lol. Then he would likely travel the world with her. He would not be this paranoid creep you're saying he is.

    Brody HowertonBrody HowertonNapja
  • Subbed

    Zaheen AhmedZaheen AhmedNapja
  • Super good

    Kevin ArmesKevin ArmesNapja
  • Loved your analysis of the movie! It’s been a few years since I’ve seen it and I watched it for the first time when I was super young but as a writer, I always felt like this message was powerful. Fast forward to know and seeing all the spiritual messages in it - I know why I’ve never been able to get it off my mind.

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Andrea Melissa Sepúlveda ValenzuelaAndrea Melissa Sepúlveda ValenzuelaNapja
  • There are only two ways to look at texts, subjectively and technically. There is no such thing as objective criticism.

    Hendrix InfinityHendrix InfinityNapja
  • This show kinda hits home for me when I realize the Mormon religion I grew up in was false.

    Why do I keep reading commentsWhy do I keep reading commentsNapja
  • Goddamn I wish I was Truman

    Why do I keep reading commentsWhy do I keep reading commentsNapja
  • My own theory about what the movie portraits, is a paranoid schizophrenic, who at the end just suicides. As if it were just a different way to see the life of people, and their interactions with God

    Only AlexOnly AlexNapja
  • The way this guy explains the Truman show is like watching a different perspective of the movie seeing different ways how Truman is exploited and its truly amazing

    True EliteTrue EliteNapja
  • the story was great, unfortunately given to the wrong actor, Jim Carrey one of the worst actors in history, along side Leonardo DiCaprio, both actors were overrated and picked for the wrong reasons, definitely not for their acting skills.

    Ammar NajjarAmmar NajjarNapja
  • One of my favorite movies before I saw this I remember I would sometimes think that I was on a show and people were watching my life when I was a kid lol

    gameover wavgameover wavNapja
  • i just watched it after this, and wow, that was emotional. I feel like you properly understood the meaning and you developed on it a way that only watching the film at front value couldn't understand.

  • This is a movie with incredible re-watchability. No idea how many times I've seen this movie but I enjoy it every single time. Doesn't seem like they make movies like that anymore.

  • I remember watching this in the cinema with my friend. Still one of my favourite films. Makes me tear up everytime.

    e1337prodigye1337prodigy2 napja
  • Lol what a dumb title, and I can only imagine it's a dumb video as well. It's the most OBVIOUS tragedy ever haha. Imagine making a video called: "Romeo and Juliet: A Cleverly Disguised Tragedy."

    NoahNoah2 napja
    • @Noah its sad at face value but I think it really does become a tragedy when u deeply analyze it.

      Panda PalPanda Pal2 napja
    • @Panda Pal What I'm saying is that this is obvious though.

      NoahNoah2 napja
    • There is a lot to think about with this movie, and analyzing it is what makes it a tragedy. Its a happy ending, but as pointed out in the video its likely not as happy as it seems. Thats what makes it a cleverly disguised tragedy.

      Panda PalPanda Pal2 napja
  • plot twist: *the actor wasn't acting*

    JockeyFieldJockeyField2 napja
  • "its like the truman show" ~Tommyinnit

    SrGabieSrGabie2 napja
  • 📼 ⌛

    Enderboy 64Enderboy 642 napja
  • Great analysis. I always thought two things about this movie could be different, and you kind of mentioned both of them. The first is that Christof says, "we accept the reality we are given." Why not just NEVER mention planes, or other parts of the Earth besides their island? Some people still believe the earth is flat, so it is not far fetched to think someone who has never learned about a subject or seen an airplane, would think they never even existed. Or acknowledge other places, but say that it takes too long or its too dangerous to travel to other destinations, which would basically eliminate his desire to leave. Unless they just wanted the dramatic effect of him losing his father, but they could have done that anyway, in a different manner besides drowning. The second thing is when he disappears and they are all searching for him, a way to explain why everyone is looking for him would be to say a child went missing and the whole community wanted to help search for the "child." On a side note, Meryl is in fact a prostitute.

    xlxcrossxlxxlxcrossxlx2 napja
  • Just imagine if Truman met Christof face to face.

    KingEgyptianKingEgyptian2 napja
  • I always wondered how many therapy this would take

    TuneyTuney2 napja
  • The actors of the actors were so good

    Somekind of DudeSomekind of Dude3 napja
  • I would pretend not to notice anything amiss and over the coming months take up some weird hobbies that allow me to accumulate guns, nitroglycerin and blades of all sorts. Three when they least expect it I'd host a massive party, lock the doors, *AND PURGE THE FUCKERS!!!*

    Gerard JagrooGerard Jagroo3 napja
    • What is wrong with you lmao

      Lil TreeLil Tree2 napja
  • One tiny detail that you didn't mention is dogs. Spencer's dog barks aggressively at him and when the whole cast is searching, Spencer shouts "Find him, boy!" We see a few times that dogs are very aggressive and Truman is startled by them. Its clear all the dogs are trained to see Truman as a target so they can be trained to sniff him out if he ever goes off script. Beautifully done and frames him as an animal to be hunted and tracked.

    Luke SmithLuke Smith3 napja
  • This is a good analysis, which encompasses the feel and the intentions of the movie in a great way. However, it would be beneficial to occasionally dampen the amount of narration, and just let the clips do the talking. Keep up the good work!

    tamiboy777tamiboy7773 napja
  • I always thought The Trumen Show was an actual TV comedy

    fen dumfen dum3 napja
  • I think it is horror. 😅🤣😂😆

    Melanie SheldonMelanie Sheldon3 napja
  • A true depiction of this FLAT REALM we live on

    • What

      Ink!Ink!2 napja
  • True story of today "There's no more truth out there then it's in here" yep. 11:47

    SnixbæSnixbæ3 napja
  • Personally, I feel like Truman after escaping the set would've ended up like Red from The Shawshank Redemption; tragic but sympathetic and all too real

    AphylorneAphylorne3 napja
  • How is it disguised? its pretty obvious to me

    Stolen PasswordStolen Password3 napja
    • Diguised does not mean hiden. It is a tragedy for itself, but a comedy within the movie.

      Ink!Ink!2 napja
  • i want to watch this film now

    Poop BrainPoop Brain4 napja
    • You already got it spoiled tho

      Lil TreeLil Tree2 napja
  • I think because he had a stable early childhood, he will be able to trust again. It will take a while, but he will get there.

    Alicia MasonAlicia Mason4 napja
  • I love analyzing movies

  • 6:49 smack lol ... these actor need to improvise

    LimeCat_GamesLimeCat_Games4 napja
  • Some poor bastards gonna be born on Mars

    Naked&AlfredoNaked&Alfredo4 napja
  • I’ve never really understood how people view this movie as a comedy. There’s funny moments yeah, but as a whole it’s just sad.

    celesbian megastarcelesbian megastar4 napja
  • My biggest issue with the movie is that he left to go find a woman. I think the movie would've been so much stronger if they relied on his own desire to be free and to find out what's real, but they had to make it about finding this woman he fell in love with after she smiled at him. It didn't ruin the movie or anything, but it would've been a much stronger movie without the love plot.

    HuntraconyHuntracony4 napja
  • So...what did they do during the hundreds upon hundreds of times he masturbated?

    GrahfMetalGrahfMetal4 napja
  • the Santa María was the name of the ship Christopher Columbus used sorta adding to his dream of being an explorer and in a way he does manage to become an explorer he embarks upon a new world he's never seen before him hitting the wall of the studio is him touching upon new land

    Kuro VisualsKuro Visuals4 napja
  • There are people that didn't realize it was a tragedy?

    LineLine4 napja
  • The thing is, Truman has lived his whole life with people "acting" the way they have with him. Realistically he wouldn't know what was unusual about the people's actions around him since he hasn't experienced normal life.

    Chris WilsonChris Wilson5 napja
  • Truman would have been treated like a celebrity after his escape. I suspect he could sue for a large percentage of the show's profits, to live the rest of his life in comfort. Certainly enough that he could travel. He has a strong enough personally that he could handle it. There are lots of people whose lives are in the public eye. The royals are born into this idea of celebrity life, not as extreme. Shows like Big Brother shows the stresses people feel when constantly watched and judged. I wonder if its something religious people feel. That their god has fated their lives, but also watches and judges how they respond to their lives.

    Binary DayBinary Day5 napja
  • nice essay bro. There was not a long time before the start of the movie and the end. It tells you the days. It all happens really quickly. Also, ffs, you didn't say anything about how it's a film about the world we live in. We are Truman. The joyous tv watchers at the end are us. They don't know they are also trapped in a show. Get the vax yet? 50,000 dead from vax so far in US. That means it's working.

    James DeanJames Dean5 napja
  • I loved this film and the concept behind it. I guess when you get down to it, we all live in a preferred reality that edits out a lot that we can't or don't want to deal with. How else is it possible to get up and face another day?

    Holiday RoadHoliday Road5 napja
  • They're doing the fear of the ocean scene to explain to us why he hasn't left the island even though he wants to. And at the end, they are desperately trying to salvage the show. Even though it's obvious he's figured it out.

    asdfasdf5 napja
  • reality is everybody's personal endeavour. and yeah, go watch westworld

    Zhenya LandyakZhenya Landyak5 napja
  • It’s a good movie for the time, ahead of it’s time, but I think the tone is too uneven, and Jim Carrey’s performance is not that good. It’s a great role, but it’s not well acted. Best encapsulated by his delivery of his catch phrase, which is 100% inauthentic feeling.

    Dukjin ImDukjin Im5 napja
    • @Dukjin Im it seemed like the intent to me so I guess I can't know if it was bad acting or deliberate direction

      Panda PalPanda PalNapja
    • @Panda Pal except that when Jim Carey’s character is saying the phrase through most of the movie, he is NOT in on the joke. So he should NOT be saying that same insincere catch phrase EVERY DAY. It makes the character inauthentic.

      Dukjin ImDukjin ImNapja
    • I thought that the catchphrase was robotic on purpose. Its very reality TV show like, and is perfect for the ending.

      Panda PalPanda Pal2 napja
  • What a fantastic analysis! Well done, man.

    BillyBobBeauBensonBillyBobBeauBenson5 napja
  • The line that started it, and ended it: "Incase I don't see ya, good afternoon goodevening and goodnight."

    Sandwich ManSandwich Man5 napja
  • I thought at 3:46, they scripted that so they could remind truman of his fears of the ocean. Reminding him of his fears would deter his urge to go to fuji.

    Tony LeeTony Lee5 napja
  • Was it TV show or Truman was delusional ?

    Jessica MoonJessica Moon5 napja
  • Morals? Look at our society today that is ruled by psychopaths Wow the actress of lauren is so beautiful. She is one of the most beautiful woman to me

    TechnoFeelingTechnoFeeling5 napja
  • Also if we can trust all the info in the Movie... then Trumans Mother is truly Trumans Mother, she did really give birth to him, she didnt act as his mother, she is his mother just under a contract to act upon the commands or given orders to deny and fabricate something that would disguise the truth. Regardless i loved the movie, i loved all those little hints and fabrications in his every day life. How little stuff like the dog jumping at him is just a tool to delay him so everyone can get ready on their marks. The, to the viewer, very obvious product placement advertisements, to Truman it must seem relatively normal that so many people around him just start blurting out highly detailed lines about certain products. At first it must´ve been weird but after years he probably brushes it off in public, tho that scene in the kitchen really is a kicker, cause yeah WHO is she talking to? He either already knows it or doesnt care or it just ticks him off that his wife in this very stressful part of his life talks like she wants to sell him some freaking coco-powder.

    PartygnomPartygnom5 napja
  • Truman had the chance of rick rolling the whole world, oh god, oh fuck.

    Pedro JuanPedro Juan5 napja
  • The reflective eight sequently rinse because fortnight laterally tour off a cumbersome record. ahead, billowy persian

    Maron PoonMaron Poon5 napja
  • disguised?

    scurus11scurusscurus11scurus5 napja
  • People make money by being Truman in the bedroom

    ameliabensonameliabenson5 napja
  • Comment for the algorithm!

    The ListenerThe Listener5 napja
  • amogus fifa joe nat loife i meaniguerss boobiesw loife facism ni9gga

    Tadhg TallonTadhg Tallon5 napja
  • Yeah I mean the movie is incredible, but bro everything you say its the bare minimum of highschool philosophy

    Core2julenCore2julen5 napja
  • Im 5 minutes into this video and now im off to watch the truman show

    CheezzyNuggetCheezzyNugget6 napja
    • @Lil Tree doesent really matter because its literaly tge first plot point, i have no idea what happens after that

      CheezzyNuggetCheezzyNugget2 napja
    • You got it spoiled tho

      Lil TreeLil Tree2 napja
  • This video took me 2 hours to watch. 20 minutes for the video, and a 100 minutes for the film

    SnappieSnappie6 napja
  • 16:13 - Jeezus.... thats a deep metaphor.

    NathanNathan6 napja
  • I think that one of the reasons why Jim Carrey played this role so well is because he might have felt like Truman at some point. You know? Feeling trapped and like you live in a fixed reality where in which everyone chooses your fate, everyone aside from you.. Never knowing who to trust. Never knowing who's fake and who's genuine.. That seems so scary.

    shareecerenneshareecerenne6 napja
  • I saw it yesterday, and the sheer dramatic irony is some of the finest in all of cinema.

    Zain AhmedZain Ahmed6 napja
  • this video is really boring

    Mario MMMario MM6 napja
  • The Truman show was depressing. I already knew that. But I came here to know why.

    george kanegeorge kane6 napja
  • When I first saw this movie I could only draw parallels between Truman and Feral Children at the end, wondering why was this supposed to be a “happy ending”. How is he even going to adapt to the real world if he doesn’t have a real sense of reality? WHAT IS REAL?

    Erikz HerrlloErikz Herrllo6 napja
  • In regards to the best friend, I read there was a deleted scene when the whole town is searching for Truman that he actually finds him but rather than tell everyone where he is, he let's him go, suggesting that even through all of his fed lines he considered Truman a friend and believed he deserved to know the truth.

    Kerr CKerr C6 napja
    • I swear I saw that version once

      Chris HansenChris HansenNapja
  • "something that no real human has had to go through"--i think many schizophrenic people have gone through this. whether or not it is a true belief, they lived it as if it were.

    SieltanSieltan6 napja
  • There is something else to consider for those who may watch this movie and not see the religious implications of the theme of the story because in most world religions the very Nature of God Himself/Herself/Itself is that they are in fact controlling our "Destiny" through the use of their Divine Plan. So many people out there will tell you that "God has a plan for you" and they never ponder it seems whether our plans or God's plans should be what takes precedence in our lives. The prevailing sentiment it seems to be is that whatever God has planned for you is for your benefit so you should trust God's Plan and not your own "shallow desires or wishes"....which is precisely the same predicament that Truman finds himself in until he finally manages to break free.

    RevPar RavagerRevPar Ravager6 napja
    • @Lil Tree God "profits" from the worship and adoration of his "Children". Its why Gods are always shown as vain and wrathful when their divinity is questioned or if unceasing praise and worship is not provided.

      RevPar RavagerRevPar RavagerNapja
    • @RevPar Ravager I think it’s more of a greed film about what people would do for tv ratings and money because A God doesn’t profit from his creation because he’s God Lol but that’s just my thoughts

      Lil TreeLil TreeNapja
    • @Lil Tree Well for all intents and purposes the Director (I ferget his name) was directing every aspect of Truman's life down to the smallest detail all for the sake of his own plans and wishes and completely ignoring what Truman wanted. This sounds very much like the concept of a "Divine Plan" to me. Also all the trevails forced upon Truman sound exactly like the sorts of troubles that beset a man who rails against his fate to fulfill God's "Plan" until such time as he just accepts his role. Truman was Abraham....until the sacrifice of his own life upon that proverbial stone came due.... Instead of following through with it as Abraham did and ultimately being "saved" at the last minute by an Angel sent by the very God who commanded it, now that he had proven his obedience....Truman gave "God" the finger and walked out on him the way Abraham SHOULD have when commanded to sacrifice Isaac. :)

      RevPar RavagerRevPar Ravager2 napja
    • So you think it’s an anti religion movie that’s interesting never heard that one before

      Lil TreeLil Tree2 napja
  • I’ve watched this 3 times and the movie twice and I go thru an existential crisis every time

    RL ZoomRL Zoom6 napja
  • I think if they set the Truman show before modern technology it would've been way easier to control him. That may have been more controversial though, in universe.

    T ST S6 napja
  • I had the luck of watching this blind last year and it was definitely one of the best movies I've ever seen, i love films things that make you think and this film really does do that. Amazing

    tree_05tree_056 napja
  • Right after I clicked this the ad I got was Ryan Reynolds saying "what if you weren't real?" 😳

    eepledeeeepledee6 napja
  • This movie seems that Truman was had Schizophrenia or there was a glich in the Matrix

    Jacquelyne JohnsonJacquelyne Johnson6 napja
  • A "tragic cartoon" is almost the perfect description of Jim Carrey. He is my hero and he is a comedic genius but he's also very sad and regretful.

    Mega MatoMega Mato7 napja
  • omg is that sarah paulsons wife??

    szaswhoreszaswhore7 napja
  • Did anyone else hear what seems to have been his phone vibrate at 14:46?

    FriyzeFriyze7 napja
  • The only issue I have with Truman, is the odds of just happening to arrive at the staircase and exit door. Even if there were 10 different doors.

    Christopher HensleyChristopher Hensley7 napja
  • It's funny cuz we see the flashbacks but his audience doesn't

    James s r BondJames s r Bond7 napja
  • The Truman Show is easily in my top 10, of not top 5, movies of all time. It’s a true masterpiece, and I’m glad I found this video. I could talk about all the little details all day and still not have enough time.

    Haut StrangeHaut Strange7 napja
  • That was a very detailed and thoughtful review, I'm gonna stick to your channel ;)

    Jonas XJonas X7 napja
  • Shout out to other kids who got the Truman Show Disorder after watching this! I know you fucks are out there and just as messed up from this movie as I was!

    Madi_ScMadi_Sc7 napja
  • Oof not me realizing i was living the truman show irl with my marriage 🙃

    Vanessa MontenegroVanessa Montenegro7 napja
  • This is great. Next I hope for a video about how obvious concepts are obvious. How about... "You can't get a rainbow without the rainstorm"?

    C GC G7 napja