Dashcam footage of cash van crew under attack from CIT robbers

Here is how it ended satrucker.co.za/cash-in-trans...

Check out the other video showing Leo Prinsloo ramming into the robbers' cars and almost run over the rogues tellitallsa.co.za/yet-another...




  • وششش السااالفه

    KLA OZTKLA OZT22 perccel
  • Mission passed 💯

    Chet ThapaChet Thapa23 perccel
  • Sniper from TF2

    Lawrence BelousovLawrence BelousovÓrája
  • Bono

    santoso makotosantoso makotoÓrája
  • Them bois got the max!!😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    Proup TreProup TreÓrája
  • 👍👍👍

    Nicanor ReyesNicanor Reyes2 órája
  • Came here to report this video after the thumbnail just showed a massive pair of balls

    James ThomasJames Thomas2 órája
  • Shouldn’t be too critical of the partner- it was only his fourth day on the job and the third riding shotgun with Leo.

    Lou TriotiLou Trioti3 órája
  • Yang pakek topi kenapa diam saja sudah bwa senjata kenapa tidak serang balik buka kaca pintu dikit keluar senjata arahkan ke mobil target pasti kocar kacir tu mungsu

    Bam's JeckBam's Jeck3 órája
  • "kom jou konts" that made my day

    IAmMentallyChallangedIAmMentallyChallanged3 órája
  • Driver: experienced professional. Guy riding shotgun: gamer who thinks he knows what he's doing. Me making the comment: ex-infantryman 😏

    El MartilloEl Martillo3 órája
  • hulabel.info/dron/qWxopJWaiqqarGw/vide

    netKURDnetKURD3 órája
  • Am I the only one that will pay $20 right now to watch the end of this?

    Derek GrundDerek Grund3 órája
  • Get rid of the fookin rookie

    Steve SingletarySteve Singletary4 órája
  • Passenger does nothing, doesn't even make that call, he's in on it for sure!

    WilliamWilliam4 órája
  • Wrath of man Jason Statham, movie adaptation

    TheBaihaqqiTheBaihaqqi4 órája
  • Shouldnt they switch roles?

    Magicairsoft9Magicairsoft95 órája
  • كم عربي موجود ❔👀

    جوكر العراقجوكر العراق5 órája
  • If GTA missions were in real life

    DarkSharkDarkShark5 órája
  • When yah co worker gets done smokin a blunt with yah and its time to work 😆 😆

    Awakening SauceAwakening Sauce5 órája
  • Franklin and trev on that flecca bank run

    Mike BargsMike Bargs6 órája
  • The black dude looking like after i quit i didnt sign up for this

    242 king242 king7 órája
  • Driver is so calm and aware of situation they were in and other man was kinda scared. Kudos to the driver, for staying alert.

    Dominik KuharićDominik Kuharić7 órája
  • What happened after he got out of the car???

    Nancy BCBGNancy BCBG7 órája
  • vt.tiktok.com/ZGJS9vE6n/

    Thawatchai ไวไวThawatchai ไวไว8 órája
  • Literally GTA v

    Krazee JakeKrazee Jake8 órája
  • Driver is a badass

    Men of CourageMen of Courage9 órája
  • M416 with 4x 😀

    Amit KumarAmit Kumar10 órája
  • South Africa is one of the most dangerous places in the world last 30 years

    fen miaofen miao10 órája
  • ما فائدة ذلك الشرطي الذي يجلس بجانب السائق ويسمك السلاح؟ لماذا لم يطلق ذلك الشرطي النار على تلك العصابة؟

    الطالب محمد مجانالطالب محمد مجان10 órája
  • The driver plays "need for speed" too much

    Dee SnutsDee Snuts11 órája
  • ماكو عراقيين ؟ 🥺💔

    Boeki 《بويكا》Boeki 《بويكا》11 órája
  • The Gangsta" No police can stop us!" The Most elite Police"get the gun" he remembers the drill and turning around to face the shooter's.

    FOUND.4.U.FOUND.4.U.13 órája
  • In South Africa you don't call the police, you call Robbie and Josh.

    jack phillipsjack phillips13 órája
  • Clearly she had a doubtful expressions and non responsiveness

  • They should have a panic button

    Jamari JacksonJamari Jackson14 órája
  • What a control of himself

    Jeremy AitJeremy Ait14 órája
  • Black dude be like....this is my first day lol

    Shanny NadaitiveShanny Nadaitive15 órája
  • Is the guy who got out died?

    I am GemmyI am Gemmy16 órája
  • Oohh😱 their job is so dangerous.!

    I am GemmyI am Gemmy16 órája
  • is this how the people feel when we rob them in gta?

    DarkWhitsleyAZDarkWhitsleyAZ16 órája
    • As a NPC I hate it when that happens

      yesyes11 órája
  • Somebody said on another video about this that the driver was a South African paratrooper. I don’t know if it’s true or not but this guy has some real experience and balls to go with it!

    Ty JaxTy Jax16 órája
  • David Alaba?

    PT. ATTSPT. ATTS17 órája
  • What happen at the end? Did the truck pass by @ 3:35?

    The VibeThe Vibe17 órája
  • You know what would be dope? If CIT trucks would have a turret on the roof, robbers start blasting all the passenger has to do is aim the turret at the robbers mofos gonna change their mind real quick

    Madman Queen KillerMadman Queen Killer17 órája
  • black boy what are doing just watching

    Ashoka World ChannelAshoka World Channel18 órája
  • Wait is the driver the same guy from the video of the dude getting pulled over for a DUI and blowing 0?

    KaijuKaiju18 órája
  • Should’ve shot the tires lol

    • Ah yes because that is easy

      Owen GratzerOwen Gratzer18 órája
  • Where's part 2

    Ace ChoranAce Choran20 órája
  • Was a set up passenger was involved that’s why he’s so calm.

    RAYDOXRAYDOX21 órája
  • When the truck got stuck my man got out ready to go to war. Top Flight Security of the world Craig not just the city the world and I’ll die for this shit lmao.

    Gerald MillsGerald Mills21 órája
  • sniper + demoman

    ‫‫‫‫22 órája
  • That driver is the real deal.

    JoshOfficialJoshOfficial22 órája
  • Does anyone the ending? Still amazed after watching this a few times.

    Guru Bahasa InggrisGuru Bahasa Inggris23 órája
  • Gta 5 but tables turned.

    Potato With gunPotato With gun23 órája
  • What the F was all the turning around and reversing about, bugga having him as the driver! No procedures, the passenger didn’t know what to do! Drills and rehearsals brothers and procedures

    Craig RikCraig Rik23 órája

    AhmedxD0AhmedxD023 órája
  • hulabel.info/dron/jn9_pZaYh7KdgKM/vide

    Sparkle Beauty's by IdianaSparkle Beauty's by Idiana23 órája
  • People really rob smh People who rob are 1: atheist 2:atheist and 3: atheist

  • This guy understands that a vehicle is a mobile coffin. If you ain’t moving , get out

    Slippin JimmySlippin JimmyNapja
  • when your playing gta 5 but its RTX On

    minnie mineminnie mineNapja
  • First day out of Academy.

  • Is this Heat the directors cut 🤔

    Carl Childers MmmhhhCarl Childers MmmhhhNapja
  • This Guys hads balls of steel

    Martin MikešMartin MikešNapja
  • Muito kagão

  • gta v group 6 😂

  • That is a Hell of a first day

    Junior LewisJunior LewisNapja
  • 2:52: let me just look at my phone real quick.

    Cristian FaiellaCristian FaiellaNapja
  • Il tipo di colore sembra li per caso..... Non è molto di aiuto all'autista..... gli voleva dare il fucile quando stava guidando come un pazzo

    Spartan 01Spartan 01Napja
  • This guy drifted the crap out of the van

    Mason OrrMason OrrNapja
  • Fear is healthy, super badass driving.

    Bruce SummersBruce SummersNapja
  • 日本のバラエティで見た

  • Trevor and fraklin getting attacked by ballas:

  • 😲

    caveira vivacaveira vivaNapja
  • Better than cybertruck

  • Best control...Best drive... RESPECT🤜🤛

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  • Omg

    สมัน อุ่มพิมายสมัน อุ่มพิมายNapja
  • 4x

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  • DLC GTA 5 ?

    Raymond ReynosoRaymond ReynosoNapja
  • Good job walt

  • Il nero sè cagato sotto hahahaha

    Fabrizio MecozziFabrizio MecozziNapja
  • Nice Acog

  • Fun fact "Robbie Is jason Statham"

    Soufiane AmmouSoufiane AmmouNapja
  • Black dude be like : imma sit her till you come back have fun

    Soufiane AmmouSoufiane AmmouNapja
  • David Alaba 😂😂

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