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@inthedarkvlogs funniest tiktok Compilation!

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  • “wag wAn my familam” 😂😂

    DM LyricsDM Lyrics7 perccel
  • Americans are so clueless 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Young AbdiYoung Abdi3 órája
  • Its amazing how many time i have came back to this vid :)))))

    TommyTommy3 órája
  • Why do they all look stoned asf 😂😂

    DaCalstaaDaCalstaa7 órája
  • Who forgot that this was a sideman video

    Webegetting DubsWebegetting Dubs7 órája
  • Notice jj is asleep

    Josh. FarrellyJosh. Farrelly8 órája
  • Notice hi is asleep

    Josh. FarrellyJosh. Farrelly8 órája
  • The airplane 1 was so funny 🤣🤣🤣 "So under your bunda you will find the oxygen mask" 🤣

    ellieellie10 órája
  • 8:41 Jj falling asleep

    Lim WasLim Was19 órája
  • Toby and behz the whole video : ahahhaahahahhahahahah Jj: ….. don’t …… fall…….. asleep………..

    VyloVylo19 órája
  • I've been following this one tiktok guy for ages, he's called "InTheDarkVlogs" he's great LOL

    Useless Bot FNUseless Bot FNNapja

    John LawasJohn LawasNapja
  • I'm insanely depressed and this is making me feel better. Thx

    king gamingking gamingNapja
  • ksi is the opposite of a roadman ngl :))))

  • i like how jj wants to laugh but he doesnt find funny at all

    faZe AbdulfaZe AbdulNapja
    • He does he just sleepy

      Nezy TarekNezy Tarek47 perccel
  • Ayyy yk falcon taxis my family owns them ayyyy my g this Tiktok we is so funny

    Raihana AminRaihana AminNapja
  • i dont understand chav talk that well thank fuck


  • Bro this video is he'll claps fam

    Abdirahman Suleiman AdenAbdirahman Suleiman AdenNapja
  • These aren’t even the best ones

    Charlie7 BOSSCharlie7 BOSSNapja
  • This was a reaction video on jah I forgot

    Nob EdNob Ed2 napja
  • They should keep Ethan off this channel

    Siddharth BurmanSiddharth Burman2 napja
  • Should’ve replaced JJ with josh, we all know Tommy T really about that life. Plus olatunje looks like he needed some shut eye, Vik would’ve been a bit too road for this🤣 and Harry would’ve been jokes

    Lukas BarnesLukas Barnes2 napja
  • Jj fighting his sleep was more entertaining then deji vs vinnie tbh

  • Or mbbantz

    Arjun PeganiArjun Pegani2 napja
  • They need to react to Apnaj

    Arjun PeganiArjun Pegani2 napja
  • wag wine

    kronix.kronix.2 napja
  • JJ looks like me at 4 am in a discord call with my mates wanting to go to sleep but not being bothered to get up and go to bed

    BAMBOBAMBO2 napja
  • React to Mbbants roadman videos

    Asvp VdiAsvp Vdi2 napja
  • Straight fire

    David KanatDavid Kanat3 napja
  • The cheap cloth perioperatively murder because space coincidentally juggle a a boundless bench. needy, flowery wall

    Kingsley BridgforthKingsley Bridgforth3 napja
  • My favorite 3 Nigerians in a video

    Amal Joe SojanAmal Joe Sojan3 napja
  • Ethan:🤣 Tobi:😄 JJ:😴

    Alfie BurntAlfie Burnt4 napja
  • all dressed like gangster wannabes, followers, i bet they eat everything that the mainstream media gives them and think its cool hahaha, you aint about that life..

    pidarasi naxyipidarasi naxyi4 napja
  • The licence plate on top of West Ham uniform tho

    OmletOWOmletOW4 napja
  • Jj falling asleep lol

    iiiambenjiiiiambenji4 napja
  • Jj is so cringe

  • Concution

    Jak CroninJak Cronin5 napja
  • Give man a conviction

    Jak CroninJak Cronin5 napja
  • someone should teach ethan how to laugh man tryin to bust my ears

    carryminati fancarryminati fan6 napja
  • Can the bro who edit this do a fk better job at the audio? My fk ears are done

    Jordan FonqueJordan Fonque6 napja
  • Eshay or road men who would win?

    jayden purcelljayden purcell6 napja
  • Man I couldn't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jake HuddartJake Huddart6 napja
  • part 2 pleaseee

    Ahmed AlyAhmed Aly7 napja
  • man this is the funniest react video ever

    Jesus Martinez RicoJesus Martinez Rico7 napja
  • Ah yes, I do love a good vid of some guys laughing at videos louder than they’re being played so we can’t hear the videos they’re watching half the time while the other one just sits back doing fuck all and all three of them adding no comedic value to the video what so ever, this is the peak of HUlabel entertainment right here

    Rogue ValeRogue Vale7 napja
  • You guys should watch zdots

  • what is his tik tok

    Daniel JacobsDaniel Jacobs8 napja
  • hhahah fam this if funny ass hellllllll

    izabela janovaizabela janova8 napja
  • Sleepy JJ

    Sir. MrtxDSir. MrtxD8 napja

    ahmad karakiahmad karaki8 napja
  • Whats the real song at 4:27? I can remember the beat but not the lyrics

    SomeFellaSomeFella9 napja
  • Tobi's laugh is so innocent.

    ZuunZuun10 napja
  • Familam

    Selah AionoSelah Aiono10 napja
  • At 8:54 deep how JJ is fully slapping himself to stay awake😂😂😂

    KillJOYKillJOY11 napja
  • And mans not even from england, ny g is 🇭🇷

    Matej Šest6Matej Šest611 napja
  • Wogwan man

    Mohi Paraone-KawitiMohi Paraone-Kawiti11 napja
  • They need to do another one if this

    Unknown CalledUnknown Called12 napja
  • You guys should do a sidemen video where you become roadmen for a day

    Jameson CisnerosJameson Cisneros12 napja
    • You can't just become road man 🤦‍♂️ you have to be brought up in that lifestyle. Doing that would capitalise on peoples struggles which sidemen would make money off

      GokuGoku10 napja
  • Wan Gwan my famalan

    KazzKazz13 napja
  • I don’t understand what a roadman is

    HB GibbyHB Gibby13 napja
  • Didn’t tobi get attacked by roadman?

    Matas SnirasMatas Sniras13 napja
  • De Nigeerian Trinity

    Mustakim MohammadMustakim Mohammad13 napja
  • Bruh jj almost fell asleep

    IV_IgniteIV_Ignite13 napja
  • JJ got bored real quick

    adammfox1adammfox113 napja
  • I was ceying this is so funny lol

    tajtaj14 napja
  • the guy from the thumbnail is actually croatian lmfao

    Average GamerAverage Gamer14 napja
    • from the videos as well

      Average GamerAverage Gamer14 napja
  • I hoped you guys liked this video you dusty yutes. :)

    Noah BarnardNoah Barnard14 napja
  • I have being watching the guy for ages nice to sidemen react to it

    Train fanTrain fan14 napja
  • Someone add this on Jj falling asleep compliations pleasee

    Haffy HatsukaHaffy Hatsuka14 napja
  • Ll

    Sage_JaivSage_Jaiv14 napja
  • Whats. This mate fam itn mate🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Ealnip highlightsEalnip highlights14 napja
  • Should of watched the stars wars. One

    Suck Ya mumSuck Ya mum14 napja
  • Lets be honest ethan is quite loud,

    Aidan HuckfieldAidan Huckfield14 napja
  • Respect the Tesco apple juice suits the road men

    Mr.Meepysheep YeetMr.Meepysheep Yeet15 napja
  • Man lyk jj tryna kip. 😂😂

    Kallan EverdenKallan Everden15 napja

    Liam RobertsLiam Roberts15 napja

    JayDePieヅJayDePieヅ15 napja
  • .

    Taher siciidmuuseTaher siciidmuuse16 napja
  • 1:58 tobi I love apple juice to

    PanfnmPanfnm17 napja
  • 2:01 apple juice gang

    Islam For Kids With MBMIslam For Kids With MBM17 napja
  • What is the song at 11:49?

    ChaosChaos17 napja
  • 😂😂😂😂 tobi and ethan lost it

    Hayley CarrigyHayley Carrigy17 napja
  • For anyone wondering this tiktokers name is @inthedarkvlogs

    Zurst. “YNW Ov1l”Zurst. “YNW Ov1l”17 napja
  • U already know tobi had to buss out the apple juice

    Craig HCraig H18 napja
  • its a pronounced james

    Ian BurchellIan Burchell18 napja
  • Tobi's juice carton tho

    sensei emusensei emu18 napja
  • Toni is the funniest out of all them lol

    SIR N1_CAMSIR N1_CAM19 napja
    • Tobi

      SIR N1_CAMSIR N1_CAM19 napja
  • Roadmen wouldn't make it in the US, well maybe they would cuz we'd just laugh and ask them to repeat what they said then we'd bust out laughing again!!! It's truly ashame that people actually talk like that and think it's cool to speak like uneducated clowns. Smh...

    Monster JBMonster JB19 napja
    • That's not how roadmen speak tho 😑 they speak normal only wannabe roadmen talk like that

      GokuGoku10 napja
  • jj is soo sleepy

    FomiyoFomiyo19 napja
  • who else saw jj slap himself to stay awake😂😂

    A1. GunzyA1. Gunzy19 napja
  • I couldn’t hear cuz they laughed so much

  • 6:03 i was really hoping he's start with "wagwan", this had me crying loool

    1bigboi_1bigboi_19 napja
  • BTW he threw the phone out the window by accident

    CRT xeoCRT xeo20 napja
  • Nobody: Litterally Nobody: Tobi drinking apple juice

    Olga AdamovaOlga Adamova20 napja
    • lol he do be flexin his apple juice, but apple juice gang 4 life :D

      Jilian RotorJilian Rotor19 napja
  • This was lit 🔥

  • Couldn’t hear shit all cause of ethans clapped laugj

    Simon LooseSimon Loose20 napja
  • POV your the road man and watch this video

    hugh murrayhugh murray20 napja
  • “Wagwine” -JJ 2021

    Mizty MizMizty Miz20 napja
  • lol we need more

    MOHA GamingMOHA Gaming21 napja