Sheep Hasn't Been Sheared For 5 Years (18KG WORTH OF WOOL!) | Bondi Vet

In this Bondi Vet clip, Dr Chris Brown helps a sheep that hasn't been sheared for 5 years and accumulates 18 kilos worth of wool!

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  • 😊 💖

    Diane F BroussardDiane F Broussard2 órája
  • 🤗♥️

    Fatma SeydiogluFatma Seydioglu5 órája
  • After you see this video, you realize just how strong sheep are, like damn imagine carrying around 18kg on your back every second of every day and still being very agile and very quick and on top of that surviving in the wild on your own for 5 years with it on your back surviving bush fires and coming back unharmed, that is ridiculously impressive

    Yasser BoumedianeYasser Boumediane7 órája
  • Bro i am in love with this channel, it's currently 00:31 and I just can't stop watching lol

    Санитар Дурки #14Санитар Дурки #1410 órája
  • Any updates on ben???

    Kayla HortonKayla Horton10 órája
  • "He's extremely gentle" body slams the sheep

    Jade KellyJade Kelly13 órája
  • jeez he's all cut up couldn't they be more careful

    Michael SchadewitzMichael Schadewitz14 órája
  • How Much Wool Does it Drop 20 Block?

    14 Ronnakrit Juajuan14 Ronnakrit Juajuan20 órája
  • Ben Sheepiro lol.

  • What about his scrotum? Thought he was in trouble there too?

    Mary SteenMary SteenNapja
  • Plot twist: the sheep started the fire to escape

    The Cool Axolotl LoganThe Cool Axolotl LoganNapja
  • He's Heavy but ====> he outruns All of them Fit Guys. LOL.

    Jennifer LorenceJennifer LorenceNapja
  • He's Heavy for he gives All of them a RUN for their Money!!

    Jennifer LorenceJennifer LorenceNapja
  • i hope they make him a stud, hes a tough one

  • I want to work with them for 1 day

    Snake eyes gaming ffSnake eyes gaming ff2 napja
  • That sheep would feel like Rock Lee after shaving that wool

    Himanshu ChaudhariHimanshu Chaudhari2 napja
  • The unwritten novel routinely drop because underclothes congruently switch unto a early difference. lavish, fast stepmother

    esteban collazoesteban collazo2 napja
  • Pretty big pair of nuts

    CashCxrtii-CashCxrtii-3 napja
  • I bet that sheep in summer and a heat wave will be very very very hot

    Aj AndersonAj Anderson3 napja
  • So I'm going to guess that Señor Ben Haul needs 2 clippings then. For those of us who use lbs rather than kg's 18.25 kgs = 40 lbs and 23 oz of wool. How crazy is that?! He is an extremely strong man.

    Tina TigressTina Tigress3 napja
  • "monitor so he doesnt get a heart attack" proceeds with satans death shaver and cuts allover the body

    Skull FuckerSkull Fucker4 napja
    • The nicks and cuts were from the wool pulling on his skin, not from the razor.

      C.G MullinsC.G Mullins3 napja
  • I cant stop laughing 😂 how cute it is

    Khan JeeKhan Jee4 napja
  • I hope the rescue was able to sell off that wool, or turn it into products to sell

    Nancy DuncanNancy Duncan4 napja
  • Três homens pra segurar uma ovelha kkkkkkkkkkkk .

    Luz luar luzLuz luar luz5 napja
  • No way that ram had 5 years growth of wool, I would have liked to have seen it's teeth.very poor shearing by the way.

    Peter RowlandsPeter Rowlands5 napja
  • He should be used as a herd breeder..he has genetics that should be preserved

    GoldenMareGoldenMare6 napja
  • I’m happy that his wools are gone but his scars makes me sad 🥺 This video makes me emotional.

    Deeeyn EditsDeeeyn Edits6 napja
  • *It’s Shawn the sheep. It’s Shawn the sheep* 🎶

    Deeeyn EditsDeeeyn Edits6 napja
  • should have gotten a diferent sheer dude, seriously the amount of times he cut ino the sheeps skin is disgusting. And the vet? talking about hseering gives them a hearattack? Hell no! Reggular sheering is fast and the animals are used to it, done right it wont stress them and especialy this guy? Fuckin dude, legit cut the skin so many times he should not be alowed to be a sheerer.

    Konrad C.Konrad C.6 napja
  • How many times has he cut the poor chap. That’s why the sheep hate being sheared. If he’s supposed to be a professional. Standards are pretty low. As if it’s not stressful enough.

    Michaela HughesMichaela Hughes7 napja
    • He had 5 years worth of matter wool, of course there would be nicks on the skin.

      emm cee loves youemm cee loves you5 napja
  • Big muscular young vet struggles and huffs and puffs to lift the fleece. I'm thinking "wow, it must be a good 30 or 40KG." Turns out it's only 18KG This 5 foot tall, 66 year old lady with angina and arthritis lifts 20KG chicken food onto a shoulder and wanders down the land to fill the poultry feeders with nary a huff or puff to be heard lol..

    Grey WitchGrey Witch8 napja
  • Looking at injury feel like hair dresser was new for its job.. Or he cut it first time

    Kewal SinghKewal Singh8 napja
  • 37 lbs in US weight.

    C. A. V Jr.C. A. V Jr.8 napja
  • 2:07 cameraman does not exist

    EskerbTHEskerbTH8 napja
  • Bet he's got plenty of speed now that he's taken his weighted clothing off.

    sergeantassassin3sergeantassassin38 napja
  • So it took 3 men to restrain him, he continued to buck and drag you three for a couple hundred yards all under the weight of an enormous amount of wool and your first idea is to pull out a stethescope to check his heart? I would guess his heart is doing just fine. Ben Hall is the one who should have checked your heart.

    TsaphahTsaphah9 napja
  • I’ve been to Edgars Mission and meet Pam. I also helped her with some of her lambs at the romsey vet a couple months ago. Shes lovely and was soo nice to talk to. Edgars is an amazing place and the people are so lovely and kind too

    Ella McKenzieElla McKenzie9 napja
  • I thought they were saying Ben Horn

    Valorie BeeckmanValorie Beeckman9 napja
  • Only 18? I've seen a sheep carry around 36 kilograms. That's 80 lbs of wool

    Jeff CarrollJeff Carroll9 napja
  • You can make about 50352 of beds in minecraft

    Kuala VKuala V9 napja
  • Imagine that suddenly you got slimmer 18kg

    DedyfDedyf9 napja
  • Well blessed sheep...they look like they were heavier than that the wool 😅

    Auds kAuds k10 napja
  • But why when doing this he is bleeding 😑

    natalia mckellnatalia mckell10 napja
  • Jesus that sack

    Tiger BellyTiger Belly10 napja
  • Quite a few cuts for a careful and compassionate shearer.

    thechariotcardthechariotcard10 napja
  • It took a girl…

    thechariotcardthechariotcard10 napja
  • Yeah…all kinds of trouble under that wool…so let’s integrate him into the herd without knowing..

    thechariotcardthechariotcard10 napja
  • Sheep got some big balls

    DJyownder 109DJyownder 10910 napja
  • 😭

  • This sheep got more balls than a human does 😎

    UrbackyardiganUrbackyardigan10 napja
  • Why he touching the sheep’s Pepe doe

    Papa SmurfPapa Smurf10 napja
  • What would happen to the wool in nature without shearing?

    Andrew FarrowAndrew Farrow11 napja
  • what about his balls

    Dwstroyer jDwstroyer j11 napja

    Regilene Roselis  Linda, gostaria muito de te conhecer pessoalmente Regilene Roselis Linda, gostaria muito de te conhecer pessoalmente 11 napja
  • Amazed that castration was not an option. It may have put a stop to his wandering.

    Carol DochertyCarol Docherty11 napja
  • Those balls are MASSIVE.

    John NotmylastnameJohn Notmylastname11 napja
  • When ever I watch these I always get ads related to the video

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    Sandra CollinsSandra Collins11 napja
    • More bang _from_ the buck~ ;)

      Alexis GrundenAlexis Grunden10 napja
  • Imagine being that sheep with 18kgs of wool on your back it’s like hold 18kg of sugar on your back for 5 YEARS this sheep is a bloody legend that’s for sure.

    James Hoppers2021James Hoppers202112 napja
  • It’s still be feeling so good getting the vibration to itch his skin poor guy but a lucky guy

    GrannyGranny13 napja
  • He is like gordon ramsay but instead of working with dead meat he works with alive meat

    jugebox 13jugebox 1313 napja
  • Sheep: Has wool. People: I've never seen this before.

    NozyspyNozyspy13 napja
    • This wool was in terrible condition and was 5 years worth of wool. Idiot.

      Constant ConfusionConstant Confusion11 napja
  • 8:49 * sad baaaaa*

    AnimatiönJüniperAnimatiönJüniper13 napja
  • I don't understand 🤔 how many people in the world can still eat this BEAUTIFULL Cute Animals😐✌💜

    Radika MalikaRadika Malika13 napja
  • Poor sheep

    Mary SnowMary Snow13 napja
  • An impressive amount of wool, and amazing that there wasn't any significant skin infection under there! Sheep absolutely must be sheared regularly, we've bred them so that they need it, and not shearing a sheep can have dire consequences. The fact that Ben survived five years like that is incredible and a testament to his determination. I'd imagine the strain on his joints was immense as well.

    Midnight LupusMidnight Lupus13 napja
  • That is 1 THICC sheep

    Javareius ThomasJavareius Thomas13 napja
  • Once I have grown my hairs to 10-12 inches and then shaved my head to the point that their was not a single hair , I was sick for a week , I can feel his feeling , its like hot to cold In hour .

    Aman KhanAman Khan14 napja
  • He’s bleeding

    Vani LoganVani Logan14 napja
  • The fat sheep from 'Shawn the Sheep'.

    Sumit DongSumit Dong14 napja
  • Vet: i wonder what causes the limp ... Me: excuse me, if it were you, carrying 18kg of wool on you for years then you would know .. damn it .. He through out acted like a clown in the video more than a vet .. lol

    Farhan LakhaniFarhan Lakhani14 napja
  • I had the same feeling from a Couple of Catholic priests and nokimba in Western Australia in Western Australia they rode me like I was in new Ukraine the church is trying to give me on the Zeros

    John SmithJohn Smith14 napja
  • He just immediately grabs his balls

    Kendall CaspersonKendall Casperson14 napja
  • after the sheep was sheared the sheep was much happier

    kids vlogskids vlogs14 napja
  • So sad for the sheep

    Sophie JacobsSophie Jacobs14 napja
  • That feeling when you have a huge Afro and you go to a different barber who can’t cut and you make excuses I’ll come back tomorrow but you go back your old barber lol

    Guled AliGuled Ali14 napja
  • Funny sheep

    T PT P15 napja
  • Poor sheep so much injury for haircut

    T PT P15 napja
  • Bonding vet the true Tarzan

    Arvind DasArvind Das15 napja
  • Pink? PINK? What's wrong with pink? Seems that you've got a pink kink in your think...

    paul16451paul1645115 napja
  • The wool to live!! Lolol

    Mare 1469Mare 146915 napja
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    sujit dildarsujit dildar16 napja
  • Super sheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Simon GilbertSimon Gilbert16 napja
  • 👏👏👏👍👍👍

    Loden KunsangLoden Kunsang16 napja
  • (O

    Laura WallanLaura Wallan16 napja
  • would shear that dread locks wearing dude too

    TyponTypon16 napja
  • Yoooooo that’s a nice carpet 😂😂😂

    B dog PlayzB dog Playz16 napja
  • Rock lee of sheep

    Paul IbarraPaul Ibarra16 napja
  • Hottest vet ever wtf

    No NameNo Name16 napja
  • Oh hell yeah, that girl took him down!

    Kelly DorazioKelly Dorazio16 napja
  • Go to the YT short videos ‘Sam the sheep gets a haircut after 3 years’. There’s literally not one nick and certainly not large pieces of skin missing. SHE did a wonderful job and cared Tabi it the skin of the animal.. not like this guy who rushed thru it and tore the crap out of that poor sheep’s skin. 😡

    Modacious LavModacious Lav16 napja
    • Press play

      TitanTitan14 napja
  • He can barely walk. How horrible for him.

    Kay WallaceKay Wallace17 napja
  • Honteux de ne pas le faire régulièrement

    jacqueline dardennejacqueline dardenne17 napja
  • Wtf are these 🥜

    ChelsiiChelsii17 napja
  • the fucking cameraman zoom at 8:09 LMAO

    mortismortis18 napja
  • I don't care what you all say I think Dr. Chris is a nice looking bloke.

    Frank LesserFrank Lesser18 napja
  • Do they do something about the oversized balls?

    chris2423chris242318 napja
  • Chris: “Where did he come from?” Lady: “Legend has it …” 😂

    niuniuniuniu18 napja
  • I wonder why they didn't partially sedate him first. Seems like that would've prevented any heart issues.

    Leah ElamLeah Elam18 napja
  • he so fluffy

    Lily GraceLily Grace19 napja