HOME ALONE PRANKS CHALLENGE || Funny Self-Defense DIY Traps And Home Alone Tricks ✨ BLIMEY

Are you ready for a new HOME ALONE PRANKS CHALLENGE?

How to defend yourself, if thieves and crooks are on the doorstep, and you're home alone? 😱😱😱
First of all: DON'T PANIC! Everything is gonna be okay! ✋
With our new ideas and pranks for protection against burglars,
you will cope with them in a lot of funny and creative ways!
What do you think about, when you hear Home Alone? Loneliness? Nah!
You should think about the movie "Home Alone"! 🏠
You know, one of those Christmas movies, where parents forgot that they had another child named Kevin... Parents of the (NEW) YEAR, haha... Ahem... Anyway!
This funny video is about the challenge a little girl meets when her parents left her home alone and she has to figure out how to defend herself against the bad guys, who are about to get in the house and not friendly at all!
Who could've thought, that saving your house from the crooks could be so fun! 💃
Furthermore, it is Christmas eve and decorations could become handy when you need to craft traps for thieves!
No Christmas music this year, no ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU. No! Only pranks and self-defense!

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