Post Malone - Motley Crew (Directed by Cole Bennett)




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    Post MalonePost Malone15 napja
    • I love you brother

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    • Sick vid Posty love the song brother.

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    • Ayyyyyyyyyy

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  • Most of posts fans dont even know who motley crue is. Not to mention, Tommy Lee is driving the car. He also has a song called Tommy Lee. Post is a huge motley crue Stan. I'm here for it!

    jackie liukjackie liuk5 órája
  • Ngl posty looked dusty af with the long hair

    Sawyer TargoszSawyer Targosz5 órája
  • epic, posty immortal legend

    SacredSacred6 órája
  • My bro say less monsters up top of


    LacradorxsLacradorxs6 órája
  • ma shiiiitttttt 🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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  • Woke up to niggas sound like me 🧛‍♂️🧛‍♂️++*"

    Touzri RiadhTouzri Riadh7 órája
  • Puberty didn’t hit

    DrxpBullyyYTDrxpBullyyYT7 órája
  • motley crue

    Clube dos CanalhasClube dos Canalhas7 órája
  • btw What kind of the ARMY ?

    be friendlybe friendly8 órája
  • woooo💫🚀⛈️🧃

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  • Где твои 👀 глаза ,Валера?

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    Pio laditinganciaPio laditingancia10 órája
  • whole video didnt see his eyes. its hilarious hahaahah

    Aaditya RanjanAaditya Ranjan10 órája
  • u trappin so hardd

    Lil CalekLil Calek11 órája
  • Where’s Lenny guys?

    Jxzzy -AvurectzJxzzy -Avurectz12 órája
  • I hear "Christian Dior, Dior, I'm up in all the stores, When it rains, it pours".

    Dmytro KDmytro K12 órája
  • Hair. /. Is air. /. Bride

    Johnice TolerJohnice Toler12 órája
  • Once you read the lyrics you can't unhear them, but I didn't understand many words first time hearing it 😂

    JuliaJulia12 órája
  • tommy lee very sexy

    maduixe garrapiñadamaduixe garrapiñada12 órája
  • 0:45

    BâkiBâki12 órája
  • Young thug vibes all over the place

    Just VideosJust Videos13 órája
  • 2k22 Next Gen coming soon

    x443x44314 órája

    kwon kwonkwon kwon14 órája
  • that's a pretty nice GTO

    Ryan ShipleyRyan Shipley14 órája
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    Isaac LimIsaac Lim15 órája
  • i get the commas period ..

    As iyaAs iya15 órája
  • Boys we’ve lost a soldier 😭

    TrentonTrenton16 órája
  • Posty seems happy in this :) happy to see his smile

    NobitaPlaysNobitaPlays16 órája
  • BabySantana @2:06 😂💀

    Johnathan FairJohnathan Fair17 órája
  • he did it again with motley crew

    Anthony ForeitAnthony Foreit18 órája
  • Denny Hamlin just chillin like 🙂

    Taylor YatesTaylor Yates18 órája
  • Nascar vibes

    Ben A MorenoBen A Moreno18 órája
  • Not me noticing baby Santana after 10 times of listening

    YourFunny_JayYourFunny_Jay18 órája
  • Please no

    Tyler RichardsonTyler Richardson19 órája
  • This gon be on fast and furious saga get ready

    Teezy BreezyTeezy Breezy19 órája
  • Still definitely not one of my favorites, but yeah this grew on me.

    AaronAaron19 órája
  • cant imagine how much this sound just SUCKS !!! gave cancer to my ears

    talal zahidtalal zahid20 órája
  • Big Sean just chilling okay

    Your DadYour Dad21 órája
  • 1:13 Ummmm you better pick that up post

    Your DadYour Dad21 órája
  • comment malone

    Legend-_- WolfzLegend-_- Wolfz21 órája
  • Look slump forget to take a Dump

    Bob PaulBob Paul22 órája
  • Cullinan stock car???

    Dante En AmorDante En Amor22 órája
  • What in the hot shit is this Malone? I cant even listen to sunflower anymore bc it was used in a funeral of a loved on and I'm stuck with shit like this. (Weird I know. Not my first choice of a funeral song)

    I want you dead the game priceI want you dead the game price22 órája
  • Video of the year!!

    Danielle AskewDanielle Askew23 órája

    Romario YumnamRomario Yumnam23 órája
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      AnayaAnaya8 órája
  • goat

    ThiagoCavalo PocotóThiagoCavalo Pocotó23 órája
  • The Riddim isnt original, ir remember me another song, may be of DJ Khaled, somebody know?

    Samuel BeitiaSamuel Beitia23 órája
  • Escucha mi ultimo single "WHATSAPP"🔥 Ya en HUlabel y soundcloud💽💽💽

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  • ..


  • This shit go hard and that beat it’s fire

  • Wigger Rap sounds like crap

    Edmond DantesEdmond DantesNapja
  • So lame

  • When you try to copy carti and it dosnt work

    • @Anaya and the annoying thing is I’ve heard this song on the radio about 100 times alredy

      ₛₕₑₗᵤᵥₚᵣₑₛₜₒₙₛₕₑₗᵤᵥₚᵣₑₛₜₒₙ7 órája
    • Lol carti and uzi and thug

      AnayaAnaya8 órája
  • Wigger Rap

    Edmond DantesEdmond DantesNapja
  • You should tat your eye lids

    Edmond DantesEdmond DantesNapja
  • Album October?¿

    Thomas RollinsThomas RollinsNapja
  • This song is so visible like a glass can be seen through (No Cap🧢💯)

  • I fw this so hard Posty! But we need more lyrics 💫

  • This song sucks ngl

    Yibcetti UnreleasedYibcetti UnreleasedNapja
  • On Repeat

  • I wish this song was on beat saber.

    Jasmine's JournalJasmine's JournalNapja
  • Farruko😍😍😍😍😍😍

    РΔdre F13musicРΔdre F13musicNapja
  • Make sure not to use God’s name in vain because it is a brutal sin. Make sure to repent for your sins before it’s to late! U

  • my ears are bleeding

    Михаил ЛебедевМихаил ЛебедевNapja
  • Yo why is 0:34 animated? A good drone pilot would've gotten the job done. Anyway, well done cole and crew

  • Fire as always 🔥

    Essex Magnet HuntersEssex Magnet HuntersNapja

    Rarri RelRarri RelNapja
  • Ha Jinjja Jonna Joayo Ssibal Got

  • I pray every day that my songs are successful. Faith in God and on the journey ♥️🙏🏽

    Linjs MobッLinjs MobッNapja
  • We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!!

  • Cole might be the hottest Music Video Producer on the 🌍🌎🌏 🚫🧢

    OG NorbyOG NorbyNapja
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  • w music video

    2capocalypse  2capocalypse Napja
  • My new favorite Post Malone song

    Travis JohnsonTravis JohnsonNapja
  • feels like gang up .......

    Rohit VermaRohit VermaNapja
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    Danny SherlockDanny SherlockNapja
  • yes

    Amanda ReddingAmanda ReddingNapja
  • Condoning gun violence and littering. Forget that clown.

    Chris CockrellChris CockrellNapja
    • Yo what?

  • Post malone you comment on this I will listen to every single song of yours (I already did ✌️) I see your whip, hilarious I’m from the fast & furious

  • I didn't like this at first, now after listening to it a few times, it has grown on me🔥

  • Would be a fucking absolute banger if he wasn’t doing that voice aye

    Flynn HageFlynn HageNapja
    • It would be even better but this is good too

      Nicolas LölNicolas LölNapja

    King EnowKing EnowNapja
  • Wooah there was Tygaaa

    HV DiegoHV DiegoNapja
  • Just kno when i drop a duuuce...i scratch my gooch...n AWL YAWHL MISSN THAT OUT K


  • I wish we collabo breh I NEED 70 BUCKS

  • tha hook it makes u thank...n tha golden pause...then SECOND VERSE..u on wit dis 1 fa awhile holmes on sum purple datsun kidlaroi ish famo. Saloot.

  • Niggguhhh MY ISH.

  • This is the fucking best song I have ever herd

    XxDiamond thiefxXXxDiamond thiefxXNapja
  • he’s so fukin cute

    Reagan FieldsReagan FieldsNapja
    • ok maybe I was OG...or not..saw the real Motley Crue 3 times but damn I like Posty's music especially those high notes

      aola wiliaola wiliNapja
  • Hallucinating

    The YournalistThe YournalistNapja