I can't believe what we found...
We decided to eat at the worst reviewed buffet in my city, then go to the best reviewed one to compare them! It was a horrible idea...
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If you read this far down the description I love you





    FaZe RugFaZe RugÉvvel
    • I’m a massive fan faze but my dream is that I could see u but I don’t live near u I live in Sydney):

      Sonia NormanSonia Norman14 napja
    • rip

      hamohamo5 hónapja
    • E

      hamohamo5 hónapja
    • @ibadbleepp huh

      Ialsama ,Ialsama ,5 hónapja
    • Lol

      Scott BarterScott Barter5 hónapja
  • Nobody: Noah: I think I want McDonald’s

    Mayrannie Rodriguez TapiaMayrannie Rodriguez Tapia9 órája
  • Faze rug: I smell mash potato’s Jessica: no it’s called mash patators Me: 😂 they she said it

    Abdullah AbdullahAbdullah Abdullah17 órája
  • why is this pinned

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto Uzumaki18 órája
  • Rug: Let’s eat at the worst buffet jesica:let’s eat at the best buffet. Noah: can we get McDonald’s

    Said contreasSaid contreas19 órája
  • Pause the vid at 17:16 it’s to funny 😆

    Aryan wakaAryan wakaNapja
  • The black sushi I think what’s inside is some fish eggs maby

  • Ok is that golden Corral

    Esai GonzalesEsai Gonzales2 napja
  • Your editor is sick bro

    Little HectorLittle Hector2 napja
  • Their faces when the crying happened!

    SlimeyPumpkinYTSlimeyPumpkinYT3 napja
  • If Brian gave Jessica one dollar for everytime she said not to chavy she would be rich

    TreeshyTreeshy3 napja
  • rug

    Rawan RimawiRawan Rimawi3 napja
  • Oh those noodles got me mmmmmmmmm😋🍜

    julzmapesjulzmapes4 napja
  • I luv orange chicken and sushi

    Rayn on g fuelRayn on g fuel4 napja
  • I have lost all my respect for you guys when u said the flan wasn’t good flan is is good 🍮

    Crxpt GhoulCrxpt Ghoul4 napja
  • 14:54 Rug: has Chinese food and Italian food. Rug: We got the Chinese and American food

    Grant PezelGrant Pezel4 napja
  • 😅😅

    Antonio GonzalesAntonio Gonzales5 napja
  • Hmmm the best buffet looks like a Chinese one because of the seating area and the thymes of food The food is kinda traditional Edit : I made this comment a couple seconds before Rug said Chinese- American

    ME MEME ME6 napja
  • Noah: it taste like oatmeal with a booger inside Me: SO U ATE OATMEAL WITH A BOOGER INSIDE EEWWWWWW

    Hi 😊Hi 😊6 napja
  • When you said spigattie toco I was just thinking about spencer

    Rj plays robloxRj plays roblox6 napja
  • 16:00 it’s cold because those are cold noodles they’re served to be cold

    Just Your Average BettaJust Your Average Betta6 napja
  • NoT To ShABbY

    Matt RoseMatt Rose6 napja
  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Amina Victoria UyisabyeAmina Victoria Uyisabye7 napja
  • Yo i love lemon

    Ilay ShremIlay Shrem8 napja
  • its not put some more dont be shy but it is dont be shy put some more

    Aferdita KqiraAferdita Kqira8 napja
  • The pink is bleed 🩸🩸🩸

    Ung JeremyUng Jeremy8 napja
  • Faze rug.this amazing. Baby.ahhhhhhhhh....,.ahhhhhhhh..ahhhhhhhhhhh

    Julie ArredondoJulie Arredondo8 napja
  • I’m eating mac n cheese

    Sal BallzSal Ballz9 napja
  • Ummm wowww I like when Noah sucks the ice cream 🍦


    Hadi_playzHadi_playz9 napja
  • 18:55

    KkKk9 napja
  • Op

  • Sick Food,s Like yeah.

    Nathan Grand Theft Auto San AndreasNathan Grand Theft Auto San Andreas9 napja
  • is the worst review restaurant called home town buffet

    fazepubgt 17fazepubgt 1710 napja
  • WORST REVIEWED BUFFET VS BEST REVIEWED BUFFET! **we found this** 10,606,139 views20 Feb 2020 495K 6.8K SHARE SAVE

    Amir RosliAmir Rosli10 napja
  • They said the flan was bad that’s just disrespect tbh

    Alexis CuellarAlexis Cuellar10 napja
    • Dude😐 it ain’t that serious

      Leon SouthammavongLeon Southammavong10 napja
  • Toast

    baby Bearbaby Bear10 napja
  • Me every time when a place has Mac and cheese and chicken strips I say Me Can I get the macaroni with the chicken strip

    Deuce NealDeuce Neal10 napja
  • 17:15 cart titan in real life........

    T E • P H O E N I XT E • P H O E N I X11 napja
  • Try the place "αχ νικο αχ"

    Christos DiplarosChristos Diplaros11 napja
  • ngl my family only goes to buffets because its either a buffet in Asia or its on sale, havent been to one since i went to Japan

    Sh1rauSh1rau11 napja
  • Jessica: Picks up sushi with a fork Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Yuvaan TodiYuvaan Todi12 napja
    • say sushi but take out the "hi"

      Andrea LopezAndrea Lopez10 napja
  • Bro this man noah was too much of a third wheel here 🤦🏾‍♂️

    MR Z1PYMR Z1PY12 napja
  • Bruh😴

    Aylen EmmiahAylen Emmiah12 napja
  • Omg brian!

    Ula AlnajjarUla Alnajjar13 napja
  • The best revewed is called grate plaza buffet

    Anderson MarroquinAnderson Marroquin13 napja
  • did he just used a fork on a RICE!!?

    Spark MLSpark ML13 napja
  • Resturant impossible already visited the worst reviewed restaurant😛🤘🔥💙😯😑

    danjay1324danjay132414 napja
  • Why u mean :((((((((

    Raed AbdullahRaed Abdullah14 napja
  • God when he licked it I liked I was like god he needs it

    Aanya MalhotraAanya Malhotra14 napja
  • I’m a missive fan I wish I coud see u faze I wish I was in the faze clan

    Sonia NormanSonia Norman14 napja
  • I think the black stuff might be caviar

    James GodlemanJames Godleman14 napja
  • The wall was literally dirty

    Jordan BarreraJordan Barrera14 napja
  • By the way the word for oceany is briny

    oJustclutch PlayzoJustclutch Playz14 napja
  • Bro that's the chickens hair you can eat it

    Jiden ComilangJiden Comilang14 napja
  • I noah out the car

    Sofia RodirguezSofia Rodirguez15 napja
  • To be honest there was a guy that said it smells like bathrooms but they said it smells like mashed potatoes and corn so I feel like some of them are actually lying and not telling the actual physical truth

    Black_ LexBlack_ Lex15 napja
  • Rug flan is a Mexican Desert ( idk if I spelt that properly ) that’s a delicacy in Mexican cutler

    Red PandaRed Panda15 napja
  • Flan is from mixico

    Iker Sandoval GuevaraIker Sandoval Guevara16 napja
  • done

    Stormy SessionsStormy Sessions16 napja
  • Japanese buffet or Chinese buffet

    Samuel memesSamuel memes16 napja
  • 9

    TrolleyTrolley16 napja
  • What the hey Zack and Cody reference I watched that episode

    Cobra Kai KidCobra Kai Kid16 napja
  • Ihchfhfhd

    mememan678mememan67817 napja
  • Oh no don’t play I remember them plates from childhood that’s that golden coral shii

    Gillian MGillian M17 napja
  • Ho no

    Troy LampkinjrTroy Lampkinjr18 napja
  • Copyright

    Orlando best Friday night funkin playerOrlando best Friday night funkin player18 napja
  • Now im hungry

    Yannis GeorgeYannis George18 napja
  • It smells like mashed pataters

    Traviss gaming channel 2.0Traviss gaming channel 2.018 napja
  • 18:57 I’m eating popcorn while I’m watching this video and I put piece of it up to the screen to compare and it looks the same.

    Alexander TowneAlexander Towne19 napja
  • I see Noah in the back went you told him to get out

    Richard RicoRichard Rico19 napja
  • Omg the first place is the hometown buffet on dennery by AMC 😭😂 Went there alot as a kid, its permanently closed now

    ant tonyant tony19 napja
  • I’ve been to that restaurant before then threw up and ended up in hospital

    Affy KhanAffy Khan19 napja
  • Rug : sal man

    NixNix20 napja
  • The pink stuff on the chicken is basically so common in my place and it's very very rare if the chicken have no pink stuff like the pink stuff is blood and it doesn't taste good and it normally don't taste good

    Browne Wolf 🐺Browne Wolf 🐺21 napja
  • Ffgy

    Laurie WellendorfLaurie Wellendorf21 napja
  • noa sounded like me i wanna go to mcdonalds 😂 and also did he say icarley me and my sister just watched that

    Bradley HallBradley Hall22 napja
  • I know the worst buffet home town buffet

    AshAsh22 napja
  • Rug that was my hotel the bad reviewed one sad to hear

    Kingsley kapper clipsKingsley kapper clips22 napja
  • There was no one at the bad reviewed restaurant 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Giyu TomiokaGiyu Tomioka22 napja
  • Muscle instead of mussels?

    (Tonkaaw) Surapat Katanyouwongcharoen(Tonkaaw) Surapat Katanyouwongcharoen22 napja
  • What buffet is that

    Carlos PereiraCarlos Pereira22 napja
  • Is it just me or are the plates hot at golden crowl

    vortexvortex22 napja
  • ok am i the only one that is getting uncomfortable that noah is eating the sushi with a fork

    Tripp JonesTripp Jones22 napja
  • Bruh the reason why they didn’t like the Flan is because the white 😂

    Jovany AyalaJovany Ayala22 napja
  • Nvm I haven’t 😂

    The rich familyThe rich family22 napja
  • I been to the first place it was good

    The rich familyThe rich family22 napja
  • you need a like i will *LIKES*

    Shamma AlMararShamma AlMarar22 napja
  • ( I am a girl using my dad’s account) and I feel like the reason why Rug wants to do to the worst review buffet while Jess wants to do the best review buffet is ( or at least I think is ) because Rug is a dare devil while Jess is a girl who enjoys luxurious and good stuff and you can tell that by their clothes ( I’m sorry if I was wrong)

    Tony TotalsTony Totals23 napja
    • No need to go so in depth, it’s a video.

      AmogusAmogus21 napja
  • Well Noah should have gone to McDonald’s cause I ate at the worst it sucks

    Daniel trobiaDaniel trobia23 napja
  • Liked and subscribed ✨🤪

    *•StrawxBerrys•**•StrawxBerrys•*23 napja
  • lol spaghetti taco

    Aiden SchmiedAiden Schmied23 napja
  • 17:15:me when I take photos

    matalic_ gamermatalic_ gamer23 napja
  • 1:37 left corner outside lol

    Aiden JarrettAiden Jarrett23 napja
  • How old is rug

    Bill HuynhBill Huynh23 napja
  • its wendsday mi dudes lol

    Cesar NetroCesar Netro24 napja
  • I’m Mexican I Ik what that means

    Familia BolesFamilia Boles24 napja
  • The chicken looks like medium rare

    TanqrTanqr24 napja
    • There can’t be medium rare chicken.

      AmogusAmogus21 napja
  • My dad Is it cheep?

    BkhitstanksBkhitstanks24 napja
  • Cursing and saying Gods name in vain is bad in the Bible but everyone believes different things I do like your content but ya know

    LdxyLdxy24 napja